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Electroplating Lizards -- Those Wacky Victorians

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posted on Aug, 9 2005 @ 11:11 AM
I love the net. You can find all sorts of strange things on the net. And ya gotta love Lateral Science, which brings to us all sorts of documents from the age when science was a gentleman's way to amuse himself.

And yes, they had something on how to electroplate (with gold or silver) a lizard. Dead lizard... or at least, if it wasn't dead BEFORE the electroplating process, it most certainly was dead AFTER the process.

And here, for you Frankenstein fans, is an account of how a couple of professors at Glasgow University cut open a corpse of a man hanged for murder and in addition to dissecting it, hooked up electrodes to it and ran electricity through them to see how the corpse would twitch.

By the way, the adventures of Glitch (in case it isn't obvious from first reading) are complete fiction. But fun, anyway:

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