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D@*& society making me get a love life.....

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posted on Aug, 7 2005 @ 12:28 AM
Grrr........ How I loathe society, and all the others trying to force me into getting a love life.

Alright so a bunch of my friends seem to think that I need to get a girlfriend. Some of them are doing this indirectly, some of them are slightly more vocal, using peer pressure. It seems even my stepdad is indirectly suggesting that I get a girlfriend, of course it seems to be a little more than just friendly advice.

And then of course there's everybody else. Now that everybody else is hanging out with their b/g friend that leaves me with virtually nobody to go the movies with. And of course when they're not hanging out with their new found interestdd they're strapped for cash so we never get around to seing that movie anyhow. Like they don't have nice parents who would spot them the money. Even during the fair thats been going on for three days, I can't find anybody I know that would go on rides with me so I have no reason to get tickets. And believe me with so many people I know around it's not like I can just do stuff alone anymore without a bus load of gossip spreading around about me being a loner with no friends.

Probably the biggest problem is that instead of staying logical and not bothering with useless emotions, I'm actually paying thought to what they're all saying. A little too much thought for comfort I think. In fact the fact that I'm making this rant is scaring me.

Then I figure, ok maybe if I can figure out some source of income I could actually afford to try this "love" thing out for a spin. Problem is a job isn't very feasable until next summer, due to a rapidly approuching school year. And my parents reluctance to let me get a job this summer. But figure if I could fix my income to something more than what ever I find on the street or make off of poker games, I'm still not in a good position. I have viturally no people skills (thats probably obvious from this rant), that and my skills at talking to girls aren't too sharp in contrast. Must be my sense of sarcasim and cynicism that drives people away. So short of altering my strategy to including the threat of a home made nuclear bomb, my future isn't too bright.

Next problem: finding a girl I could ever see my self saying more than a few words to. Simply put I'm looking for somebody intelligent, funny, makes me look somewhat sane, and is a Nintendo fan. But figure how many of those kinds of people are there in the world? Very few. Even fewer in my town, in fact I'm not even sure if there are any. I considered meeting somebody at the upcoming Nintendo Fusion Tour, but figured, I don't have a driver's license so living in my town is a requirement. So short of seing somebody from my town at an event in Chicago, no point looking to that event for hope. So that leaves my options pretty well shut, in otherwords I'll have to bend a few of those requirments. In fact I'll have to settle for someone who probably can't even hold a controller, and is perfectly sane in comparison to me. But let's just pretend I can get around those obstactles.

So then I realize, crap this is one of those old school places were unless you the guy kicks things off you'll never have a realationship. This might not apply in all places but around here the girls just bide their time waiting for a guy to just walk up and ask them out. The crazy thing is they think they can be selective at the same time. But the craziest thing is that they seem to be right. Guys literally do start every realationship, and most of the girls can actually afford to be selective somehow.

That leaves me in a situation were I effectivly have to take action for anything to ever happen. And yet at the same time the only two girls who I could ever picture myself with are completly out of reach. One is surronded by friends, so she's obviously popular which means thats a no can do for me. And the other one is just never around, this entire summer I've seen her once, and with family. Go figure. Stuck in a spot were I have to take all the actions, I've got about two unlikely choices, and neither is feasable.

I've had three days at the fair to pull this off but no luck. One I haven't seen there, and the other as usual was surronded by friends who view me as one of those guys that should have to pay them a fee just to be within ten feet.

Damn peer pressure telling me I have to have a realationship. But I suppose they're right that I'm not getting any younger here, and it's not like the competition is easing up at all. That and I suppose by the time I do have an income that would let me throw money away the competition will be so tight I won't even be able to get a date with a tree stump.

So yeah thats enough of my pointless ranting.

posted on Aug, 7 2005 @ 06:55 AM
dewd, to be honest, try putting away your nintendo for a couple of months (it will be there afterwards I assure you) and join a local club and meet some new people. If you are old enough, get a job in a bar. If not then go to the places where you will meet other single people and don't concentrate on getting a relationship (if that is what you want) but just try making friends with them and see what happens. If you don't want a relationship with someone then it will be very apparent by your mannerisms, but to tell the truth, it may be due to you spending to much time indoors. If you want to meet someone, you have to get yourself out there.

posted on Aug, 7 2005 @ 07:34 AM
I have come to the conclusion from my little experance, is that if you look to hard , try to hard and have the mind set that you need/must get a girl it never happens.Girls always come along when you least expect it, when your not looking. Go out with your friends with the intention to have a good time not to find a girl, it will fall into place when your ready.Oh and getting your self out there is a big part of it , sorta like the lotto , if your not in you cant win.

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