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Stuff to watch for in the future.

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posted on Sep, 18 2002 @ 06:46 AM
I thought about a month ago you said you'd left.

This was met with much jubilation on the site as you can see by checking previous threads.

I was personally quite proud of you. instead of spending another year trying to talk to people who obviously thought you were an utter prat, and trying to get them to like / accept you, instead you did the brave thing and graciously left.

now you've come back and, as you can see, everyone still loathes you, may I suggest you do the honourable thing and leave again.



posted on Sep, 18 2002 @ 06:50 AM
Heh, I think I remember this post from the old board, and the same thing jumped out at me.

Florida will completely break off into the ocean along with most of the
west coast.

Most of the rest of it is generic crap (by which I mean I didn't bother reading it

But theres something we can watch for. Thanks truthster.

posted on Sep, 18 2002 @ 07:14 AM
"Truth" says: Well i will refer you to this passage from the bible.
"" I do not reveal this to the learned but to the child like ""

Please provide passage reference so this can be examined in context. My recollection of the context is very different from yours.

"Truth" says: go reaad up on population ""control"".
There is a plan to exterminate a certain amount of humans to keep the so caalled population under control. this
is 100% true. Our government has created the (AIDS) virus.

Hence my basis for your ideas being founded in poor fiction, or at the least, erroneous supposition.

"Truth" says: evil does exist and it comes from a deep feeling created by satan in human will.

Please spend time examining historic cultures that evolved without theistic basis. The concept of "evil" is unknown to these humanistic societies. "Evil" (as a concept) is manufactured by theistic extremism. There can be no "good" without "evil." Consider every historic figure you would classify as "evil" and ask yourself; do these people have a theistic basis?

"Truth" says: rdo... "Free energy only exist in fiction ""
Do you have any proof of this??

Any modern text on accepted physics, chemistry, quantum theory, string theory, etc. The "proof" is so numerous and profound, it would be absurd to list it.

"Truth" says: these ships were created back in the 40s and have been kept secret from the public to conduct satans plan through free energy.

I would also ask for your information.

"Truth" says: rdo..... "" The cross in the sky has no basis of reality ""
Only in your mind rdo. this is absolutely 100% true. many saints have predicted this and it will happen.

Please provide reference for this supposed "fact".

"Truth" says: i know jesus is god because of the miracles ive seen but i do not need proof.

Anyone can classify anything as a miracle.

"Truth" says: rdo... "there was no flood"
very wrong. Im not even going to get into an evolution type thread.
Are you 4000 years old rdo? 95 % of the worlds ancient culture gave account of a flood that did happen.
Don't say something did not happen when you have no clue nor evidence.

There is indeed spotty historic record of localized floods. However, there is zero geologic and biologic evidence of a global flood form which the earth would require hundreds of years to recover.

It is exceedingly fascinating how we continue to see theism based on the God of Abraham fog the minds of man. As late, I am less and less convinced you are a prankster with religion. Instead, you appear to be a poorly educated child (your learning is lacking in both science and theology). I would strongly urge you to begin earnest research into these topics prior to voicing your conviction. Nearly every piece of material you've presented, whether theistic in nature or scientific in nature, is filled with error and/or false assumption.

And thus my colleagues this exorcise has revealed a critical aspect of the grand human equation, in the eyes of the individual, there is only one correct theistic interpretation -- theirs. This has been, and continues to be the critical volatile variable when considering the beliefs which have evolved from Abraham.

However, the math is simple at this point -- there is a solution. If the individual is to hold sacred and private their individual interpretation of personal Abrahamic theology, this variable becomes a constant, and the future stabilizes.

Thank you for reading,

posted on Sep, 18 2002 @ 07:36 AM
quote: "everyone still loathes you"

Speak for yourself,
[NOT in a hateful manner] and quit being so full of yourself. Why do you like playing childish games? I'm smarter than you-and-I'm gonna tear everyone down attitude. Is here where you get you're kicks. Don't you know you are representing a site with every word you type, probably over 100,000 hits a day or more? How many hits are there Simon? Many people come here to enjoy reading that don't even post here too. Let's hear what you like, not what you don't like most of the time. Ok! I don't agree with Truth about all the things he/she says, but not many even agree 87% with anyone? The only reason this world is even here today is of people working together somewhat. Constructive criticism is always better than chopping them with an ax. Nobody likes a whiner either, so this will be the last time I'll bring this up to you. I just see better in you than that.

I've seen you bring some good things to the table too, Lupe, don't get me wrong, but if I don't say it, somebody else will.
More Pro
Less Con. Sound good or are you going to squint you're eyes all day and have me imagine steam coming out of your ears?

Not cheers but
Much Appreciated,


P.S.-- Also to everyone else...
don't destroy!
... just a suggestion because I'm not a moderator.

[Edited on 18-9-2002 by pacman]

posted on Sep, 18 2002 @ 07:51 AM
It looks like you judged me as much as I judged u

The reason he said be pro active is because we are supposed to not reognize reality.


And I do have the right to judge u because u r self-righteous, and in my opinion that makes u a prick.

God wills people like me to spread whats happening so that you may awake and realize that his wraath is not far off

Can I use your telephone too? I need God to make some wine for me.

Oh and the saints were false prophets too. Anyone who claims fact from their interpretation off the bible is a bulls*tter. The whole point off it is that u draw your own conclusions that are relevent to yourself, not have someone else thrust their views on you.

Truth maybe u should change your name to.... oh I know... bullsh*t

posted on Sep, 18 2002 @ 08:00 AM
I was sad when truth left, I didn't have anyone to make fun of here. But now he's back.

Anyways, a miracle? what was it? Your Christians surviving a nuke blast in Japan? HA! We already know that was a lie.

Then, yes, floods have been heard of everywhere. Duh, it called natural disasters. I mean, every time a flood happens doesn't mean god is doing it, just means it rained to much. Of course, Greeks had a world wide flood myth, Romans did, Indians did, everyone does. Know why? It a good classic story. It deserves to be repeated, like why chicken crossed the road, it a good classic.(my opinion that it good)

posted on Sep, 18 2002 @ 09:26 AM
Actually, it's not true that myths of floods are a cultural universal factor.

Polynesian/Hawaiian mythology has no such myth.
Japanese mythology has no such myth.
There doesn't appear to be a flood legend in Hittite mythology, though they were neighbors of the Jews.
Eskimo mythology has no such legend.

Lots of cultures don't have flood legends.

More familiarly to all of you: Nordic mythology has no such legend.

posted on Sep, 18 2002 @ 09:38 AM
[ Quote:I was sad when truth left, I didn't have anyone to make fun of here. ]

Granted... this one is not as bad as past ones. It might be different if he lashed back at you, but he has never sunk to your level.

James, need I remind you you're treading on a thin line here. Remember reading SimonGray's terms and conditions-

`You will not behave in an abusive and/or hateful manner, and will not harass, threaten, nor attack anyone.

If you must, share with your friends that live around you all your 'fun'
not us.

posted on Sep, 18 2002 @ 03:39 PM
I've never threatened or harassed him, just belittled him when he either lied or put serious bs up. You didn't make fun of his clam shells open disprove evolution? Or his pope evil and leader of satan?

I mean, this site isn't just serious stuff, some of it is funny. Like when truth said reason people had birth defects was due to sins and god was punishing them. Not funny, but full of bs that was wrong to put up just because god told him it was true.(god talks to him, look in old post, you'll find it)

And how he sees any religon besides what he says will send you to hell. Wait, you will be "Judged gy god to be unworthy if we disagree with what truth says" Then.... Shall I go on?

I don't make fun of truth, just the BS and lies he puts up. Sorry if any misunderstanding.

posted on Sep, 18 2002 @ 05:06 PM
a blatant lie.

I never once said god taalks to me. he does no such things.

thats a huge lie.

FD, i will not reply to those hatefull ignorant responses.

why must you do that?

pacman, thankyou. you can disagree without the hatefull remarks.

why can't they learn this?

lupe, this is my last topic on the site. I posted this from the old site
for the sake of new posters who have not read it.

btw, you were proud of me when i left?

what a lie. you called me your wipping boy did you not?

non the less, this post is very important. i hope all of
you understand what times you are in.

please no more hatefull remarks.....

RDO, let me go find the saints own words about this stuff and ill be back on later to post them.


posted on Sep, 18 2002 @ 05:07 PM
SetiPsychic... and others...

There are a few others here (Byrd, Toltec, hello) who understand aspects of these types of extreme believers.

An interesting observation students of history will discover is that extremist views, such as espoused by this person, are almost totally exclusive to believers in the religions that sprang from Abraham. While there are the occasional fundamentalist Taoist, Buddhists, etc., they are few, and far between as compared to Muslims, Christians, and Jews. In these religions, nearly every devout individual has the capacity to be extremist about their particular personal interpretation of their religion.

I submit this inherent capacity for extremism within Abrahamic religions will be their eventual downfall (and the cause of temporary global strife in coming years).


posted on Sep, 18 2002 @ 11:18 PM
rdo..... (this type of extremism will cause global strife)

What about those who prefer to not believe in a god?

the atheist communist ect....

Do you want to live under communist atheist teachings??

Global communist atheist teachings will cause strife and destruction because human rights
are of no value in that type of belief.

If every body followed true christian teaching as i do and alot do than war
aand violence would not exist.

Godss bible is not he cause of extremist. jesus teachings are perfect.

he has not one lie in him.

*hypocrite* who proclaim to e christian that do not follow jesus perfect teachings are not real

Lets say that i was the leader of a nation.

that nation would be in complete peace with me caring for every single
human as if they were my family members.

(every) last one of them.

does our government or most leaders have this kind of compassion???

No they do not.


They do not live by true christian teachings.

Rdo to you im an extremist. what a horrible word.

im a soul man. A literal struggling soul who has seen many miracles and know this
is the truth.

I did not grow up catholic. I just converted a year ago because of
a desire to give up sin and real miracles.

Not talking face to face in person causses *assumptions*

If you were one of my family members you would understand this.


posted on Sep, 18 2002 @ 11:20 PM
RDO I tend to disagree in relation to the more common belief system practiced in the West. This of course excluding the verbiage offered by the poster known as "truth." That one presents a rather archaic system of belief which treats the Spanish inquisition (incidentally) as a "minor event caused by a few heretics."

"Truth" is actually presenting an argument suporting the benefits of Vatican 1. Which was the methodology practiced prior to the early 1800s (need I say more). My understanding is that "truth" has been denied attention at other sites (even those which are deemed Christian fundamentalist forums). This because he expouses an orientation which is so extreme it borders on psychosis (from the perspective of the modern day).

posted on Sep, 18 2002 @ 11:29 PM

Why do i support vatican one?

because i believe jesus christ our lord founded one true church which
was the catholic church that has the sacraments of perfection.

thats what i know to be true.

why do i have so much belief?

ive tried to explain and nobody will listen.


Toltec the spanish inquisition was horrible and was done by heretics who forgot
the teaching of.

thou sshall not kill.

christ cchurch is perfect but the acts of some in th church are not.

Do not bash aa church for this when heretics caused it.

I would be happy to give you a full scale teaching aabout our churches teachings.


posted on Sep, 19 2002 @ 01:37 AM

Originally posted by Truth

Global communist atheist teachings will cause strife and destruction because human rights
are of no value in that type of belief.

I've been reading some of Truth's posts and I agree with alot of what truth says. Granted it might be little extreme, I think it's because he tries too hard. I found listening is better than talking.

Truth has never seemed to go against the word as Jesus stated those who are not with him are against him. So by saying this, he has not been against the Word of God as I know it. Narrow is the way with Christ (gate) and there be few who find it.

The quote above has some discrepancies. If this whole elitist thing is true (which the Bible tells of wolves leading sheep astray) they DO cause human suffering at the present to get what they want. Then supporters of the NWO will tell you "the end justifies the means", which tells us that they are eventually working for MAN in part.(just shave off the fat)

They in all actuallity are working for the devil/baal/satan/baphomet/bad/evil/whatever you want to call it. I just read a post from quiet one and admired what he'she said about standing up for principles and why wish violence upon anyone else if you don't believe in violence. Sounds great quiet one!

Anyhoo, I can see where we DID get the church from Peter(catholic) as well as the Holy Ghost came upon us through pentecost(pentecostal). I used to think religion was a tool of the devil, but have rethought that and believe all things work for God! I believe religion branched into different religions because if it would of stayed in one(catholic) it would've been easily corrupted. Just remember Truth (and I know you know) All Things Work for God.

posted on Sep, 19 2002 @ 07:18 AM
Mr. "Truth"

Again you demonstrate your infantile lack of knowledge. Communism is not atheism. However, the "Socialist" regimes of China and the former U.S.S.R. is what I believe you are referring to. And thus, even these are not "atheist" by definition. These regimes are anti-religion for the purposes of disallowing any organized groups that would potentially resist the body politic.

Truth said: "If every body followed true christian teaching as i do and alot do than war aand violence would not exist."

Thank you for succinctly reiterating the problems of organized Abrahamic religions. Everyone must follow your version of the teachings as you put forth. Otherwise, humans and the world is doomed to damnation. Consider your statement, how much suffering has that type of thinking caused through history? I would imagine your response would be "none." You would be horribly wrong.

Truth said: " Lets say that i was the leader of a nation. that nation would be in complete peace with me caring for every single human as if they were my family members.

You are an extremely ignorant person, lacking even the most fundament understanding of history, politics, and social factors. Your messages only detract from what you are hoping to accomplish.


posted on Sep, 19 2002 @ 12:32 PM
Thank you contitution. I try too hard because i want
souls to see whats happening and enjoy eternal life.

I guess ill post less and pray more.

but how do you know me? Are you from suptool or are you a former

RDO what nonsense.

the reason i said if everybody lived by the true teachings as i do there would be no violence.

i meant these teachings rdo.

1. Love thy neighbor as thy self.

2. pray for those who hate you.

3. vengence is mine (gods) i will repay.

now if the whole world lived by these your telling me there would be violence
and hate???

absolutely not and (you) know it.

rdo the official creed of communist and free masons is atheism.

thats why they do not respect human life.

we are evolved apes to them and can be tossed out any time with no real care for the

that type of belief will destroy the world and its happening in front of your face.

communist have conducted a plan to destroy the usa and take away its freedoms by using
false fanatics as the tool.

The devil is behind all of this but you cannot see itt because you do not believe in him.

also i said that if i ran a country it would be in complete peice.

what i meant is that anyone who values true christian teachings values every single soul
as a very important being.

you don't get that?

maybee you should look at bush who *proclaims* as a christian the care for individuals.

what gave him that care???

***true christian teachings***


posted on Sep, 19 2002 @ 03:28 PM
So truth, "Satan is behind all this" Truth.

First, no satan has been proven.

Second, this is bs for what evil a person does, they are behind it, not some fallen angel used as a scapegaot.

Third, why is it satan? Why not God? I never read satan wiping out villages. Never heard of him going around killing babies. Never hear of him doing anything besides saying no and going to war with god. Which, god supports. Ask Wintermorg, one of the things he posted has something about god being a god of war or something like that.

Well, what has satan done in the Bible? He says no, goes to war, loses, goes to hell. Later he has god prove that people love god by god destroying a man's felid, family, freinds, and other things, but that is about it. Seems to me, only thing evil here is your god.

Well, I'm gonna start toneing down some posts here, as Kano has said, truth is under the one will not make fun of others. Too bad, truth makes it so easy.

posted on Sep, 19 2002 @ 04:18 PM
Truth asked: "now if the whole world lived by these your telling me there would be violence and hate???"

I didn't say that.

In any event, it serves no purpose to continue debating someone with the exceptional lack of social and historic knowledge you represent. I choose not to respond to you, on this topic any further.

For those reading, thank you for watching this successful social experiment.

"Fathoming history's equation."

posted on Sep, 19 2002 @ 08:12 PM
And God came down from the heavens, and He said unto the chicken, "Thou shalt cross the road." And the Chicken crossed the road, and there was much rejoicing.

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