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The Beeston Boys - London bombers and Islamophobia in the UK

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posted on Aug, 6 2005 @ 10:22 PM
This is an interesting interview with muslim and non-muslim residents in the UK including those familiar with the July 7 bombers.

2005-08-01 UK - The Beeston Boys.rm

They discuss race relation in the UK and motivations for the bombing.
They express doubts as to whether the men blamed for the bombings were really guilty and get reactions from the non-muslim residents in the area.

Some of the comments are really harsh like this guy:

GREG: They never asked us if we wanted them. We didn't want them and we never have wanted them, and we hate them and they hate us.

Most of Greg's friends agreed with him, but they're worried that he could be prosecuted under Britain's anti-vilification laws.

MALE: If he puts that on telly, you'll get done, you stupid thing.

GREG: I will not get done!

MALE: Well, shut up, then!

They refused to let me film them.

REPORTER: But surely this is just one incident, I mean surely this doesn't...

GREG: No, no, no. That was wrong. We've always hated each other, never mind what they say down there, the rag heads and whatever. We've always hated them, hated the mortal sights of 'em. And they hate the mortal sites of us.


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