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posted on Aug, 6 2005 @ 06:17 PM
The Pyramid

YOU opened up the doorway
AND risked a look inside.
YOU couldn't share the vision
AND the truth you had to hide.

YOU didn't build the pyramid
AND structure things just right.
YOU went and split the atom
AND were blinded by sunlight.

YOU forgot to use a mirror
AND bounce it all around.
YOU turned away, closed the eye
AND didn't speak a sound.

YOU didn't see me watching
AND knowing all the lie.
YOU kept on chaining spirit
AND didn't hear it's sigh.

YOU lusted for more power
AND greed went hand in hand.
YOU acquired gold and diamonds
AND built castles in the sand.

YOU built up debt to Mother Earth
AND that will never be repaid.
YOU reaped the crop that you sowed
AND lay in the bed you made.

YOU have asked for nature's fury
AND that is exactly what you'll get.
YOU know nature is the balance
AND at dusk the sun will set.

The Tower

The tower's struck by lightening
from nowhere it seems to come
darkness flash blinding light
there is no place to run

Only from the depths of sadness
the empty feelings of despair
can open up the emotional heart
and bring new light to bear.

So now its time to start from scratch
to build it up for gain
with extra reinforcements
to protect from that same pain

The tower's built time again
until something knocks it down
when you learn the lesson well
then you'll wear the crown.

The Wheel

The wheel goes up
the wheel goes down
the wheel keeps turning
around and around

Lighting the mirrors
on the curves of life
accelerating the image
on the blade of a knife

Through one loop
and out the next
faster and faster
base over apex.

The light travels forward
gathering to it a past
growing brighter and brighter
how long can it last

Before it explodes
from all into one
and from the big ending
a new universe called nun

Again on its journey
staring fresh and anew
some facts only known
by an elite chosen few

The light that starts off
with a message to send
remains essentially unchanged
from end through to end.

Mirror Mirror

Mirror mirror on the wall
who's the faerest of us all
the truth are we
in the clouds that you see
the balance of fire and water..electricity.

Crystal Clear

f you could see inside of me
at the colours of my soul
You would see the sparkling sunshine
not an empty dark black hole.

But the colours of the rainbow
shine when bounced off golden light
liquid fires in the mirror
is a glorious splendid sight.

The days of deep dark sadness
of stormy clouds and rains of tears
show an empty blank reflection
that stretches on throughout the years.

When you search for happiness
above all else in life
you get to feel the sadness
the sharp cutting edge of the knife.

Lifes Lies

The fright and the terror
that creates all life's tears
is born of religion
which creates all life's fears.

Satanism or hatred
Christianity alike
all are just mirrors
on the scales of our psyches

Follow thy leader
all the rule books do say
obey and work hard
to earn a weeks pay

Day and day out
year after year
sleeping and working
'til the ending is near

Not having no time
nor energy for fun
living life bleak
the work never done

Creating suppression
of instinct and light
blinding the glory
of nature's delight

Clouding the images
of the spirit called man
The soul put in chains
cross and nails in his hand

but whether the cross is upright
or spun in reverse
as you see from these lines
its mirrored its curse.

Good and evil are created
from fiction not fact
to explain it this way
is a matter of tact.

Wake Up

When new life is born
with natures birth into light
the shadows are fading
from the remnants of night.

The colours of sunrise
that stream through the sky
herald the new day
as time slowly ticks by.

With the bright shine of morning
a new freshness surrounds
The mountains seem greener
with concrete all-round.

The wind blows the trees
as nature stirs from its sleep
life starts to rush
there's appointments to keep.

As the sun travels higher
warming the earth with its heat
there's no time for reflection
wondering why the heart beats.

There are white puffs of clouds
floating high up above
they are signs of the rains
natures teardrops of Love.
* Unfinished


Once upon a bright lit planet
Shining brightly in the Skye
Beaming down reflected light
from night there way up high

The mirror spins in all its glory
capturing in it the sparkling sun
and turns the image round and round
sending it back down the line to nun

For a light that begins upon it's journey
Encounters mirrors on its way
and though Jesus said "I am the light"
it mayet be a cloudy day

As above as so below
or so they said to me
but as long as there is north and south
For every he there must be a she.

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posted on Aug, 14 2005 @ 08:19 PM
I enjoy the style you used in "The Pyramid"

I also thought "Life's Lies" was very bold and a difficult subject to attempt for any writer, thank you for sharing.

posted on Aug, 15 2005 @ 03:41 AM
Thank You

When i wrote Life's Lies I was in a rather dark mood but I was pleased with the end result. I hope people read these poems throughout time and realise and see them for what they are.

I still read them and others I have written sometimes and can't believe that I actually wrote them. They were quickly written as the subjects came bursting out of some deep part of me.

They were written over ten years ago now at the time I was deciphering the Mayet Manuscript Link and I read them now and realise that they hold more for today as well as ten years ago and I guess that is why I haven't written many more.

I never had internet back then so I guess my creative streak was shining.

The Pyramid is my centrepiece. I love the way it turned out, those poems bring back memories not only of writing them but my life at the time when i was beginning to wake up and realise all is not well with the world. We are controlled and can never be free as it stands. I am part of nature, my soul yearns to be free, to feel and love and embrace life. I find society has stifled that nature but as The Pyramid shows the Earth will fight back.

posted on Aug, 16 2005 @ 11:16 PM
That really relieves a supprising point at the end how you explain that: "."
When you learn the lesson well then you will were the crown.
It is clever.

I allso like the Pyramid, through the ages of someones life and events and turmoil that occures at times. Kind of like the life of the Earth.
Thease two caught my attention the most, as well as they are the two out of four or five that I read, I allso enjoyed the more clostrofobic monotone setting you secribed in the poem the Tower.

Thanks for writing, dousnt monotone mean black and wight?
The Surrealist

posted on Aug, 16 2005 @ 11:24 PM
Right and Wrong is oppinion/ guidlined, good and bad are not. I read Lifes Lies affter the other comentor sudgested it, nice detail in describing your own Philosophy in a poem. How we are stuck here, our souls chained to the prison Earth, in our Human body. Well for some reason
I just went brain dead and so I cant really comment anymore, I think Its to much "The Kingdom" Who I dont know who wrote because I cant think. Thank again for writing.


posted on Aug, 17 2005 @ 08:09 AM
I really enjoyed 'Mirror Mirror'. I don't write a lot of poetry and I read even less, but this poem in particular I liked a lot. I like the subtle reference to Faeries (I'm assuming that is what it was) and the reference to electricity ... although I have absolutely no idea why. And that's why I like it. I don't really like poems that guide you safely along a path to a given, foreseen conclusion. I like poems that jump out from a dark, smoky alleyway and throw you blindfolded into a van. 'Mirror Mirror' was like that. May I ask what inspired it and what your take on its meaning is?

Well done.

posted on Aug, 27 2005 @ 09:18 PM
Normally I avoid poetry. In fact, I have not read much of it since I left school 35 years ago. Tonight I am bored. I decided to explore more fully this Fiction part of ATS/BTS. That is how I found The Pyramid. In 28 short lines, you described, at least to me, present day America and some of it's ills. I'm very impressed.
Crystal Clear is almost as good, or is it better? This one I could feel, almost like you peeked at my soul. As a man, am I allowed to say that? I have rarely been touched by any writing. Thank you for sharing.

posted on Sep, 1 2005 @ 11:31 PM
Thanks for the responses. Mirror Mirror is a special one to me, well they are all special but I am a firm believer in the macrocosm microcosm principle and believe what goes on within in me also goes on outside me. its along story about that one and maybe one day I will pen it.

I like to think that everytime my poems are read a diferent angle can be seen, or that readers see the deeper meanings and how they relate to them and life. Crystal Clear is missing some verses in my mind but they havent come yet and same with wake up.


The mountains and hills that erupt from the ground
bring life to the water as it starts on it's round
gathering together falling faster the flow
starting the movement for the wind that will blow

The water that falls runs to pools in the rocks
decaying and rotting all movement just stops
along comes the sun bringing heat and bright light
distilling the water until vanished from sight.

Rising high above earth it forms to a cloud
and gathers it's forces 'til it screams out loud
with the wind that is blowing it around and around
over the mountains it bursts to the ground

With a loud clap of thunder and lightening as well
the storms and the clouds reflect the story to tell
bring with it the rainbows who's colours refract
deep inside universal mirrors all natures exact

Not one being first not one being last
the past is the future the present is past
they split the atom and dropped the bomb
the earth will fight back before it is gone.

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