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The Family of My Own

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posted on Aug, 6 2005 @ 09:51 AM
It's finally happened, a family of my one, Wife and Kid, and maybe more kids in the future. What I what for my son is a better future than and more options than my parents left me. I wasn't too thrilled about going in the Navy in 1994, but my choices were very limited.
No money to pay for college, no jobs available in the area.
Now I am going back to school to live to get a formal Education and marketable career training, my hope is to go into Law Enforcement, Corrections or Private Security, but it's not my first choice. Mortician/Funeral Director is my First choice! But that's isn't going to likely happen for a very long time (Maybe in about ten years).

My hope for my son is, when he is 17, 18, to 19 years old, He says "I want to get this training", Or "Want to go to college to become....", I'll be able to afford it, EVEN if it is out of state and I have to pay a few thousand dollars so he could do it, it would be well worth it, so he's not spending ten, fifteen, twenty, twenty-five years doing something he wish he wasn't doing.

I hope all the stupidity stops with me! I hope all the death defying stupid stunts stops with me and he doesn't do them. I hope all the losers of society I have met, hung-out with, and lived with ends with me. I hope he never witnesses the ungodly things I have seen.

Hopefully he'll want to be a Physician, Dentist, Orthodonist, Nurse, Lawyer,
Paralegal, Mortician, Civil Engineer, Landscape Engineer, Architech, etc. Some job where he works in a nice setting in the suburbs, and everything is relatively peaceful.

posted on Aug, 6 2005 @ 11:18 AM
I'm the same way... Though I am FAR from having children, and though I have yet to even go to college, I know that my choices are quite limited because of the things my parents chose... I have very few choices of where I can go or what I can do... I've always promised myself that I would somehow do well enough so that my children (One day VERY long from now) would have their options and not have to settle for what they can afford or where they can go...

I myself am a perfectionist and think I have to go to the best school for my field, blah blah blah, however that doesn't really exist in my state... So as you can tell these choices are quite important to me... It's good to see the parent's end of this whole thing.

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