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Underground tunnels in Canberra and Melbourne, AU?

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posted on Aug, 5 2005 @ 09:18 AM
I heard from someone that there are underground tunnels in black mountain, right under the Telstra tower that go to the botanical gardens, but most of the sites about Canberra say that the soil isn't good enough to have underground tunnels. I don't know if that's just covering up or not, because I've never seen someone say that a place is or isn't good enough for underground tunnels just out of the blue.

And in Melbourne, I heard there were old military tunnels under the ground still and other underground tunnels. Does anyone have any more information on this?

This is Telstra Tower and right of it is the botanic gardens.

posted on Aug, 5 2005 @ 10:18 AM
I found this information, and are looking for more.

The Royal Australian Navy used the Melbourne Boy's High School, in Melbourne, Victoria from 1942 to 1944. This included the Pay and Personal section, DOTM, and other such Navy departments.

There have been stories that the Melbourne' Boy's High School was used by the US Army during WW2. This is not true. The Headquarters for the U.S. Army Forces in Australia, were initially located in the MacRobertson Girls High School and perhaps this is where the confused story has arisen.

There have been unsubstantiated reports of a tunnel from the Melbourne Boy's High School to nearby South Yarra Railway Station. It is rumoured that this tunnel was apparently used to store arms during WW2. It is also rumoured that it was still used for this purpose after the war by the school cadets. In mid 2004, some of the buildings between the school and the railway station were being excavated without any sign of a tunnel. It is believed that there was no such tunnel between the school and the railway station.

However there is a large steel door in the army cadet room which is welded shut. It is supposedly an entrance to an escape tunnel that was used during WW2. Apparently any student found to have entered this tunnel will be automatically expelled. The tunnel under the school is apparently still there, however as indicated it is now blocked. There have been unsubstantiated reports of a trap door in the Principle's office that leads to the tunnel.

In December 2002 Michael Bukraba indicated that he had found some interesting looking brickwork that seems to have been recently repaired or replaced inside the Anzac Tunnel. He indicated that the Anzac Tunnel is littered with lots of graffiti. He said he could see an overhead chunk of brickwork that had begun to collapse. It was located about 200 paces in along the Anzac Tunnel. He indicated that when he paced it out, this brickwork seemed to line up with an area under the school, possibly the School Library building but he was not sure. The Anzac Tunnel construction turns from brick to concrete about 250m along the tunnel.

There are reports that there used to be a large underground "bunker" near Dights Falls at Abbotsford, in Melbourne, Victoria. It is believed that this large underground "bunker" was an old WW2 air raid shelter. It is estimated that it could hold a few thousand people.

It is reported that there was apparently a boat moored near Swanston Street on the Yarra River during WW2, and in the event of an air raid, the occupants of the War Room at Victoria Barracks would be whisked away up the Yarra to this "bunker".

It is reported to be similar to the underground "bunker" under Spencer Street Railway Station in the Melbourne CBD.


A team in Melbourne led by Mark Rawson is excavating a tunnel at Northcote in Merri Creek which was used by the military during WW2. The tunnel was sealed and filled in after the war with dirt and rock. During WW2 a sentry was posted on the Merri Creek entrance to the tunnel.

It has been reported that there was apparently a boat moored near Swanston Street on the Yarra River during WW2, and in the event of an air raid, the occupants of the War Room at Victoria Barracks would be whisked away up the Yarra to a large bunker at Dights Falls at Abbotsford. This is not far from the Merri Creek tunnel. Could there be some connection between the two locations?

Lots of great tunnel photo's

Hope this helps,


posted on Aug, 6 2005 @ 12:48 AM
thanks for all that info sanctum. I was just thinking about this the other day infact, wondering if there were any tunnels etc under the ground as in my high school days I even heared rumours of tunnels that were really more storm water drains. Anyway, there was never much more than an inch of water and they were HUGE (like 3 or 4 people could walk side-by-side down them). I have seen the entrance and it isn't blocked off or anything, and people that have been down it told me that there are underground rooms on the side(s) of these tunnels with tabels, chairs (possibly beds too i don't remember) in them.

I have also heared that you can take these tunnels to the other side of Melbourne...

posted on Aug, 8 2005 @ 03:48 AM
dont see why there would be tunnels from Telstra tower to the botanic gardens, since the gardens are simply at the foot of the mountain (well, its a hill really) and i dont see any possible benefit of such tunnels.

That said, i'm pretty sure that there are a lot of caves underneath canberra because there is quite a bit of limestone underneath the place.

posted on Aug, 8 2005 @ 03:54 AM
Yeah, I thouhg it would be a bit odd for there to be tunnels from the Telstra tower to the Bottanicals.

I know there are a few tunnels underneath Adelaide, as me and a few mates went exploring one night and managed to pop up in some med research lab

I'll upload the photos after dinner.

posted on Aug, 15 2005 @ 04:10 AM
At my school in Brisbane there is a tunnel that goes from the school to the
shore line/beach out the front of the school. The story is that when the Queensland govenor used to live there as a home or holiday house there was threat of aboriginals or something like that and it was a secret passage to escape to the shore. An old boy of the school said one of the brothers showed hime the entrance as it was a wine cellar but now it is bricked up. No entrance on the shore has been found but then again noone has looked. for some reason there is a abundance of pld tunnels in Australia even in schools.

P.S. If someone wants to do research which i don't my school is in Brisbane, Schorncliffe, St. Patricks College Shorncliffe

posted on Aug, 15 2005 @ 04:30 AM
That someone was me who mentioned the tunnels. In the 80's my husband worked for telstra in the elite radio branch doing microwave installs at places like tidbinbilla and parkes.

He mentions the tunnels often and how he broke their security by going through the tunnels up to his office after a bet by fellow staff. I have personally seen and been inside the tunnels under woden valley hospital.

My husband is not a member of these boards. He would be more classified as a scoffer of such airy fairy stuff. Hes a genius technician with a mean temper. he says Canberra is literally built on tunnels especially the new parliament house.

I am sure he would tell you himself all about the tunnels, he said they are full of data cables, the ones under black mountain.

posted on Aug, 15 2005 @ 04:39 AM

Might I direct you to this thread that came up the top search on google when i typed 'tunnels underground canberra'

and that one found by using the same search.

posted on Apr, 24 2008 @ 02:02 AM
um hey this is my first visit to this site i was really just looking for a cool lace to check out

but someone mentioned the tunnels under woden hospital and i just have to say ive been ther when i was i was about 10 it was completely deserted their were several theartue rooms which was weird
about the only sign of human life i could find was a couple of mad magazine stickers the sorta said
this way
then had arrows going

posted on Apr, 24 2008 @ 02:12 AM
do a decent search of the topic, Ive answered quite a few requests about tunnels and the like on this board in the past. Yes they are ther, and Melbourne is built upon the biggest of them was meant to be the place of the last stand if a northern invader were succesful enough to push their forces down this far.

It had 5 tunnels going 15-20km outwards into what was then bushland.

they've all been sealed with metres of concrete, one of the exits was supposed to be Koroit Creek Ardeer or sunshine or something like that.

Is meant to be filled with trucks, tanks, heaps of munitions and other supplies, which is why state governments were concerned. The last thing they want is very old explosives going off underneath the suburbs.

Also, Avalon airfield is supposedly built on top of a huge undeground complex with a tunnel that goes to Melbourne.

many many sources and rumours that are yet to be fully investigated.

I had somebody from the Age newspaper contact me last year about info regarding it, he did a search on the net and came up with articles posted here on ATS.

he is trying to get info together to make a documentary regarding the issue.

hope that helps ya out.

posted on Apr, 24 2008 @ 02:54 AM
Tunnels certainly would not surprise me.

I live out in the sticks, about 350km west of Melbourne, in a small town of about 10 000 people, and it is common knowledge around town that there is a small network of tunnels connecting the "important" buildings in the CBD. It is said that the tunnels were primarily used during war time so that goods could be transferred between the businesses & shop keepers could take money to the bank undetected.

It is also rumored that they lead to a large bomb shelter underneath the sports oval in the middle of town.

Apparently there are entrances everywhere around town, the the basements of certain shops, including in the Target building. The Target building burnt down in late 2004, and at the time fire fighters were quite worried about the fire reaching the basement levels and entering the tunnel system.
Another known entrance was supposed to be in the Nagorka building just outside of the CBD. It was a large factory type building that was demolished mid 90's I believe. Myself and a few friends went searching the site a yearor two ago for the entrance, but couldn't find anything that looked like an accessible entrance.

A couple of years ago we went to the local history center to try and find out more about these tunnels, however the blue rinse brigade that runs the place wouldn't let us search the archives ourselves but were happy to do a search for us in a "month or so" for a fee of $40... (it would seem they had a back log of research to do, and didn't appreciate being interrupted by a couple of 20 year old who no doubt only wanted the information to cause trouble) finding out about it wasn't that important to us to worry about it.

So to cut a long story short, if a little town like mine could have a tunnel network, then Melbourne, Canberra Sydney etc certainly would. Finding info on it however would be difficult, as once these things, and entrances became common knowledge, all sorts of mischievous trouble makers could get involved!

posted on Jul, 3 2008 @ 08:02 AM
reply to post by Melbourne_Militia

i have heard the same storey,of a huge us army tunnel/bunker under or around darwin N.T,filled with trucks and tanks ect..anyhow heres another storey about the esplanard tunnel in darwin city
i know for a fact that there is a tunnel that goes under the esplanard about 50m from the water at the bottom of the cliffs in the city,me and my cousin checked it out it was real old with wood frames and about a half a foot of water on the ground,it also leaked from the walls and everywere else,most of the wood was rotting and there were several clay/mud/rock caveins that we had to climb over that were about half a metre to one and a half metres high,we contiued untill the cavein blocked our way basicly,we could of kept going but the tunnel was so old my guess it was built in war time,but who knows,but it was so unsafe so we left,it's probably caved in now it was so dodgey we should have kept away,apparently old china town used to be in the same area maybe they built it,all i know is it headed north toward the city centre somewere it was 2-3m wide and about the same height,i don't think the army built it because it was'nt made of cement,this was about 20years ago so it's probably caved in now but it's there somwere,along the bottom of the cliffs..

posted on Jul, 7 2008 @ 12:34 AM
Canberra has tunnels everywhere.

Cambell APrk offices and Russell offices (Defence) are still linked by a massive tunnel to RAAF base fairbairn and to old PArliament hOuse.

Od course, everyone knows about the large caverns (manmade) under new parliament house and everyone also knows that there is a tunnel from the new parliament hosue to the old one.

Also, there is talk of a large underground base at LAwson at an old navy station near the Ginninderra lake. This has barbed wire fences around it amd no-one is allowed to go in the area. Black cars with tinted windows are often seen driving around the site which is quite large. Also there is a lot of American people in the area if yoiu go to the local shops.

And no-one knows where they live!

Lots of UFO (???) sitings are seen here as well but could they be secret USA planes of some sort???

When George Bush was here there seemed to be a lot of extra Americans near the place and the American Embassy has lots of aerials.

People think that there are other underground bases here in canberra but no-one knows.

posted on Oct, 5 2008 @ 06:49 AM
i have also been informed there ARE tunnels under new parliament house by several people including my own husband.
these tunnels apparantly go for miles and you may need a golf cart or such to get through them.
Rumour has it they lead to places IE; the airport etc but don't know if this rumour is true.
maybe if there was an attack on parliament house this is how the prime minister would escape =P

posted on Oct, 5 2008 @ 06:58 AM
I am surprised that the Australian Government doesn't use the numerous lava tubes that are underneath Queensland's soil for developing "bunkers". I was part of a survey team that visited some of the tunnels and they are mind blowing as a natural phenomena. Never mind walking 4 people side by side, some of the tubes were big enough to drive a couple of road-trains down side by side.

The tubes are extensive and would greatly reduce development costs for bunkers, although room penetration from explosives would be a problem for some of the tubes.

Just a thought for saving some Australian tax dollars ;-)

posted on Oct, 5 2008 @ 02:23 PM
There may be a large complex under the Dandenong Ranges, 40 k from the centre of Melbourne. I knew some guys who were down-and-outers, people with no-one to miss them, and they were hiding, having escaped from working there and certain they would be killed if found.

They said they'd been referred by various charities they went to to an education course, and after filling out a lot of personal questions were transported to an underground place, told they had qualified for a special training course.

They said there were huge warehouses and garages built underground and the complex was far too big for any of them to know how many levels there were or how widely each level extended. They were not free to go anywhere but the level they worked on and the canteen and dormitories.

They described the tunneller as a huge driverless nuclear powered cylindrical machine. They said it was supposed to drill a kilometre each day, but never did. There was always something malfunctioning. They did get training. They were trained to do maintenance on this machine by real engineers, (who seemed to avoid going near it themselves,) including replacing many of the cutters each 24 hours. After being underground for 6 months, they thought in terms of time periods rather than days.

They were puzzled about the tunnel walls, saying that after the machines had been through, the walls and rook of the tunnel were solid black glass. I couldn't work out if the plural use of machines meant several went through to make it like that, or if they just meant there were several tunnellers.

They had no proof of any workers being hurt, but were afraid because everyone doing daily work in contact with this machine seemed "disposable", and they were afraid the work was making them sick. (Loose teeth, more hair in the comb than they expected, pink toothbrush, nausea.) They said people working there longer would get sick and then disappear, and they'd be told the person had left because their contract had finished.

This could all be a story they made up, but they looked terrified, and really uneasy discussing it. And they told me a tunnel from it goes directly under my house, and asked how much my house shakes. I'd noticed things rattling between 2 and 4 am. The Weather Bureau said it must be passing lorries, as there are very few earth tremors around here. Unlikely on a very quiet dirt road.

posted on Feb, 13 2009 @ 04:24 AM

posted on Aug, 18 2009 @ 11:21 PM

I think you have been taken for a ride. I think those "down and outers" have been in the Dandenongs, eating too many shrooms, for too long.

The only positively identified tunnels under melbourne is the one that connected two department stores in the early part of last century in Collingwood.

The tunnels under the major hospitals.

And the road tunnels that bypass the busy streets of melbourne.

posted on Aug, 18 2009 @ 11:49 PM
has anyone been able to confirm the link from RAN-HQ (Syd) to DoD (ACT)?

Had an ex-mil friend (E.W.E. - spook) say there may be a highspeed link either rail or car between the two?

posted on Aug, 29 2009 @ 11:00 PM
Star and flagged this thread. What better way to keep secrets locked away then to place them on an island which can easily be guarded by the Navy.

Originally posted by FTL_Navigator
has anyone been able to confirm the link from RAN-HQ (Syd) to DoD (ACT)?

Had an ex-mil friend (E.W.E. - spook) say there may be a highspeed link either rail or car between the two?

Syd as in Sydney? to which part of the DoD, Northern, Western, Southern? By now they could very well all be linked.

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