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911 - Confronting the evidence

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posted on Aug, 5 2005 @ 09:04 AM
I guess this video has been posted before, but search came up empty.

Reopen 911 - Confronting the evidence
Video can be ordered, and downloaded freely from:

I wonder why people don't use EDonkey links to share docs and clips? The eMule Project has come along way ensuring anti data- tampering, and will allow people to share any file without having to set up a website, and upload the same file over and over again.

All you need todo is to post a socalled ED2k link:
Read more, and download the free Windows based eMule client here:
Check aMule if you use Linux or another OS

The above video is already on the ED2K network, and this is the ED2K link:


If you have installed eMule, simply click the above link.
eMule will start downloading the file, not neccessarlily immidiately, but eventually you WILL get the file. The more people interested, the faster it will og. Remember to read the FAQs on eMule site, on how eMule works.

Sharing is caring

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