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What is wrong with the world?

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posted on Aug, 4 2005 @ 07:37 PM
I don't understand this. Throughout history whenever the world has had just one super power there was oppression caused by them. Now, America is the super power, we fight for the freedom of a nation, so oppresion stops there. We fight terrorism so that people can feel safe in their own countries. We help put a stop to emperialism and colonialism. We donate billions and billions of dollars to nations in despair. I feel really strong about this so let me repeat this in different wording.

We fight a war for the freedoms of others. We put our citizens at risk so that opression can stop in a country, and freedom can prevail. We allow other nations to talk as much crap as they want about us, to propogate as much as they want about us, yet people CAN'T wait for the fall of the U.S. Do you guys not see that China will be the Superpower if the U.S. falls? Do you really want that? Is communism what you want? Is opression what you really want? Let me ask you this.

What do you want?

posted on Aug, 4 2005 @ 07:47 PM
Are we fighting for the freedom of a nation, or for strategic value, as our own leaders have claimed we should? Are we making the world safer from terror, or making it worse, by starting conflicts in Islamic nations that were not exactly high on the list of terror sources? Did we really end imperialism and colonialism, or did we just redefine it? We donate billions, yes, but we also donate the least as a percentage of what we earn out of all the western nations.

I can't say I want to see the fall of the U.S., but I can see how others would. I think the world is more complex than you make it sound. We aren't the "good guys" all the time. America was founded on lofty and admirable ideals, but then, most countries were, in theory. Somewhere along the road, they inevitably and always lose sight of this in favor of the cold reality.

The last thing China wants is lots of communist countries around it. It wants wealthy trading partners. Like America, China has realized that money is more important than political ideals.

-koji K.

posted on Aug, 4 2005 @ 07:51 PM
Do you really think the US is any different than the previous world super powers?

Don't you think they proclaimed that they were doing good for the world?
The were trying to bring civility to the uncivilized world.
They were bringing them modern forms of government and educating the uneducated masses.

Haven't you heard of the 'White Man's Burden'?

That's what's happening now with the US but they see themselves differently than the previous world powers, oblivious to the fact that they aren't that much different at all.

White Man's Burden

posted on Aug, 4 2005 @ 08:00 PM
What is wrong with believing in the notion of "superpowers", as evidenced here, is that when you believe you fight the fight for your "superpower's" cause, you are simply believing too much of the "superpower's" propaganda.

The Chinese entrepreneurs of today laugh at western notions of what "communism" is in post-millennium China. Which is about as funny as the Chinese party member who used to refer to his American enemy as "evil capitalist imperialist pig".

What is wrong with this world is that many people get sucked in by hype very very easily. The analytical part of the human brain has not evolved that much.

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