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Numbers and their significance

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posted on Sep, 4 2005 @ 09:25 PM
waysayers, eh? the 'ole urantia book, eh?
this is the one i picked to click
because i am fascinated by the mobius strip and my avatar illustrates some of the platonic solids, which can appear the same in three dimensions as in two, among many other sacred attributes.

One of the most remarkable aspects of these interstate, and intercontinental, travels was the fact that almost no time was taken up in actual traveling.  No sooner had we left, or we had already arrived.  In the late seventies I was finally allowed to tarry in mid air and view the pathways our Midwayer regularly traveled.  They were wide, broad bands of an iridescent electric blue -- flat, two-dimensional, really.  And they stretched from continent to continent, country to country, city to city, in great loops that reached right into the stratosphere.

It was an awesome sight, making the entire planet Earth look like it was loosely gift wrapped in shiny blue ribbons.  These are the super-highways along which our Midwayer friends travel at almost the speed of thought.  Always in a hurry, they are alerted to their next tasks by the instantaneous, reflective communication of Seraphim or Primary Midwayers.  

They "dissolve" into a stream of ultimatons, the smallest and fastest-moving building blocks of the universe, to reassemble, perfectly, precisely as they were, and just a few feet from the ground.  They ease to terra firma, and glide towards the patient, the TR -- anyone who may have urgently called for their assistance.

the overlapping paths and points of multidimensional reality are a fairly mind expanding thing to try and grasp, at the very least, imo.
that was the first thing i clicked, and it turned out to have something in common(galacitic teleportation and a higher level of consciousness/divinity/reality) with my previous post.

posted on Sep, 4 2005 @ 10:21 PM
Funny I noticed the clock on the computer was 11:12 just after I read your last post billybob, making the time that I read it possibly 11:11.



posted on Sep, 4 2005 @ 11:19 PM
Confessed number freak here. I authored a thread back in May celebrating our last occurring Friday the 13th. Check it out if you want:

Incidentally way back on the afternoon at 12:34 5/6/78 I celebrated my 9th birthday.(Odd but true)

Anyway, here is some interesting data on how 11, 33 , 55 or 1111, 3333, 5555 can follow similar patterns.

11 = 6^2 - 5^2, 1111 = 56^2 - 45^2 with the pattern continuing
556^2 - 445^2 = 111,111 infinitum

33 = 7^2 - 4^2, 3333 = 67^2 - 34^2 infinitum

55 = 8^2 - 3^2, 5555 = 78^2 - 23^2 infinitum

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posted on Sep, 5 2005 @ 02:54 AM
my dad was driving down the road a while ago when his watch stopped at 11:37. it didnt start back up for a while. this day was the day my great grandfather had died. he got home and asked my step mom, what time di you grandfather had his stroke?. she said "11:37" he continued to tell her of the story. later that day, it stopped again around 4 o clock. this was the time my great grandfather had died.

really interesting i thing

posted on Sep, 5 2005 @ 06:21 AM
I don't know if something like this was already posted upon this thread, but I figured I should post it any way. I really hope this helps all you number "sign" guru's as I know it has helped me a few times in my life with my little special number. *27* Check it out...

Guiding Your Life with Kirael's Numerology

The planet Earth is a construct of a matrix based almost entirely on numbers. The other two factors in this construct are sounds and lights, which are emitted by numbers in varying combinations.

Numbers have played an unending role in the development of all evolutionary systems. There are no absolutes, for there are limitless numerical combinations. When one is bound by an absolute, the possibility for growth is nullified.

Your life is based on a matrix of numerical systems. It moves in endless patterns of lights and pulsations generated by the numbers of the matrix. Your life, like the life of the planet, has the possibility for limitless evolutionary growth. This is why an awareness of numerology can be important in helping you understand and consciously create your life's journey.

For thousands of years people have understood how the stars influence their lives, perhaps not recognizing that astrology is based on numerical equations. Now you may see the beauty of how numerology affects your life on a daily basis.

The Ten Principles of Conscious Creation discussed in this book can also be viewed in terms of numerology or, more specifically, the numerology brought forth by Master Kirael. The Principle of Truth, for example, is the first of the Ten Principles and is assigned the numerical value of 1. In Kirael's numerology, 1 is your connection to the Creator's Light. The Principle of Clarity is a "4," the number related to thoughts and thought processes.

You can also use Kirael's numerology to increase your awareness of the energies flowing through each day. Take the date of November 23rd, for example: the month is an 11 and the day is a 23. When you add all the digits separately, you arrive at a numerical value for the day: 1+1+2+3=7. Seven represents the energy of "transition." So on this "7" day, it may be helpful to be aware of transitions occurring in your life or how certain activities, projects or relationships are in a state of transition. (Note: if adding the digits of a month and day produce a double-digit result, simply add the two digits of the result to arrive at the root numerical value of that date. For instance, June 27 produces 6+2+7=15. Adding the two digits of the result indicates a "6" day: 1+5=6, the number of "mastery.") You can also apply this system of numerology to the year; 2003, for instance, is a "5" or the year of love.

By using Kirael's numerology every day, you will find how a simple understanding of the energy of numbers can guide you in making new, conscious choices in your life. Your life will evolve in harmony with the universe.

1 -- God-Creator -- The number one offers an opportunity to reconnect to the Creator Light within you and to know that something completely new is about to begin. It is interesting that in numerology, the number one always follows a nine, or "completion."

2 -- Duality -- A number two reminds you that the third-dimensional world in which we live is based on duality and that yin/yang situations are all around us. In this case, it is best to take a look at where your life is and to move your thoughts into a higher, more balanced "trinity" level of understanding.

3 -- Trinity -- Allow yourself to be guided by the trinity of Truth, Trust and Passion when the number is a three. Love, the one force in Creation that has no opposite, is created and held within this trinity, so perhaps you will feel this essence awakening within you. Something bright and beautiful is about to take place in your life.

4 -- Thought -- Four refers to the energy of thought. When four is the number, be very conscious of your thought processes. Keep your thoughts extremely positive because in the world of thought, they can readily be manifested in any direction.

5 -- Love -- Five is the number of the unconditional Love of the Creator. When the number is five, watch for anything around you that can resonate in love and take advantage of it. Be in love and feel love surrounding you. When you choose love as the foundation of each decision, all comes to perfection in light.

6 -- Mastery -- A number six reminds you that you are in control of your life. Take this opportunity to focus on mastery. Complete all lessons and leave nothing undone. As master of your own life, make decisions that allow you to ascend to new levels of conscious awareness.

7 -- Transition -- The number seven offers you the possibility of transition and change. You can experience this simultaneously on multiple levels and move from one level to the next. You are in the flow of change and transformation.

8 -- Infinity -- The number eight signifies that the present is being experienced in two realities at the same time, as in a continuous loop. You are in simultaneous connection with both spirit (non-physical) and matrix (physical) energies. If you can remain in the center of the loop looking out at both directions, you are in a good space.

9 -- Completion -- Nine indicates that completion is at hand and it is a time to move on. Recognize that you have the choice to complete anything you choose to in your life. The beauty of a completion is that it always leads to a new beginning with the number one again.

2 + 7 = 9: Completion. I think 27 marks the end of my souls journey upon Earth or even has a direct connection that something astronomical will occur in the year 2007 (for me). Either way I'm not too sure what it means, but it is beyond mysteriously-mystical and significantly-meaningful for it to mean absolutely nothing. It has been witnessed by my close friends as significant too. So maybe one day I will at last find out what 27 is truly pointing at for I know it is a sign from a spiritual (higher power) type source.

~ Eric ~

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posted on Sep, 5 2005 @ 11:44 AM

1 year ago almost all my life was about 11 but then one time I went on a site and I posted that I see many 1111 every where and then it all stoped!

And about two days ago I posted in BTS and the member that reply to me, it was his 1111 post
and the same time I looked at my computer clock and it was 1111 to and that my grandfather was born on 11/11/1911

and then it all came back
I wake up today at 3:33am oh and you know if you multiply 1111 x 1111=1234321 like apyramid and that 1111 was found in the greate pyramid too

Oh yeah I forgot I was born on 11/11 but I don't remember at what time

Damn maybe we are special?

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posted on Sep, 8 2005 @ 09:39 PM
Last week I randomly looked up at the clock and didnt wait for it to change, and saw 11:11 every day twice a day. It was creepy

posted on Sep, 13 2005 @ 07:42 AM
Could it be that, the mind, being an "association expert", will subconciously "remind" you of times/situations ect that have emotional significance, whether you are aware of the reminder or not, this may have a spiralling effect.The more you associate with the number, the more the "bl**dy hell it happened again" affects your emotional state, therefore you will keep getting the subconcious reminder.This could all start from reading about a number such as 11:11 ect or an inital "look how often i see the number ___" (place number here....)

posted on Sep, 13 2005 @ 07:46 AM
lol the strange thing is this never hapened to me much untill i read this thread,

Now i tend to see 3.16 a 9.11 all the time,

I swear its some form of unconsious recognition, and now it wont stop,

posted on Sep, 13 2005 @ 08:06 AM
haha tell me about it.Someone once told me to do an experiment...Find a picture of a car symbol ( I chose a mercedes) and look at it for a period of time...Try to attach some form of emotional energy to it i.e "I wish i could afford one of them " (envy and jealousy!)
Then see how many times you turn you head for no real reason whilst driving or walking along-bettcha you would have noticed the car without really being aware of it!
She was spot on....just the association machine at work

posted on Sep, 13 2005 @ 09:46 PM
Ah folks, I know this Thread has gotten a little bit on the long side but it really does pay off to read the entire thing before you post.

It is just a tad bit frustrating to me to see people wondering about something that I have already described in great detail. Not only is the fact that you are noticing things like 11:11 a psychological event, it even has a name.

And I believe it was in this Thread where I actually describe an experiment where you can test this idea for yourself with a small amount of work.


posted on Sep, 13 2005 @ 10:10 PM
I know what you mean, and agree, it is a well known psychological phenomenon. Like closing your eyes and picturing your bedroom, which most everyone does from a perspective of standing in either the doorway or a corner. So, when people are being operated on in hospital, and they feel they have left their body, cuz they see the scene from a different perspective than the operating table, it could be that the viewpoint location is just the brains natural choice of imaging. Still, that does not discount astral travel. It just means sometimes it might not be.
1111 is in a cropcircle pic that I was resizing to a standard size of 800 by 600 pixels. The resulting dimensions were 11.11 inches by 8.33 inches.
And I have seen 1111 crop up in the most interesting places, like the winter solstice of 2012, on December 21st .... don't tell anyone, it is my little discovery, and I want to keep it hush hush, so people don't read too much into it.

posted on Sep, 15 2005 @ 07:56 PM
BG I acknowledge your work and can find no fault with it.

But we are talking on two separate tracks here. The fact that 11:11 has significance in the larger sense has little to do with the effect I am talking about. If you read this Thread and then start to randomily notice 11:11 that is Sensitizing. I have experienced it myself except with 3:33 because I have a personal thing about the number 3.

All I am trying to do is to separate the Sensitizing effect from what you have investigated so well. Your work simply magnifies the effect because it makes people think about 11:11 even more.

This is of course not a single topic Thread, it covers a wide range of discussions and I think that is wonderful. We just have to keep things in perspective. If we recognize Sensitizing when it occurs we can then also recognize the deeper implications when they indeed apply.


posted on Sep, 17 2005 @ 04:47 PM

...If you read this Thread and then start to randomily notice 11:11 that is Sensitizing.

Bravo Alex

The unconsious mind can pick up on sensitizing, even though the consious might not give it a second thought.

Apophenia is the experience of seeing patterns or connections in random or meaningless data.

While I believe on the rational level of thinking, sometimes the synchronicity with numbers throughout one's life, where numbers have shown to be repetitive(ie: date of birth/time of birth/wedding date/death/etc) can be labeled as eerily coincidental.

[edit on 17-9-2005 by Eden]

posted on Sep, 17 2005 @ 10:04 PM
While numbers may have a deeper meaning than just a digit, in some cases, yes, seeing a number could be much like buying a car. You may not have noticed that car very much untill you bought one, then it seems "everybody" has this car.

Now, this is some cases, but it doesn't necessarily explain why someone may feel an urge to look at the clock, and there is the number they have been seeing.


posted on Sep, 20 2005 @ 02:00 AM
2012 2012
Perihelion Jan 5 00 Equinoxes Mar 20 05 14 Sept 22 14 49
Aphelion July 5 03 Solstices June 20 23 09 Dec 21 11 11

What a coincidence that the calculated time of the winter solstice of 2012 is 11:11 AM. The site that I found the link to this information is below.


posted on Sep, 27 2005 @ 08:09 PM
im so scared

i see 9.11 in my 2nd period class for like 3 weeks in a row
3:33 for like 2 weeks in a row
4:44 same as 3:33
5:55 same as 4:44
and 11:11 the most i see it so much and something weird also happened to me about a year ago i kept seeing the word and hearing the word mexico everywhere first thing i though to myself was something has happend or going to happen in mexico help anyone?

lmao i jsut looked at the time now and it said 9-11 lmao

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posted on Oct, 4 2005 @ 04:57 PM
Most websites give meanings of numbers 1 through 12, and then the triples and quadruples, like 888 or 1111, but 13 is hard to find. I find it to be the most interesting number for many reasons. The funniest one is the superstitious habit of labelling the 13th floor of highrises as the 14th. It just seems funny to me because it is still the 13th floor, no matter what we call it. Also, 13 is alone in its distinction of being bad luck. Why? And ironically, the 13 states that joined to form the USA led to 13''s being used in all kinds of government signs and seals. The flag, the dollar bill, coinage, etc. It has not been bad luck so far. The thing that I have found most important about 13 is that it is the ideal number of months to have in a calendar, each month 4 weeks exactly, adding up to 364 days, and leaving just one day left over. Much neater than our present mess of a calendar. And the 13 moons per year, the women's menstrual cycle, etc. would all be much better synchronized with our calendar.
It is probably not being pursued cuz 13 has such a bad rep., cuz otherwise I can see no good reason not to adopt a clearly better calendar.

posted on Oct, 7 2005 @ 01:36 PM
As long as I keep mine a secret, then they will not fail me. Shhhh. My lips are sealed.

posted on Oct, 18 2005 @ 09:01 PM
I was meditating on my crown chakra after opening up all my other chakras before hand and I was channeled the number 13. It showed up as a vision with my eyes closed. I think this meant I shouldn't meditate on that since i didn't know what I was doing.

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