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TV News fails to inform young people about what's going on in the Occupied Territories, or why.

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posted on Aug, 27 2003 @ 08:10 AM
Letīs say that after several disscussion here on ATS this kind of article would be perfect (specially now).
Talks about how easy is to tell you the news but basicly without telling you why, so you can explain the warfare, how is going to be, or how many people died, or details of some organizations, but in the end they give no reason at all for what is going on, dozens of overwhelming channels offering news, that actually are not telling you anything.
Enjoy the read

If you don't understand the Middle East crisis it might be because you are watching it on TV news. This scores high on images of fighting, violence and drama, but low on explanation.

A new study by the Glasgow University Media Group shows the effect of this on public understanding. The group interviewed 12 small audience groups (a total of 85 people) with a cross-section of ages and backgrounds. They were asked a series of questions about the conflict and what they had understood from TV news. The same questions were then put to 300 young people (aged between 17 and 22).

We asked all of these people what came to their mind when they heard the words "Israeli/Palestinian conflict" and what its source was. A small number of people had direct experience (two individuals) and listed accounts from relatives as what had come to their minds. But most (82%) listed TV news as their source and to a lesser extent newspapers were also named. The replies showed that they had absorbed the "main" message of the news, of conflict, violence and tragedy.


posted on Aug, 27 2003 @ 08:28 AM
From your linked article:

"So why does the news not give proper explanations of the history and context of events? One reason is that the news, along with the rest of television, exists in a very commercial and competitive market and is concerned about audience ratings. In this respect it is better to have great pictures of being in the middle of a riot with journalists ducking stones than to explain what the conflict is about. "

It's easy to be a critic of the news and point the finger of blame... but in reality, the news is not to blame. Why? Because it's news... you know... current events... stuff that is happening now ... there's no time to dwell on history and the numerous influences throughout history that are converging on the region to cause these current events... because the news is what is happening now.

If the individual is too lazy to understand history, it's not the fault of the news.

posted on Aug, 27 2003 @ 08:39 AM

Originally posted by William
If the individual is too lazy to understand history, it's not the fault of the news.

Well iīll have to agree on that one, but we live in the society of the "easy things", easy understanding, easy life, easy job, easy driving, easy easy, all accesible, no effort needed, perfect for lazy people.
Thatīs how society is teaching the new generation, be shallow, donīt be concerned, and donīt care about what is going in the world, we will take care of it, we will inform you about whatīs happening, but not whatīs planned, or the purpose of it.

Is also sad how people accepts the version of reality of the media sources, i mean they do not question, they prefer the easy understanding, because they are too busy with their lives, materialism, bills, and job.
The problem of this materialist and shallow society is that FEW people is concerned...

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