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To all the people doubting Jesus' God status

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posted on Aug, 4 2005 @ 04:48 PM

Originally posted by apocalypta
Who exactly are the enemies of Jesus?

The people that want to bring the antichrist as the King of Kings to rule the Earth. I don't want to go into further analysis about this publically, because it involves a certain group of people, and I might be called a racist. I can tell you in private discussion.

So it's either with jesus or against him?

You can't be neutral to such a conflict: you are either with Good or with Bad. If you are not with Good, then you let Bad have its way, therefore you are actually supporting Bad. The analogy with Good does not hold though: if you are not with Bad, then you are not helping it's either with Jesus or against him.

Originally posted by Ambient Sound
... to shore up their own doubts and validate their own belief, in my opinion. It would seem that those who assume they know the truth about what happens when we die are almost always the ones who are the most afraid to take that final step and really discover the truth.

We are all afraid of dying, aren't we? believers and non-believers. It's something that relates to our instincts.

If your god is God, why do you fear to join him?

Because I am not up to His standards.

Why force the barely functional corpse of Terri Schavio to keep on existing for so long if you are sure that she would be with God when she died? If you KNOW what happens, why be afraid of it or try to delay it? Why force others to cling to a life of suffering (ie: terminally ill and in great pain) if you have certain knowledge that the afterlife is so much better? I submit that the Christian fear of Death proves that there is no certainty in the Christian teachings dispite all the countless claims to the contrary. In fact, uncertainty about Death is the lynchpin of the entire religious fear-based control system.

It's not uncertainty about death, it's because Terri Schiavo's parents throught that she might come back.

That is correct, it annoys the [insert explitive of your choice] out of us. Just because I don't try to impose my own beliefs on others doesn't mean I don't have beliefs, nor do I intentionally confuse my belief with knowledge.

Non-believers tend to avoid religion because it places limits on their behaviour, not because they are more democratic than non-believers. So they avoid being reminded of their duties by not taking part in religious discussions.

Furthermore, any evidence that happens to coincide with Bible predictions is dismissed without any examination.

Now I don't demand that others be exposed to my beliefs, because other people's acceptance of what I believe matters not at all to me.

That's quite an egoistic view. You really don't care what others believe? I don't think so. For example, you really don't care if your country goes to war with another one and you are called in the army? you really don't care about the environment being screwed up so your children can not live without pain? I really don't think so.

Yet, organized religions make every effort and even try to impose laws to insure that litterally everyone has no choice but to be exposed to and hopefully indocrinated into their beliefs and their dogma. I'm not comfortable with that. I think it's kinda rude.

Yes, organized religions do that. Religions are composed of people, and people have certain tendencies. But take that away, and see where our world is heading. See the big picture. See who's in charge and who's in power. Then you will understand.

Of course, in order to understand, you need to read some material. If you don't, then you will not have concrete stuff in your hands to analyse and compare.

posted on Aug, 8 2005 @ 12:31 AM
John chapter 17 1 20 Jesus prays to god, not himself. Jesus also says why call him good when only god is good. jesus also says no man nor even the son of man knowns the timing of christ only god knows the timing of christ.
And if you read revelations chapter 4 and 5 God is siting on a throne holding the scroll with seven seals in his right hand. Jesus in chapter 5 comes and takes the scroll out of his hands. showing two different bodys.
the bible says Jesus is the Son of God. Off spring of god.

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