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Q's about aliens

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posted on Aug, 5 2005 @ 04:22 PM

Originally posted by EarthSister
I can claim to know what I know, the same as anybody else can. If you don't know certain things, that does not mean that I don't know them.

Well you already said that this is simply what you are "told" by some "aliens". Again, this does not amount to knowledge, it amounts to you believing what you're told!

I don't know all things I know on my own. Not everything can be shown exactly- I can't travel the whole Universe looking and asking everybody myself. Some of the things I know about alien life and God, I only know because I am told about them by the beings I have experiences with.

So it is not knowledge, again, it is just your belief. Just because someone says something does NOT make it TRUE! And if someone believes it, it does not become "knowledge", still just a belief! If I tell you my nose is purple and you choose to believe me, it does not mean that you now *know* that my nose is purple! What if it's not?

I have no reason not to trust them on it, so I go with what they tell me when it's something they can't show me.

You have no reason not to trust them? What reason do you have to trust them? Because they are nice? Hitler kissed babies too and smiled as he did it, and many people had no reason to not trust him, I mean he wouldn't lie to them would he? Of course not.

I am certainly not "the one person on Earth" with knowledge about some things that most humans do not have knowledge of yet. There are many of us who know things from alien life, spirits, Angels and other life.

Many of you who just believe what you are told by a bunch of aliens, and call it "knowledge". Yes, there are tons of you out there

Please note that I am not offended that you don't believe what I say, and I don't even expect it. I post for your consideration only. Nobody should just go believing something blindly just because they hear it

You mean like when aliens tell you things you cannot verify yet, you blindly believe it?

, but it is very important that we get to hear about things that are beyond us regardless of belief.

Important to whom?

Just listening to others is enough for you to refuse to allow all information to be controlled by those of our leaders who are invested in keeping we the publics ignorant and confused.

Yes, hearing different views and ideas also helps avoid being controlled by those of the "aliens" who are invested in keeping we the population of Earth ignorant and confused.

When progressive information opens and broadens your view of life, don't just go believing it either, but take it for your consideration.

Do you believe "progressive information" that aliens give you? Or do you only take it for consideration?

posted on Aug, 5 2005 @ 06:45 PM

Originally posted by ekul08
I have also heared that they are angry at us for not beleiving in the same god as them, or something.

Maybe they'll come invade our planet and try to convert us into thier religion and kill whoever that does not convert. They go from planet to planet to convert or kill like in Chronicles of Riddick. lol

posted on Aug, 5 2005 @ 07:01 PM

Originally posted by ZengZicong

Maybe they'll come invade our planet and try to convert us into thier religion and kill whoever that does not convert.

Sounds like human 'civilization'. And I say that without any irony. We've been doing just that for thousands of years.

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