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The Arcadia Project

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posted on Aug, 2 2005 @ 02:38 PM
This is a story Ive been thinking about for a while. So here's the prolouge, Im still writing the rest


1 August 1990, Dulce Base, New Mexico

President Jim Griffin sat 2 miles beneath the surface of Dulce Base. A classified base near the town of Dulce, New Mexico and located under Mt. Archuleta. The base had been top secret until there was a severe information leak. Luckily the US managed to silence the source before too much got out. However, the location of the base had been leaked. Of the little information that was leaked conspiracy theorists had managed to confuse some of the details. They claimed the base had been built by Humans and Extra-Terrrestrials and that projects to cross breed humans and aliens at the base were in action. The base had never been in contact with Aliens nor were there projects to create a new breed of humans. The UFO sightings around the base encouraged the rumours. The UFO’s were in fact secret tests of prototype stealth fighters, bombers and satellites being launched. The base had been involved in Human cloning and even genetic research and these projects were still ongoing. These projects were in fact the reason the president and six other officials had flown out to New Mexico.

The President looked around the room. They were in an ordinary briefing room. There were plane models on the walls as well as pictures of Washington and famous presidents. The American flag hung on the flagpole just at the entrance to the room. The President and the other six men were seated on a circular table, each with a laptop and a file in front of them. Next to the president was Harry Collett, the U.S. Secretary of State. There was also Michael Bluesky, The Secretary of Defence. Also present were the head of the CIA, the head of the NSA, the head of the Department of Homeland Security and the General of Dulce Base.

The door swung open and two officers walked in and stood by the door as a man in a white, scientists coat walked in. He was wearing round glasses which rested on his slightly crooked nose. His brown hair was quickly thinning and he had dark circles under his bright blue eyes. He was carrying several folders and hurried into the room either very nervously or very excitedly. This man name was Dr. Tim Goode.

“Gentlemen, I’m sorry I’m late” He said as he inserted a disk into a projector on the far side of the room. An image of a brain appeared on the screen. “Six weeks ago we made a breakthrough during an analysis of the project after we took it back to formula. We now believe we are ready for stage one of Project Arcadia”

“The tests on rats have been impressive” General Page, head of Dulce Base, spoke up. “Even though we could not control their actions, they managed to use telekinesis at will to obtain food from a cage at the opposite side of the room. We had to shoot them before long as they lost control of their abilities and this resulted in the death of one of the scientists.”

“And how do we know Humans won’t do the same thing?” Asked the head of the CIA.

Dr. Goode thought for a moment before answering. “ Well, Humans have more grey matter in their brain so in theory, they should be able to control the effects”

“In theory?” He asked again.

“Well, we’re not sure exactly what will happen. This has never been done before. The rats simply lost control because they couldn’t understand what was happening. Of course if we give a human 100% of their brain it might just kill them. Still though, if it works it will be a huge step forward!” Dr. Goode exclaimed.

“Have we chosen test subjects?” Asked President Griffin.

“Yes. Newborn babies. One from America, one from Ireland, one from France and one from England.” Dr. Goode confirmed.

“Excellent.” Said the president.

“We’ll have to produce more of the drug and plan out the children’s education, medical health and welfare and finally their training once we have reached stage two” Dr. Goode said. “But if we are on schedule we should be able to begin stage one in January of next year.”

“Okay then” The president said. “Well I have to be at the Pentagon in three hours so keep me in the loop. Dismissed”

Chapter 1 coming soon!

[edit on 2/8/05 by Atomix]

posted on Oct, 6 2005 @ 12:39 PM
This could become a Goode story. I am curious though about those rats, how big are they? How did they kill one of the scientists? Was it only one rat?

posted on Oct, 6 2005 @ 02:03 PM
Woah, I completely forgot about this! Better start writing again! The rats are the size of your everyday rat. But they killed the scientist by using that telekinisis they were given. And they used the drug on several rats

This could become a Goode story

LMAO! I just got it!

[edit on 6/10/05 by Atomix]

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