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A brief history of speculations about Martian life

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posted on Aug, 26 2003 @ 05:40 PM
Hey guys,

The following is an article about various theories people have had, over the years, concerning life on Mars. It is from

It contains the usual stuff about Lowell and his era... But, it makes an interesting reference to some request in 1924 that the US government made: Apparently, the US wanted people to 'listen in' for radio signals from mars.

I've never heard of this before, and was wondering if anyone wanted to comment on it.

Also of note, during the period that Lowell was seeing canals on mars (which, of course, do not exist), there were also widespread reports of 'Mystery Airships' around the world.. but particularly in the USA. These ships were, in the tales told about them, often said to be manned by 'martians'. So... while I'm not saying that these were, in fact, craft from mars that had been launched by the civ Lowell argued was there... It should be noted that public interest in the overall UFO and alien phenomena goes back long before 1947.

posted on Aug, 26 2003 @ 08:55 PM
Howdy ...neighbor

nary a M.A.R.S. connection with civilian radio

my father-in-law, started out in the Army, lighter-
than-air-corps then was re-directed to radar
installations in the Air Forces, and Maj Rudy
had some docs. on M.A.R.S. ( some military antenna
relay station programme)
Was that what you refer to??

back then the air ships & dirgibles held great promise...

it's about time for that concept to cycle back to favor??

considering my particular's best for me
to view space thru my monitor & web sites....
so's i'm a stay indoors stargazer, although my desire
is the all-nighter w/friends
have fun; onlyinmydreams astro-nauter

for pure facts/data & some hot links:

about MARS & such

[Edited on 27-8-2003 by riffraffalunas]

posted on Aug, 26 2003 @ 11:35 PM

Your style of writing reminds me of a recent, short-lived, but famed member of the board.

I, understand, though, that those of us who really do workfor the government have to keep their marks unreadable.

But, no, I wasn't talking about any project called M.A.R.S, though you have interested me in what that program was about.

What I was refering to was a comment in that article I posted from (which ISN'T a conspiracy site) that said, in 1924, that the US government asked people (scientists, military, the public... it didn't say) to listen for signals from mars. I was just wondering if anyone could fill us in on that...

However, thsi M.A.R.S project you speak of... what was it, and was it classified?

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