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time to grow intelligent beings

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posted on Jul, 31 2005 @ 09:17 AM
just a thought.
how long does it take to get an intelligent speicies on another planet?
reading a couple of articles, i seen that some astronomers were looking for planets by thier heat radiation, saying they were very hot, about 1700 farenheit. this is really conductive to life as we know it.

this lead me to think, how many planets are there that have formed enough to provide a habitat for life?
is earth one of the first planets made? and so one of the first to produce life? it took over 4 billion years for the earth to get where it is today, and the age of the universe is thought to be 10-15 billion years. how much of that time was spent cooling, forming all the particles and so forth. how long was it before there was ebough planet and star making material? how many life and death cycle must there be bfore there is suficient amount of heavier elements in an srea to warrant terestial planet formation?

there was only hydrogen to start, then the satars fused this to helium, then to heavier elements. it goes in cycles of big star, then shink, expand and so on, as heavier elements provide the fusion fuel at each stage. this takes about 10 billion years for a sun type star, meaning before the formation of our sun, which is 5 billion years old now abouts, there has only been enough time, at maximum, for one stella lifecycle before ours.
this puts our solar system, from my expert reasoning (sarcasm) as the first in the "second" generation of stars forming, if the first generation of stars formed pretty soon after the universe began. if this is so, then is it possible that there hasnt been enough time for the planets let alone aliens, to develop? back to the start, using the heat of the planet, at such temeratures, tells they are still in a very young stage of their life. i have now gotten confused as to what i actually wanted to say. can any one make sense of what i say?

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