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posted on Jul, 30 2005 @ 03:26 AM
Bear in mind that this is just a wild Friday-night guess in keeping with our conspiracy theme.

We are missing one shuttle and crew (columbia) and another one is up but in doubt of safe return (discovery).

Shuttles are for planetary landfalls.

Suppose one or both are going- somewhere.

As landers for an 'undisclosed' planetfall.

If the ISS also suddenly goes missing, I would also remind you that it is nothing but a starship sans warpdrive (as far as we know).

If the missing shuttle(s) were to be used as CEV's (Crew Exploration Vehicles), where would you guess they would be going? In-solarsystem or ex-solarsystem? And why?

Discovery, all speculation aside- we're all rooting for you down here.


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