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Some Of Them Were Huge

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posted on Jul, 29 2005 @ 09:50 PM
I got bored, and looked up some stats, on some of the larger dino's, as well as ocean predators...if Im missing any, fill in.


Saurophaganax 17ft tall, 50ft long
Carcharodontosaurus (Shark Tooth) 17ft tall, 46ft long
Spinosaurus 16ft tall, 45ft long
Gigantosaurus 17ft tall, 43ft long
TRex 16ft tall, 40ft long
TRex Bataar 16ft tall, 40ft long
Allosaurus 14ft tall, 40ft long
MegaRaptor 10ft tall, 26ft long
UtahRaptor 8ft tall, 23ft long


Argentinasaurus 50ft tall, 150ft long
Bruathkayosaurus 44ft tall, 133ft long
Supersaurus 54ft tall, 98ft long
Argyrosaurus 47ft tall, 100ft long
Janeinschia 45ft tall, 100ft long (? possibly larger)

Non-Land Based

Magalodon 80ft long
Mosasaurus 45-50ft long
Tylosaurus 40ft long

Something interesting... SO many stories about dragons have been out there, that one would believe there to be a SPECK of truth in it...and from what descriptions we have of's possible, to say a "Dragon, could be nothing more than this...

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posted on Jul, 30 2005 @ 03:16 AM
i noticed one missing

probably the biggest of them all;
if indeed its existance is verified

check it out
this sucka was Ultra Huge!

edit:: just for fun
check out the main part of that webpage i listed

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