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2 to 3 weeks till WW3... the time table...

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posted on Aug, 4 2005 @ 06:20 PM

I'd hazard a guess that the reason that this event would not be announced any sooner is that the full 'ceremony of lamentation' will be observed, and comes to a climax on the 14th. Tish Ba'av (The 9th day of Av) is the last and most significant of day of this ceremony and is the 'actual' date of the destruction of both first and second temples..thus to decree that the Ark has indeed been unearthed on this SPECIFIC day would mean that Judea would have to mourn no more as the prophesy has come full-circle...from a day of 'destruction' to a day of 'rebirth'

BTW, have hit the nail on the head, but do not be dissillusioned, you may wonder 'what can a single rain drop do in the face of a mighty obstacle?' But when that single drop of rain becomes a trickle that becomes a stream that becomes a river that becomes an ocean, nothing can stand in it's way...on two occaisions within this year we as a whole have stood together..embarrassed goverments, made our will known, our voices heard, and our actions felt to those who suffered from the aftermath of the tsunami, and those who live hand-to-mouth in the poorest corners of the world...if we come together in the name of peace we have the ability to move mountains...

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posted on Aug, 5 2005 @ 09:29 AM
Thanx for the insight.
I guess we'll just have to wait and see how this plays out on the 14th. I suspect it will come and go without much fanfare- who knows.


posted on Aug, 5 2005 @ 01:31 PM
Vendyl Jones will not uncover the ark on the 14th according too this:

If you read the front page on:

you will notice this piece of text:

Regarding Arutz Sheva article Kabbalist Blesses Jones: Now´s the Time to Find Holy Lost Ark, published May 20, '05 / 11 Iyar 5765

Armed with this and other blessings, Jones is now excited to uncover his life's pursuit. He believes the ark will be discovered by Tisha B'Av (Aug. 14), a day of repeated tragedy in Jewish history. Most notably, it is the anniversary of the destruction of both the First and Second Holy Temples.

Since returning from Israel, Vendyl has answered many letters and phone calls, asking about this date. He has also addressed this in his various classes via PalTalk. We were not initially aware how widespread this statement has become, quoted in many newspapers throughout the Jewish world. Of course it has caused a lot of excitement. However, Vendyl was slightly, but significantly, misquoted. What he actually said was that it would be very appropriate IF he could discover the Ark by Tisha B’Av. At this time it is obviously not going to happen. However, as soon as the funding permits, he will be in Israel to drill the bore hole and proceed with the dig to uncover the Tabernacle and the Ark. We are hoping that this will be in September.

This would remove many of the arguments for a ww3 at this time, in this thread. Might allready have been posted and I missed it. If that is the case I'm sorry.

posted on Aug, 5 2005 @ 03:17 PM

Wouldn't something like that be HUGE!!?? I mean they found a new fish species sometime last week and THAT was sprinkled throughout the news wires... this is the ARK we are talking about. Isn't the recovery of the ARK part of your 2-3 week timeline? Am I way off by thinking that if this has been found the world would be "interupted" for this historical find?

First off, "Hello Sir, nice to meet you." and in answer to your question... "YES! FRELL YES! I THINK THIS IS SUPER HUGE TOO AND COMPLETELY BEING UNDER REPORTED!" ... and I'll stress this again, its not that I believe that the Ark has any "power" except ONE or MAYBE TWO ... and those being...

1) to completely and fully throw the enormous pile of crap that is that situation over there at a giant fan which will proceed to spray it all over the rest of the planet


2) to start the process by which anyone living in a country with oil under it, will eventually disappear from that land, through a war which we will all undoubtedly get caught up in or suffer through

Yes, the discovery of the Ark is a huge deal that the mainstream media should be covering right now to SOME degree, but I think you might have noticed that it seems to be under the control of people who don't want anything significant reported at all... why? I dunno... uh... because it'll ruin the surprise? I have NO IDEA why its not being reported... well... then again... in all seriousness... actually, yeah because I think if it was reported in a way right now that it should be reported in.. then the situation over there would already be falling apart, and...

"we" can't have that happen "just yet" .. gotta make sure everything is in place first and "we're" doing that by running the Indiana Jones marathons on the BBC and HBO and planting bombs on buses and making threats against the US and UK citizens to get them ready for the 'big one' which is all part of the plan...

Get me?

You'd think the entire state of Israel right now would be buzzing with this news.. BUT IT ISN'T well .. it could be, but I'd think we would have heard MORE about it then anyways...which makes me even MORE suspicious that this is all part of "some type of plan" .... that IS actually part of the reason why this has me so worried.... because its all just being very suspiciously handled. Why "wait" for the 14th (yeah I know because the day itself holds some special meaning for those who believe in the Ancient Texts)? Hell, if its there... pull it up NOW for crying out loud! Let us SEE IT!


Yes, as Serum said .. thank you sir for your input.. this is a very good point. Specially since recently there have been reports of another "big one" on the way. And hell, for all we know all they would be doing would be detonating a small nuke far below the surface of the Mount to cause an "earthquake" (certainly would) .. then they could say "Well it was a sign from G-d, don't you understand that??! Can't you SEE that for yourself?!"

And I don't put anything past these people... they want this.. they will get it one way or another very soon, and take us all down in the process. We have been warned. We did not pay attention (some of us obviously did, and tried to warn others) ... and we deserve everything we got coming for this... there was a better way to handle this entire situation (for the last 60 years) .. we didn't want to look at any alternatives.. now this is what we have.. a total mess and its got to come to a head sooner or later.. its just a question now of how much longer, and by the way people are acting... by the way people in general are feeling.. by the way that the propaganda is building... there is no way that with all this tension things are NOT going to snap in much the way WE CAN ALL FRELLING SEE it snapping.

Like I said.. you don't have to be psychic to see that this is all being engineered to explode. Its a "bad scene".

If Israel/Palestine was a house party that I had just showed up to.. I'd be gathering my buddies and getting the hell out of there as the revolvers and red bandanas came out.

CORRECTIONS IN NEXT POST.... with apologies too .... trying to keep these short and sweet now.


posted on Aug, 5 2005 @ 04:21 PM
So this was all hype???

Cardic and MischeviousElf

Wow! Thank you for that find. And you could be completely correct. ACTUALLY, I mean you ARE RIGHT. And there are the answers I should have had (but that is why I started this thread in the first place)... NOW...

... I guess we can ... assume that like many of these predictions of "finding the sacred relic at a certain time and place" that it isn't going to happen?

And now.. its safer perhaps to assume that it will NOT be found? That the story was over told, and over promoted in the FIRST PLACE, and that is why we are not seeing the media coverage as we should be... however...

... its still all too perfect for it NOT to happen. Even though, its now being said ...

"Oh, oh.. sorry, I mean.. we don't actually KNOW that its there.. we just think it might be."

... there is still this little part of me that is saying "Yeah right.. you guys KNOW what you have down there, and its ready to come up, YOU ARE ready to bring this up now ... the 'time is right' to bring it up and scare the crap out of everyone and totally bring the situation there to ultimate ruin for all believers and nonbelievers in the end anyways."

Even though.. now, at this point.. logically.. I should step back and apologize that I did not know that even he was not saying "I have found it.. I 'KNOW' where it is." ... at the same time, I'm... confused now.

.. I really don't know what to say .. lol .. I feel like .. "yeah, that does kinda screw the pooch on my arguments for the timetable, doesn't it?"

... at the same time... it almost doesn't matter to me, because I still in a way feel like its just a big show, and that... there is a plan in the works here.

What was with all the reports that he was going to bring it up live on TV though? I swear...

... well see.... its articles like this....

... that make me feel like this IS NOT going to be a washout. They know its there... and this is all just a big game to them... always has been. This is not going down like Al Capone's vault.. its the opposite.. this is going down because they have to find it NOW.

I think maybe what has happened is that they don't want a lot of hype about this before hand.. which is why the MSM isn't covering it right now, they don't need the situation to get ugly JUST YET.. and so they are all staying low key enough to keep things from getting out of control UNTIL the pull out is suppose to begin.. and we all know how well that is going to go down.

So even though.. now.. these recent posters here, have got me rethinking this who situation (thank you... anything is appreciated no matter which way it swings the forecast.. I have nothing to lose or gain on this.. I'm not writing a book here.. lol.. though I almost have.. lol) ... I still feel like there is this .. "plan" and their "plan" is all coming together, and we can see the little signs of it happening all over the place...

Look at this... did you guys see this, this morning..

... so at the same time that you got me rethinking this.. "Okay, maybe I have possibly over reacted at the news of the uncovering of the Ark."

I do not hesitate to admit when I've been a fool or been fooled.. which, yes.. I know its rare around here.. and rarer still in even offline life.. I know that people are fooled all the time, and I'm not the first person ever to be taken in by an incorrectly covered or over hyped news story.. and man enough to admit when it happens... like was asked of me what would happen if these events did not come to pass... "Well, I'd go on living.. what do you want me to do?" ...current event message boards EXIST for the purpose of discussion and speculation... and someone telling me that I'm totally off base and making me see why is just as welcome as someone telling me how on the money I am... I don't care either way... all I want is the details and the truth.. I just want to KNOW whats going on.

That being said... that article above from ATSNN actually makes me feel like saying, "See, I was right in the first place.. they WILL 'find' the ark, and I told you everything was going to plan."

Even Bush going on vacation right now.. heh.. haven't we seen this all before? Don't they seem to just repeat the same ... events over and over again ... the G8, the bombings.. the 'threats'.. followed by a leader whos not going to be leading for a couple weeks... so they can arrange... whatever is about to kick things off? Didn't this all go down the same way before 9-11 or something?

Get what I'm saying? Doesn't this all feel familiar to all of you?

Let me tell you something.. there are more signs then just this stupid Ark thing.. (and yeah, I thought I stressed that I felt it was all 'stupid and crap', but crap that is about to explode) ..I read a lot of message boards for those that do that urban survivalist stuff.. know who I'm talking about? And all of them are absolutely scarred stiff right now... they all feel like we're all screwed and that its time to "get ready". I have never seen so many posts that read like "I believe we are already out of time, its here." just by individuals who have always been 'tuned in' .. I read their stuff because I feel like since they are SO tuned in to stuff because they are.. like .. like little rabbits in the field ... they got their ears tuned to the slightest "get the hell out" signal ... and they are getting that signal right now for some reason. They have always been used by myself as a first warning system, and ... I'm seeing what I always figured I would see them do when the time finally came ... they are all feeling it.

Its just... so many who are 'tuned in' feel like 'it is coming' and even those who are not 'tuned in' like the one in six americans who can't find their country on a map but think WW3 is about to start anyways... WELL THAT... is what has got me thinking that everything is about to come to a conclusion very shortly. And the Ark, and the pull out I feel are part of the trigger, so are these war games and these warnings of the 'next big attack' that is coming any day now.

You have to look at the gamut of the situation, and ... these other people who do this... or at least... try to look at the big picture.. and even actually people like myself who watch those who are trying to see the big picture and ask them what they are seeing.. seems like they are seeing...

..everyone is seeing the pile of crap and the fan.. being put in to place.

Sorry I've over used that metaphore in this thread.

So again, thank you for the new info.. but.. you know.. I got a bad feeling about this anyways.. and just because they might have been caught a little off guard about how much attention their 'discovery' has gotten and they didn't want it to go down like that.. they want us (in the end) to think that its just as much of a surprise to them as it is to all of us.. but in reality, all very 'cleverly' organized. I still think .. yup .. I still think that something huge is about to happen .. and its going to start over there .. too many signs .. too much propaganda. And, because the 'event' is going to be so significant, and we are seeing so many little 'leaks' of the events and the plans themselves.. that is what is setting everyone off (including myself), its not that we could EVEN COMPREHEND the big picture if we could see it, but we can see enough of it.. that.. there is something to be concerned about here.. god, hopefully not.. but..

"God's got nothing to do with this." - BSG

... And THAT at the least is true.


PS: Have I chimed in enough for you now? I'm so sorry that I can't be posting regularly right now so that I can address things in shorter posts, but I'm very tied up with crap right now.. and it takes me awhile to properly go over everyones post and reply on top of that.. just been a busy week, bad time to start a good thread... and I apologize for it. And yeah, I know, I'm usually a little long winded .. my friends think so too.. I'm working on it.. bare with me. I just don't like to leave bases uncovered so that someone can pick things apart and then I have to post corrections and additions and links later in the thread ... rather just get it all rock solid on the first attempt.

posted on Aug, 5 2005 @ 05:35 PM
Interesting about the ark timing thing.....I wonder what the reasoning is for the delay? I thought it was not true, but I'm dying to know what reason he's giving for it. Time to dig I guess...

posted on Aug, 5 2005 @ 05:38 PM
phew. that eases my mind a bit about my dad coming home. thanks guys!

posted on Aug, 5 2005 @ 06:05 PM

as posted by Vis Mega
Yes, the discovery of the Ark is a huge deal that the mainstream media should be covering right now to SOME degree, but I think you might have noticed that it seems to be under the control of people who don't want anything significant reported at all... why?

Vis Mega, you are aware that there is no need at all for the media to be covering the story on the Ark of the Covenent. Umm, why? Because it will not be found, as predicted by Mr. Jones, and that is coming from the horse's mouth. As such, I see your above quoted mention bearing no validity whatsoever. Your simply making something out of nothing.


posted on Aug, 6 2005 @ 04:58 PM

Today marks the first day of Av, the Judaic ceremony of Lamentation,..and the 14th of Aug is the 9th and 'climactic' day in the cermonies when Dr. Vendl Jones is alleged to be making his Ark 'discovery'..we need to keep all-eyes posted and alert to anything that may be out of the ordinary..

regarding my seimological/structural slant on the subjuct, I'll keep reading and keep you posted if I find anything worth noting....peace to you all

posted on Aug, 6 2005 @ 05:12 PM
I just have to add a 'footnote' to my last post..has anyone considered the idea that they may pull a 'fake' Ark out of the ground come the 14th??

Afterall, even if WERE the real-deal, it would only be available for scrutiny to the highest echelons of Rabbinical scholars who wish this to happen in any we could have a 'Capricorn One' scenario on our hands....manufactured consent to serve a greater nationalistic purpose anyone??

This is something that has not yet been discussed here fully enough and I for one would welcome any input...

posted on Aug, 6 2005 @ 07:19 PM

Suggest you read my and the authors last post...

or try this:
Vendyl Jones Website

Its not happening.... well at least till he gets funding, but hey im sure the Kabbalsists and the Jewish Authorites, Main Mystical Rabbis could sponsor the dig in their 'expenses' allowance, without personal input.... come on really if you really believe that both leading members of the Jewish Government and Church... who are all LOADED....wouldnt put up some money for this by now....$500,000 dollars (Vendyls last excavation cost only $300,000 odd) is chickenfeed for these guys for something of such political and national and religeous importance.... If so called leading mystical Kabbalists and leaders of the Jewish government had been in negetiations etc about this, and believed it was there , it would have been dug up already. Maybe you all watched Raiders of the Lost Ark at an early age and its seared onto your subconscious.

No disrespect as said before...interesting post good topic but looking in/or for some thing/ that aint the thing to be worried about, and also isnt there.


PS if it was stored there, when it originally went missing (lack of historical records or vague uncertain ones both religeous and other sources) under the protection of Mallach, well if that is the case...and this is uncertain...there IS stronger evidence for it moving towards and being stored in Etheopia, Then IT WOULD HAVE BEEN found by the Knights Templar long ago.... truly this is the case... not raining on anyones party but just current historical fact. Of course this could be wrong but its a logical explanation of the theory of the Ark in Jerusalem taking into account factual and reliable historical and current information.

Edit for PS

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posted on Aug, 6 2005 @ 10:12 PM
wonder if Ebay and others are contacting if it's up for auction

what if they find it's turned t'a dust....and looks like old dried up toast.

Y'r Canadian friend,

posted on Aug, 6 2005 @ 11:31 PM
I googled " hiding the Ark " and found several links that support the possibility that Dr. Jones
may indeed be onto something.

"According to ancient writings dating back to the First Temple period, King Solomon built a secret subterranean tunnel under a small wooden room in the Temple where the wood for the sacrificial fire was stored. The priests were instructed to hide the Ark of the Covenant there should Jerusalem come under siege. That may be why the Ark of the Covenant was not in the Temple when Nebuchadnezzar conquered Jerusalem.

According to a theory circulating among scholars and archaeologists, the Ark of the Covenant and the sacred vessels of the Tabernacle may be hidden in a secret tunnel between the Temple Mount and Qumran, where the Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered. Military aircraft with state-of-the-art sensors flew over this 12 square mile area and examined it with radiographic equipment. The examination revealed an anomaly — something is there that is not indigenous to the topography. Could it be the Ark and sacred vessels?"
much more about this here...

posted on Aug, 7 2005 @ 06:23 AM
First.. new developments in the holy land..

So have you guys been keeping tabs on the events surrounding the Mount and Israel in general over the last few days? The closer we get to the Gaza pullout the more crazy everything starts to become it seems.. and it seems like there is nothing that is going to stop it.. in fact, I believe (and so do others.. you'll see if you read) we are looking at the possible begining of the 3rd "intifada". So far, so bad.. but I'm on track.. the stage is definately being set.. please feel free to browse my selection of links to violence that all seemed to be timed perfectly (like everything that goes down over there) to cause a huge flare up over there, which will then ignite WW3 or WW4 depending on your opinion of recent history (god forbid, and I REALLY hope not because I just met a really cute girl).

So here we go.. this is a REAL GEM... you are going to love this one...

.. and look who gave it to us. From Bush's propaganda OUT box to WND's front page. Remember what other little gems WND has given us in the recent past?

Do you all understand what a huge mistake is being 'created' over there.

At this point..


Do you NOT see how this is all being set up to get ugly... hell, the article even states it ...

"Hamas has called on Arabs to flood the holy site next weekend to protect it from "Israeli protesters," while a Jewish group is urging Jews to ascend the Mount en mass the same day."

You want to know what the trigger for the LAST wave of violence in Israel was supposedly over (not the daily humiliation and constant threat of death, and living in what amounts to a concentration camp) ... do you know about what triggered the 2nd intifada? This article lies really.. unfortunetly, but that isn't the point.. we already knew there would be propaganda in the article when we saw the URL for it... the main information stands.. "There will be a protest by both sides at the location in question." but some of this info is just bad...

"The Temple Mount was opened to the general public until September 2000, when the Palestinians started their intifada by throwing stones at Jewish worshipers after then-candidate for prime minister Ariel Sharon visited the area."

Nope.. there is a little bit more to the story here.. more like..

Okay? THAT.. is how we got HERE. And what we are seeing this week is round two being set up for us to watch it all go down live on CNN...

... do NOT try to tell me that this isn't a set up.

And I thought that the date in general was pretty funny too. So on the day that Jones is going to be up there poking away at the dirt and happily playing his role as the pawn who for all his loyalty all these years gets to be the guy who finally finds it... and it will be found in front of all these people who are up there protesting anyways.. reminds me of how there is always an 'exercise' going on when the big attack happen (for some reason).

At this point, I'm almost pretty much refusing to believe this isn't all being perfectly scripted at this point... look...

(here is why I feel this way)

Did I not say... in the first post that started this thread that people would start saying things JUST LIKE THIS...

" "The Muslims must understand that their rule over our holy place has come to an end and that the Jewish people will exercise our religious rights on the Temple Mount. We expect thousands of Jews to take part." "

You know... never even mind that article at this point... even though, it pretty much seals the WHOLE DEAL for me that this powder keg is blowing on the 15th... lets look at some other 'happenings' on the Mount in the last few WEEKS...

Jewish Extremists

Like this guy.. who apparently was "just a matter of time".. (read that)

.. just a matter of time.. just like every other terror attack they KNEW was going to happen.. just a question of when it would happen. Nice timing though, really... I think that if you did a search for the term "Jewish Extremist" in Google News.. you wouldn't get a hit barely over the last few years.. but over the last few months.. that term has been getting used just enough so that when the Dome goes down, everyone can act... unsurprised.. 'It was just a matter of time, not a question of IF but WHEN!" .. just like they were saying about a major terror attack taking place in the US just a little bit before 9-11.

Here are some quotes from similar article..

"Israel got its first taste of widespread civil disobedience ahead of the Gaza withdrawal this week as the new head of the Shin Bet intelligence warned further violence could lie ahead. There was major disruption around the country on Monday as thousands of anti- disengagement activists burned tyres on major highways and blocked some 100 intersections, with many lying down in the road in mass protest. Diskin added that his security service was also concerned about plots by Jewish extremists to strike the Temple Mount. Nine people have been arrested in recent months on suspicion of planning attacks, although all have been released."

I'm sure all nine were told to stay the hell away from each other as part of their "bail" ...

... this thing is going down. The more I try to stay on the fence and just be patient and TRY believe that "nothing is going to happen.. its all good.. its just going to drag on like this for another 1000 years" .. the more I try to take the good advice of a few in here and 'not worry about it', well you know.. the more the reports keep coming in that 'something is about to happen' and so the more I get annoyed by the fact that I'm trying to not react to something I think not only I but everyone should be involved in to some degree... in trying to stop it... like as if we could...

Here is another quote...

"The security authorities are expected to reexamine themselves as - in hind sight - there were enough warning signals in the hands of the civilian police, his commanders in the army, the Military Police and probably the Shabak, but no one put it all together. Dar suggested closer scrutiny of who is drafted and who gets arms. The Shabak could be tougher in investigating suspected Jewish terrorists. Haaretz doubted such attacks would derail Sharon who is determined to implement the disengagement plan. However, it warned, "The murder in Shfaram could lead to more massacres."

Like the one that is obviously beign set up to happen on the Mount on the 14th, which is ALREADY being called a "showdown"? The same day that Jones is suppose to be looking for his Ark and finding it, which would.. unite the Jewish people either for or against the disengagment plan (hard to say which way they would unite, but they would unite... Jones is against disengagment himself... can you see him, live TV.. pulling the Ark out of the ground and standing beside it ON the Temple Mount on live TV saying..

"You see?! ALL OF THIS LAND, belongs to US... there is no need to leave Gaza because it belongs to US because it is a part of Israel, and so is Jerusalem a part of Israel... so we don't need to make any agreements and the only Roadmap we've ever needed is the Torah, which has had our entire history printed within it since the begining of time, and its says that NEXT we build the Temple right here on this very spot, the spot that our Ancient Texts tell us is the first spot of rock that became the Earth itself."

Hey, I KNOW... I KNOW that its a stretch that the Ark is going to get pulled out from where this guy says it is... hell, reread my first post... in there I say "This can't be real life... its just 'too much' to believe."

But... you now have two groups that are in perfect position in the perfect location to slaughter each other on the same day that evidence of the Ark existing at that location and its all too perfect for it NOT to happen.

Its all scripted... this is all a plan... and its is in the works... look, I'm not the only one who thinks so...

Can you say "conflicting interests" ...

"First we take back Gaza, then we take Jerusalem."

But oh no no! No, look...

See? This problem is NEVER going to EVER end unless.. unless something is brought to light that can make everything finally come to a head.

Actually here...

... read ALL of that... then tell me that THIS, what we are seeing RIGHT NOW... will finally be the end of this long chapter.

Read what the "Jewish Extremist" sites (reminds me of those A.Q. "sites" that are all being 'taken down' recently) are saying to each other.... remember that all of these people have military training and guns.

ON TOP of that... look at this...

That is the sort of antiIsraeli Government propaganda.. that is being brewed up to ignite the situation to very hot degree.


ROBERTSON: Ladies and gentlemen, as I am here in Jerusalem, I am simply appalled at the desecration of holy sites that are holy to Jews and Christians. What is happening here, as I said before, is a cultural Intifada, an attempt to erase all knowledge that the Jews were in the holy land, and to try to make believe that they had no right to be here at all. There is a desecration of the tomb of Joseph, and the tombs of Abraham and Sarah, etc. The whole situation is terribly fragile. It is impossible to get into Bethlehem without the right kind of tour with Muslim plates. Jericho is completely closed off. It is a mess from the way it used to be.

BUT IF THEY PULL UP AN ARK RIGHT NOW! Not "THE" Ark.. and yes, I had speculated in the first post (or maybe the second) that yes, it TOTALLY could be and might be a total fake... there is a fake that is touring museums and schools, probablly being judged for accuracy by historians and TPTB are taking notes so they get the 'real one' right... its like the prototype of the model they are going to pull out of the ground.

If they could 'find' it right there under the Mount... all of the old conflict over the Mount would instantly stop and a new one would begin and it will start and end in bloodshead. The WORLD would stop... because the Ancient Texts are all true, and the Jews will be able to argue that ALL of the land belongs to them.. they could argue that all of their history is completely accurate, and that they are truely gods chosen people.. and all of that 'crap' that is going to get us all killed.

Sad, but looking truer and truer every day.

Oh and btw... the MSM is covering the events on the Mount. But like I sorta said... they didn't want the story covered NOW because it will ruin the 'surprise' later... so the Ark is literally staying buried for a bit longer, but it will enter the MSM the SECOND its 'discovered' which should happen just shortly before or after the major violence flares up in the immediate area.

And although, I KNOW this all hinged and revolved around the Ark in the first place...however now I don't really think its a major factor in determining if violence is about to flare up on the Mount. I know I joked about the possibility of 'violence in Israel' (gee, who would possibly think such a thing could happen) .. but that is a lot different from a "showdown" on the Mount, just after a "massacre" by "Jewish Extremists" and its all running FULL STEAM AHEAD.... no one is going to stop this before its completely out of hand. And although yeah, my theory rested on finding the Ark... you know, even if they don't find it... that situation is about to spin out of control anyways.

That is the idea... can't make the situation better... then just make it worse. And just make money off of that instead. Its a sick sick world we have made for ourselves.. our time is coming.. and we deserve everything we are about to get.

And just think about Iraq.. how in the hell are they going to 'fix' that situation? They arn't... this is the 'lead up' to figuring out how to 'get out' or Iraq.. it won't look like a retreat or a loss when the battlelines simply change and begin to include the entire surrounding area. No more Iraq or Iran or Syria... it'll just be "radioactive war land".


PS: And with that... I must actually let my eyes close and stay closed for a few hours.. I've literally fallen asleep here 4 times writing this, damn... again, sorry about the length and short parts of this might not even make sense... I'm really tied up with real life and just CAN'T get in here regularly to address everything or everyone.. and didn't intend to write another book, but when things are happening the way they are and .. even worse then I had forecast things to be - I don't care if Jones says he doesn't KNOW if he is going to find it or not - I'm QUITE CERTAIN that they ARE going to find it because 'the time is right' .. obviously.. can't you tell that the time is right?

posted on Aug, 8 2005 @ 06:31 PM
def. hear y'r crazy book
You the man !

and thanx so much for your views....would have it no other way.

And make sure you get enough sleep, we need y'r strenght out here in the net zone
Just ensure you rest freind.

Y'r Canadian friend,

posted on Aug, 8 2005 @ 07:22 PM
Read some History start at the crusades with History in this case, and the Bible several times.

Understand both the current political situation and also the truth behind the prophecies who wrote them, why, and which books were left out (read these more closely!(and further understand why and who kept those scripts from both the bible and new testament).

Now you may be able to answer my question and facts....

1. who is any Ark going to be uncovered when Vendyl is in America, and if it was soo important why hasnt he been paid by those who want this cofirmation of their peoples historical rights?Instead of him back in the USA begging for money?

2.Even if he was paid and was there. Why hasnt the extensive excavations and tunnelling carried at at the scene for over 1000 years found nothing yet? And again I reiterate.... THE KNIGHTS TEMPLAR WOULD HAVE FOUND IT
during and after the crusades.

3. Even if 2 above is not correct (.i.e for centuries the Knights Templar (who where the richest and most powerfull organisation in the world for centuries, and in addition brought back the first ability of european Stone Masonery (MASONERY !! ring a bell? they were into the NWO and this stuff whilst the Kabbalists where still in excile in the desert, a MILLENIUM AGO) to build Arches into buildings. You can see this anywhere in Europe, look at an old Church, Arches, Buttresses, etc never existed till they returned, spawned a european rennasience (not the 'talked about one' one in Architecture)... So if these guys who primary mission was the ARK and Grail didnt find it after a couple of hundred years of digging, with initiated secrets, a closer excavation in time to its deposit below the Rock, and therefore better sources, the wealth and power of the USA in todays terms... didnt find it...DO YOU REALLY BELIEVE 1. ITS THERE? 2. VENDYL COULD FIND IT AFTER HE RAISES FUNDING AND HIM AND HIS BRAINWASHED 'VOLUNTEERS' HELP HIM DIG A FEW FEET DOWN?

4. Again read some history..... How come the Muslims didnt find it when they dug tunnels under the area, before during and after their shrine their?

5.IF IT WAS INDEED (read the bible and also local history to the middle east) placed there, considering the factual evidence above, do you really believe that it would still be?

6.Read some Modern alternative History/Archeology BUT not by people like respected people in their field. Im not going to bother to go up the attic for the books, do a google or amazon..... There is very strong evidence that the Ark is more likely either in a Valley in France (maybe the grail --- oh look a Knights Templar site theres a surprise!) or more likely in Azum Etheopia. In fact besides the local customs, factual archeological clues and hints, a closed and secret church holding it (stated openly and this sites founding, ties in nearly perfectly with the biblical and historical records of the last confirmed sighting of the ark.) Besides all that the last known Keeper of the Ark IN THE BIBLE Malach did make a journey down to Etheopia and had strong strong family and political ties to the region, a period of his life is unnacounted just after the ark is last seen and there is evidense of him and his army etc heading into etheopia. THIS IS EIDENCE THAT IS HISTORICALY LATER THAN ANY JERUSALEM LINK WITH THE ARK. Oh and guess what, just around the area wher the church holding it is, was a massive KNIGHTS TEMPLAR settlement, they went looking for it there just after they started couple of hundred years digging below Jerusalem.

Like said no disrespect just the truth...... this aint knew....also if you read history you will see that since the day the Crusaders got to Jerusalem (Lead by the.. youve guessed it KNIGHTS TEMPLAR), the city and region has been in turmoil, the search or violence of Church and islam Theatrics of the place have been the same ever since.... you know befor israel was made a nation state after WW2... before then..since the day the Crusaders made the streets of the Holy City run with blood (historical fact...they also put children on pikes along the streets, muslim, gnostic and local christian, Jew, etc etc...) its been the same since then...unfortunately.

Yep I believe that things are not good in the world at the moment, yep I believe we might be closer to WW3 than any time since the Cuba Missile Crisis.... but its got nothing to do with the Ark or any special moment....if it happens its more likely over Iran or a plane being shot down by accident...1 week later at war....2 weeks later major war...3 weeks later first Tactical nuke used....3 weeks and 3 hours later WW3... so yep maybe 3 weeks....but nothing to do with the ark...or any mystical act or intervention.....

Its simple...the cause will not be god or any strange rituals uncoverings, look at what has brought us to here now? just human beings making mistakes and some being selfishly bad....just like the first crusades, but yep now we have nukes and live in a global village on the brink of Economic, Ecolgical and general political yep there could be WW3 However IMHO these are the reasons.



posted on Aug, 11 2005 @ 09:56 PM
Ok let me get this straight here... The ark of the covenant has been found? How is this and why hasnt it been reported anywhere... Ill believe it when i see it.

posted on Aug, 11 2005 @ 10:30 PM
Vendyl Jones Research Institute Website

Since returning from Israel, Vendyl has answered many letters and phone calls, asking about this date. He has also addressed this in his various classes via PalTalk. We were not initially aware how widespread this statement has become, quoted in many newspapers throughout the Jewish world. Of course it has caused a lot of excitement. However, Vendyl was slightly, but significantly, misquoted. What he actually said was that it would be very appropriate IF he could discover the Ark by Tisha B’Av. At this time it is obviously not going to happen. However, as soon as the funding permits, he will be in Israel to drill the bore hole and proceed with the dig to uncover the Tabernacle and the Ark. We are hoping that this will be in September.

Not gonna happen on the 14th people, MAYBE in September.

posted on Aug, 12 2005 @ 03:50 AM
Did you even bother to read any posts on this thread? Or did you just decide to add your .02 for the hell of it? Thanks for stating the obvious!

Will a Moderator please delete this guys posts? geeeesh

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posted on Aug, 12 2005 @ 05:08 AM

Originally posted by rancid1
Will a Moderator please delete this guys posts? geeeesh

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With all due respect, rancid...he's got as much right to answer a post here as you or I.

Just because you don't like what he said doesn't mean the post should be removed.

Heck, I read the entire thread and I'm still sitting here asking myself why there's so much fuss about the entire topic to begin with.

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