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2 to 3 weeks till WW3... the time table...

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posted on Aug, 2 2005 @ 12:51 PM
If anything what this 'war' is doing is making people aware of god, thier mortality, and make the global community closer, it's going to reveal many truths to a masses, and let us know who not to trust.

The war wow... This article is fascinating. It's about Jewish and American security, the question of if oil is behind the iraq war, and on and on.
I can't stop reading it. It goes against everything our media is telling us, perhaps because the senior level is jewish owned?

Please read this.

Alledgedly this War was drawn out decades ago by Israel... Why? See here:

Plan For Iraq Invasion Drawn
Up Decades Ago
Israel's Policy Aimed At The Fragmentation
Of Iraq Has Long Historical Roots
By Harun Yahua

The plan for the Iraq war, which has erupted in the face of opposition from the entire world, was drawn up at least decades ago, by Israeli strategists

In its attempt to realize its strategy of destabilizing or dividing the Middle Eastern Arab states, Israel has Egypt, Syria, Iran and Saudi Arabia on its list of subsequent targets.

As these lines are being written, the United States of America has begun striking at Iraq. Despite the fact that most countries of the world, and even the majority of the USA's allies, opposed it, the US administration was determined for the strike to go ahead. When we look behind the scenes of this insistence, it seems that Israel and its powerful lobby in the US, have the greatest share in the make-up.

In fact, Israel's policy aimed at the fragmentation of Iraq has lengthy historical roots.

Israel had wanted to wage war with the United States against Saddam long before the Gulf crisis. So much so in fact, that Israel began to implement the plan immediately after the Iran-Iraq war. Ostrovsky reports that Mossad's Psychological Warfare department (LAP - LohAma Psychologist) set about an effective pro-war campaign using misinformation techniques.

Israel Forces the USA to WarSee here

There is more, it get jucier as you go on...

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posted on Aug, 2 2005 @ 02:40 PM
Why do we need to know the dates and times of this impending global conflict? do we really need to make sure that we can fit 'global warfare' in between lunch and our afternoon hair appointment? maybe that's the reason we NEED this would distract us from having to fill in useless multiple benefit claim forms in renewals..writing thankyou notes to Nan for the three-armed jumper (that we'll grow into ...after a dose of 40,000 Rads)

Let's face it people...war can be fun too! You get to play with guns and stuff that we've all been playing X-Box 'virtual training' for.
You get to see new places and kill interesting people...
If it's all been set in motion by the NWO already, and let's get this out in the open...are we really powerless to stop this tragic event from unfolding unless we mass ourselves outside where they plan to launch these damn ICBM's from (and get shot on site if we physically try to prevent them from 'pushing the button')...OR..we could just say 'I'm not playing and i'm going to my bunker and hiding from what will be an inevitable slow death'

So what can we do short of hiding and hoping we will survive the impending holocaust? Come on!! lets have some bright ideas from you people on what we CAN do..Instead of whining and speculating on what we CANT...

posted on Aug, 2 2005 @ 03:48 PM

Originally posted by timski
Why do we need to know the dates and times of this impending global conflict? do we really need to make sure that we can fit 'global warfare' in between lunch and our afternoon hair appointment? maybe that's the reason we NEED this would distract us from having to fill in useless multiple benefit claim forms in renewals..writing thankyou notes to Nan for the three-armed jumper (that we'll grow into ...after a dose of 40,000 Rads)

Let's face it people...war can be fun too! You get to play with guns and stuff that we've all been playing X-Box 'virtual training' for.
You get to see new places and kill interesting people...


Great! I've really had a good laugh on that one. Loving it!

It is true though. We, the mostly law-abiding, hard working civilians (also known as drones) go about our daily, routined, boring business day in day out to finance the power play of the governments that so it seems work secretly towards a global nuclear war. Okay, the NWO, if it exists cannot be really called government (at least not yet), but let's face it? We're nothing more than bad written software that's running around an unstable CPUs back side.

I don't necessarrily believe that World War III is going to start within the next so many days (not impossible, but I'm not sure if I'd go that far), however, I believe WW3 is inevitable. And I agree to previous posters, I believe it's also needed. Maybe not to find our faith again, because quite frankly faith in whatever religion has been and is cause for too many conflicts, however, maybe to find peace and understanding for each other.

With a bit of luck the entire industrial and commercial system will collapse and we can get rid of the second highest evil in the world with it: Money.

What did Martin Luther King say? "I have a dream...."

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posted on Aug, 2 2005 @ 05:05 PM
a massive olive branch... an action to show the world that the "peoples" of this country (and others when they follow)
that we are serious about claiming peace!

lets take our extremists (i.e. any religion that thinks it is the only one, and others are needing conversion or death) and all the corrupt politicians that are making money off the war...
gather em up... in a nice little group...

and dump them all into the boston harbor with cement shoes...
(our 21st century version of the boston tea party)

then, of course, the other countries would do the same, and the world would be a great place...

no extremists anywhere... and no corrupt government anywhere...

brutal? unconsciable? cold blooded? bah... much less so that what is happening now, and a much better solution that the present method...

So peoples of america... are we ready to turn in all the extremists (christian, jew, and muslim) and totally condemn them for the attitude that causes these wars...
are ready to hold our government to the standards that were meant by our forefathers? (not making personal money from political decisions that cause suffering)

Of course, I am kidding... but substitute Jail for the boston harbor, and lets get the petition started...

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posted on Aug, 2 2005 @ 05:47 PM
let's show the world how to put the FUN back into FUNdamentalism...these bombs were paid for with your money...let's go claim our money's worth!!

posted on Aug, 2 2005 @ 06:55 PM
*Cough* ahem *Cough* Mr Lazarus

Some of us Brits are still sore about that whole silly tea business.

We're jolly well proud of our tea, we are. So there. Nya nya nya.

(if the world doesn't end this month, can we throw jello at the various prophets who've predicted that it will?)

posted on Aug, 2 2005 @ 07:17 PM
Laz...Where do I sign? I'm one who honestly does believe they should be in jail or IMPEACHED, and I write letters and sign many petitions.

posted on Aug, 2 2005 @ 07:54 PM

Originally posted by LazarusTheLong

a massive olive branch... an action to show the world that the "peoples" of this country (and others when they follow)
that we are serious about claiming peace!

lets take our extremists (i.e. any religion that thinks it is the only one, and others are needing conversion or death) and all the corrupt politicians that are making money off the war...
gather em up... in a nice little group...

and dump them all into the boston harbor with cement shoes...
(our 21st century version of the boston tea party)

then, of course, the other countries would do the same, and the world would be a great place...

no extremists anywhere... and no corrupt government anywhere...

brutal? unconsciable? cold blooded? bah... much less so that what is happening now, and a much better solution that the present method...

So peoples of america... are we ready to turn in all the extremists (christian, jew, and muslim) and totally condemn them for the attitude that causes these wars...
are ready to hold our government to the standards that were meant by our forefathers? (not making personal money from political decisions that cause suffering)

Of course, I am kidding... but substitute Jail for the boston harbor, and lets get the petition started...

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thats great stuff, man. i got an excellent laugh out of that one and i must say that is the best idea ive heard in a LONG time.

p.s. tinkleflower, mix up a batch of jello, i'll be right over!

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posted on Aug, 2 2005 @ 08:18 PM
First I'd like to thank you all, everyone for joining in on this thread... its all I wanted, a little discussion on this situation... and you've all graciously granted me that. And I'd like to apologize for not showing up earlier TO ACTUALLY JOIN IN on the thread I started and desired to partake in because ... I've been busy with some personal crap that I actually did NOT see coming (irony) .. which btw.. long story short.. I won the court case (basically). Great lawyer. Dumb lawsuit.

Anyways this puts me in a bad spot because I want to address each of your posts, but I've already taken a lot of your time. So I've decided to make 3 posts (which is figure is fair for a thread this long had I actually been around to address this thread during its creation... I was way too busy (no I wasn't in jail.. just busy). First post is people who really deserve my respect because they gave me theirs .. no matter their opinion. IF, I did not include you in here and YOU DID contribute positively.. I so apologize in advance, because I KNOW I've left someone out, but I'm really beat on this subject just for the moment, and I'M NOT doing another reedit of this post... so I am sorry.. and I am really tired from my really long day.. and I really just want to get this completed so I can play some Metal Gear Solid 3 and slip away for awhile, because I am frelling beat (any ATSer who has never played the series but plays games to ANY degree.. is seriously making a HUGE error in personal entertainment selection.. I'll leave that plug there at that). The second post is some people I want to straighten out... this way... most of you can ignore it and not waste your time going over it.. just some things that I feel need to be said. Third post.. if I can actually pull it all off before falling asleep at the keyboard.. is an update.. maybe that will wait a day or two as some interesting things are developing even as I type this (you hear this rumor about the thing in Chicago and the Indictments??? WTF?!?!?)

And I'm sorry for any typos at this point (and formatting errors.. I'm really tired of editing this thing, and need to find a better way to do this.. NOT that I make a point of making posts this long.. or ever again for that matter, unless of course.. its warrented.. like I feel it was in this case) .. but you can forgive me as I've worked my fingers over on this whole thing.. even they are a little sore at this point.

Oh, and in order of posting (for the most part) .. because.. that's fair...

YoungN: Yes, I can understand how that might seem a bit confusing in a long read like that, so I will clarify for you and anyone else who might have not understood me.

When we look back in history will we say that WW3 started on 9-11? This is often said by many of the posters here and elsewhere on the net, but do we say that WW2 started when the Reichstag burned down? For different people of different nations, WW2 started at different times, and this is because WW2 wasn't the two big dogs on the block going at each other on one afternoon, it was many little alliances all attacking different locations at different times. To keep this short and simple, I'll say that... I feel the ides of August will be another one of those points where people in the future may disagree with each other over what the true flash point of WW3 really was. For us in the present, all I'm trying to say is that... this will probably take us to the 'next level' of this conflict that is obviously being planned by TPTB; will the real fighting start shortly after that... or do we have one year left before the real action starts up? Make no mistake about it... if there is a land grab in Jerusalem and any Muslim structure is jeopardized... the real action will begin not very long after that. So, yes.. I feel that we are in for it shortly.. but (because historically) the clouds of war may give us one year to prepare ourselves for the bread lines and the camps... and the daily collection of the bodies of those who did not live through the night for disposal. However, I do STRONGLY believe that AT THE MOST we ONLY have one year left. Clear now? Thanks for asking for clarification dude, typically on 'other' sites users would have just attacked me for being inconsistent or something silly like that. You're a smart youngster, YoungN (if I'm interpreting the nickname correctly).

I'm glad that I got you a little pumped.. just remember not to take this stuff too seriously please (I think I might want to see a "persons under 18 please refrain from reading this post" notice in the subject line of threads implemented somehow here.. but that's another topic completely.. I am totally AGAINST frightening children - duh) .. leave the stress to people like me who have nothing better to do. YOU... go live... play and enjoy everything you can... while you can, simply because this situation can not stay stalemated in that area forever.. and many of us know it... its just a question of WHEN it is going to happen, and this Ark scam is an excellent opportunity for it all to go down.

Sourgrapes: Your shuttle comments... amazing. Just what I was looking for. Thank you so much, and you have hit the nail right on the head on this one (funny, but I noticed

AFTER typing that, and after reading the replies to YOUR post, that I'm the second person to say that to you on the subject). Does anyone remember when the last launch took place? Right before the Iraq invasion and occupation. Remember who was on that flight? The Israeli fighter pilot who led the mission that destroyed Iraq's one nuclear reactor during Gulf War 1. And now we got a new problematic flight and this whole Iran thing going down. There has to be some connection going on here. Star
war program? Can't be, can it? Can't believe I didn't notice it, but.. that is why I started this thread in the first place. Have they changed the design somehow and THAT is causing the NEW problem perhaps? What I do not understand is why are they having these technical malfunctions after 100s of launches... why all the problems all of a sudden... with... foam. WTF? There must be some connection between these flights.. and the events in the war... but how do these 'glitches' fit in with propaganda or cover for the mission. It is a head scratcher for sure... and you are right... it certainly feels like there is something else going on with these missions. You got a good eye for this stuff, for sure. Atta go! I totally forgot to include the space shuttle program in my formula for this forecast.. thanks again. Now this is what ATS should be about.

Df1: A lot of people out there out there are afraid of those who believe strongly in these Ancient Texts (and the predictions for the future of all of us within them). I looked over that page you linked in your post, and I couldn't tell if Hal actually believes in the Ancient Texts himself or if he (like myself) is just scared to death that the A.T. believers are going to get us all killed. Of course that isn't important, what is important I believe is that I'm not the first person to say that those A.T. believers are going to get us all killed.. that it has been said before.. many people believe it and now here is the perfect opportunity for it all to go down. We have now been given so many warnings about what a precarious situation it is... so many have ignored them (Frosty for instance, who if you told him to do up his seatbelt so he doesn't go through the window of his car would tell you to stop predicting doom and gloom) and I think we are about to reap 1000s of years of hate and ignorance and apathy... all those things... which those Ancient Texts supposedly are against but seem to do nothing but produce more of it all. The question is (I believe) ... are TPTB going to let these groups keep bashing away at each other for another wonderful 1000 years or... perhaps its just time to get it all over with? In a way... we can only hope, right? In another way.. can't we all just get along already?

RebelSaint: You are a very enthusiastic poster sir, and I'm sorry I wasn't here to reply to you during the threads development, because I would have been able to agree with you in more detail (lol) but the long story short.. and I'll spare everyone the love fest - thanks for all your time spent here on this subject, I really do appreciate it. Nothing more to be said I don't think... because I... just... agree with you. Thanks man!

LazarusTheLong: Thank you sir, for pointing out that V. Jones denies that he was the model for the Harrison character. I could have sworn I read that he said (something like) "He didn't mind if his exploits were being used in a film as a character, but he wanted to ensure that no one actually KNEW that the adventure character was based on him... basically because he didn't want it to have any affect on his actual real life work." Hard to get things done on a real archeological dig if people keep expecting you to solve every problem with a bullwhip.

However.. want to see something really scarry? Read this... look at the reader comments at the bottom...

Seriously though, thanks for that. For the past 3 weeks here in the UK we've had the Indianna Jones trilogy showing and during discussions at work we were trying to remember the guys name who they were based on.

Remember what I said in the first post about TPTB getting us all ready for the big announcement about the Ark? So HBO will show the movies over and over and over again to drill it in to our heads what a big deal the whole thing is?

I'm surprised by that find just now... and in a way... not. And it doesn't really matter in the end now does it? In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if when the announcement (on the Ark) is made that he TOTALLY denies being the model for the character in CNN interviews because it just makes it seem like a big cartoon if he was the model for Indy... so in order to make the 'event' more creditable.. I wouldn't be surprised at all if even Spielberg says "Oh no.. its all just co-incidence.. blah blah blah... these things happen."

Sure they do. I think its interesting how there is this HUGE effort going on now to clarify that he is NOT the model for the character. I don't really believe it one way or another because the whole damn thing is just so unbelievable.

FLYIN HIGH: Cheers mate. And thank you for your VERY kind comments. I try hard when I've got a long winded explanation or thought in general to make it as painless as possible on my audience... the fact that it was well read and well commented on means to me that I did my job well this time and regardless if anyone agrees with me or not... I just wanted discussion on this subject, and I needed some info to fill in the blanks.. if there was any info or blanks to be filled (much like Sourgrapes and others have) and I got exactly what I wanted, I could not be happier this evening (I'm also working on getting my writing skills back together for school - so I really do appreciate your comments - really.. thanks). And sir, I do not drink (much or often) but you are welcome any time to long pull from my water pipe (so much more relaxing then booze.. you should really try it sometime if you haven't.. it just sits here beside my rig and for like an hour almost just fills the room and my lungs with whatever I've put in the bowl... trust me sir, I'm usually very relaxed.. just worried about a storm I see brewing and wondering if I should put the pipe and the PC in the cellar is all. I haven't taken any steps yet... so of course, I understand that its all conjecture ... its just that its the very loud kinda screaming conjecture that really has got my attention at the moment is all. One thing though, what the heck is a boat drink?

Kitsunegari: Yes, little dude.. I could not agree with you more. We should all be able to live free of fear.. and our world is in a sad state. What kills me the most, every single day I die just a little bit (well.. don't we all... heh) because we could be doing SO MUCH BETTER. We can DO BETTER then we are doing.. but we are not.. and why not? WHY ON EARTH.. on THIS EARTH dammit, are there people still starving on it? We can drop a bomb and kill people... millions of them, on any spot in the world.. down a chimney if we cared to.. but we can't get food to ENTIRE COUNTRIES that are starving? I almost feel like.. "we have failed and deserve everything that we have coming".. its OUR failure.. all of ours. We could have used our wealth to help raise up the poorest and most helpless of us all.. and make the world AT THE LEAST tolerable and FAIR. Its said .. "but life isn't fair"? Frell it should be a hell of a lot more fair then it is to some people in the world! Have hope little bro.. we need young guys like you who know this type of stuff NOW, so you can do something about it later when you are in a position to do so LATER. For now though.. I'll give you advice.. go run outside, enjoy the rest of the summer.. fall in love with a cute girl and have a real passionate little affair with her.. make her feel like a queen and she'll make you feel like a king.. and that is all that matters in life in the end (besides regularly trying to make the world a better place... in any way that you can). And FAILING THAT (there isn't always someone compatible around) ... just go out and have a good time with your buddies, because they are the only OTHER thing in the world that SHOULD really matter to you right now. Enjoy life... because there is good stuff in it... lots, trust me... and if people my age can't fix all the bad stuff by the time your time comes around then you have my full permission to kick our collective butts out of office and in to the street so you can do what we could not (or would not) do. But, and here is the last good point and advice I can give you.. if you don't go out and enjoy all that there is in life RIGHT NOW, when it is time for you to fix whatever is left to fix... you won't want to and you won't know how to either. What would be the point, right? Get me, bro? Take care of yourself.

magnito_student: Some good questions that you could have looked up yourself.. or even called a temple and asked a rabbi for us (which is actually what I might get around to doing tomorrow - we should all do this actually.. what an interesting result that would be). I do not claim to understand why these people think the way they do (any religious fanatics).. I do not understand why it is so important for them to drag us all in to a serious conflict over Ancient Texts that have been misinterpreted and reinterpreted, lost, forgotten, found.... finally buried for 3 months in peat moss before finally and conveniently coming to light just in time to raise the stakes in the game just a little higher and scare the crap out of all of us.

All I know is that the Ark is a really big ultra super happy meal for the entire state of Israel, every Jew and every Christian.. and so is the Temple being rebuilt. And the Ark needs to be inside the Temple where it will be safe (like as if anything in that area can be considered safe... unless they COMPLETELY wipe out everyone in the M.E. that temple will never stay up for very long).

You are wondering if the Ark will become like a celebrity or something.. perhaps sponsorship deals?

Official soft drink of the Holiest of Holies.. the Ark of the Covenant.

I don't get it either man, but I was mildly entertained by your comments. Thank you.

peacmkr: I have this feeling that the Ark that they are about to uncover is a complete (but extremely high tech and well done) fake. What I think would be really funny is if the REAL ark is in another place and people know its there.. and Jones pulls out His Ark, and then the protectors of the Real Ark pull out theirs and then we'll have Dueling Arks screwing up everyone's plans and wacky hilarious events happen constantly one after another with new and better artifacts being pulled out left right and center. Sounds like a new NBC sitcom actually.

GrOuNd_ZeRo: Thank you, just the type of stuff I was looking for... not sure I agree with your points, but I'm glad that you brought them up... glad that they are in the thread anyways. Thats the way it should be.

maidenwolf: I could kiss you.. YOU 'get it' .. its not about the Arks alleged capabilities (though I wouldn't be surprised to find out that it can do something - like make people with oil under their countries disappear) ... its about the POLITICS of the find itself. YES! You do, totally 'get it' .. but you already knew that, didn't you?

Why is it that this seems to be so hard for all these other people to grasp? I figured I explained it..... long enough..... didn't I? Did I NOT go in to enough detail and try to cover every single base so that I would be fully understood? I figured I did... damn high school / college system.. we can do so much better by our youth ya know? We know how to make every single child a genius .. if we just put the time and effort in to it RIGHT from the start ... can you imagine the world we would have? Instead we get.. you
know, the usual... people telling me that I'm making "predictions" based on the alignment of the plants or some such tripe. Can't even challenge my logic.. too lazy. Why do they even BOTHER posting if they arn't going to read the inital post in the first place? N - E wayz...

I can NOT believe I didn't know that the date for the Gaza pullout was the 15th though.. NOW I AM WORRIED. I can not believe that the pullout date is the 15th (like as if that was going to go down without a hitch in the first place).. and they are pulling out the Ark on the 14th. This is .. just fantastic .. unbelievable. I should have checked the pullout date.. I ment to.. but I figured if the pull out date was announced publicly that I'd already know it (just caught notice of it through my basic research.. didn't even think to check to see what THAT timetable was) .. how terribly sloppy of me. Thank you so much, this is EXACTLY the stuff I was looking for.. could not ask for anything more from a fellow ATSer. Wish I could vote you all who filled me in on the little details for all being above top secret.. but know in my book that you all are anyways. Thank the net gods for ATS. Haven't had this much fun online since the GEnie network.

Okay, well... I'm even more certain now that we will see a new huge uprising in Israel on the 15th.. now more then ever. This is going to be ugly... no doubt about it. Civil war at the least.. bloodshed without a doubt.

Maybe I'm gushing a little much here.. but ANYTHING is so much better then..

"Gee, VMX.. lets see.. you are forecasting murder in the middle east? In Israel? Don't you think you're going a bit far here? Maybe you should chill out a little bit dude, things aren't that bad.. relax man.. the place is only been at war since as far back as recorded history.. I don't think you have any reason to believe that there should be a problem there."

...which just kills me.


If WW3 really happens then we can safely await a nicely, well rehearsed, powerplay with an almighty final. And yes, I'm a cynical bastard at times.

I believe you are correct sir... this is what I think we are watching right now.. so do you think we have one year left till they start throwing the big weapons around? Or do you see this starting soon?

One thing I didn't even bring up in the first post are the nuke plants in Iran... there is only ONE YEAR LEFT till they are turned on and they can not be bombed after being turned on (major world wide disaster.. and the oil in the ground could be seriously contaminated.. so they have to be hit and hit soon) ... so really... personally... I think in the next couple of weeks we are going to see the beginnings of the 'end' of the success of the 90s that we are still enjoying (even if you didn't know you were still enjoying it)
and the beginning of the final show down. In fact.. its just been announced that Iran is past the point of 'no return' on its uranium enrichment. Funny thing is the UN decided it was okay for them to go ahead and return to work on the nuke plants.. and the only people that have a problem with this it seems is the USA and Israel. So if you read any nonAmerican press, you'll find that the UN is fully involved and co-operating on the plan with the go ahead.. and if you read CNN, it just sounds like Iran is just asking to be
bombed like Iraq was for not complying with "the international community" (the US and its allies) .. anyways.. what I'm trying to say is... we have one year left tops... if it doesn't start sooner. Take a look for yourself..

strangedaysarehere: Thank you! And HEY! That is SO COOL that you have a conspiracy blog of your own! Personally I want an ATS blog though I haven't looked in to it yet. But that is REALLY cool... I really think so.. and its always nice to know that you are not alone over something you are speculating about, right? So thanks! I bookmarked you in with my "DAILY NEWS" bookmarks in Opera .. so I'll be checking in regularly to see how someone with experience does it (if ya don't mind).

Excellent stuff, we'll talk sometime for sure. HEY! Please feel free to quote me or link me in there eh?

EastCoastKid: Finally.. TIA, dude, you are like one of the few who actually 'get it' arn't you (not saying that others in here do not 'get it' - others do.. but you totally do, don't you)? You are like a breath of fresh air sometimes man. Its funny but the more I agree with some of the posters in a thread the less I have to say about their posts. But you are totally right man.. on many counts.. but let us get in to a little detail at least since you really took interest in this thread (as you do, many of the threads here in ATS) ...

The most intreaguing aspect of the originial post is the speculation on the fate of the temple mount. One of my biggest questions has always been... how will the last temple be built? It's where the Dome of the Rock is.. How in the world will that happen?

Well that is totally what I'm saying here man. I think, since people have announced it in the past.. like I linked in my post... That the Dome is going to be turned in to heat and light and carbon very soon after the Ark is pulled from the ground and the Muslim world will retaliate for it as they have announced that they will. As has been said by all parties.. they are all ready to go to war over this. However if the US is hit with a nuke shortly (as it looks with the propaganda... but as propaganda usually goes, what will
probably happen instead is some sort of other type of attack will be used - chem or bio - so as not to make us 'suspicious' of the propaganda... even though we will be anyways) then the Muslim world will be too occupied retaliating for the US retaliation to retaliate for the Dome destruction.. THIS is why I think everything is coming to a head RIGHT NOW. We're talking WEEKS.

When IT happens, you'll know.

Whatever you're doing will be promptly interrupted.

Has to be one of the best replies I have ever seen on the internet, PERIOD.

And you know.. I don't understand why this is such a stretch for some of you while others 'get it' because there are reports on the MAINSTREAM internet right now like...

"6 in 10 US citizens believe world war 3 is about to start."


I have never seen so much crap about the end of civilization before posted on the internet ECK, and I've been here since .. a long time. And I have never seen this much crap about the possiblility of oblivion being a reality ever before.. its like.. "we all know .. deep down .. that this is coming" because there is just TOO MUCH .. either propaganda or .. just the truth coming through in leaks.. BECAUSE its such a 'big deal' that of course we would start to 'feel it' (see the Princeton EGGS.. bottom of this post).

You know there have been a number of events just since I posted this thread that are adding up to trouble and I might use a separate post with in this thread to go over them (though not so formally.. this is tough to do.. tougher then it is for you to read it all.. I'm doing my ALMOST best here). BUT .. I'm hoping we can all keep and eye on things until at LEAST the Gaza pull out begins because.. though it wouldn't mean much.. it would be nice to know that at least we SAW the 'crap' as it flew through the air towards
the fan before the moment of impact and splatter.. though we'd all have bigger issues to take care of at that point then saying "told you so".

Let me ask you a question ECK... if a limited exchange broke out in a few weeks... just limited (nukes dropped on Iran and this scenario I've brought up comes through at least in a similar fashion)... what is your plan? Do you have one?

Special mention: Realist05 - you crack me up. Totally, thank you.


(you know how long it took me to do this.. you don't want to know)

I have to end this here for all of our sakes though I intend to keep this thread going till the pull out.. till the 15th. I want to keep an eye on that whole thing. And I'd like to do it with as many of you as possible.. we don't have to be obsessive about it.. just keep your eyes open for us all.. and share any discovery you make here please.

There are some VERY interesting things happening right now.. and though.. ALTHOUGH.. I never said I was 'predicting' anything, and actually.. I am going to post one more post after this to address something that is bothering me before I get to my MSG3.. BUT.. before I do that... I just want you to take a look at something else I found today..

If THAT THING works right.. that is such a bad sign.. lol... I don't put much faith in to the thing because its just so frelling 'out there' (it should have its own topic in here somewhere, has this thing been discussed at all... I'll check.. never mind) ... but... its like... could not be doing this at a worse time. So even though, I do not believe in psychic predictions...

I've found that even the psychics are in agreement that SOMETHING is coming.. like as if thats rare or something.. BUT HELL MAN.. ITS A COMPUTER DOING IT!!

Just had to lighten things a little.

Though.. if that thing works.. hmmmm...

Someone get me outta here already! Take care, all of you.. don't stress too much please.. I didn't want to scare anyone.. just alert you. Lets all keep our hopes and spirits up no matter what happens okay? Lets all make sure that if THIS world is destroyed.. that we work to replace it with one that this BS can NEVER again happen in! One where even the most poor and most helpless can live "as well" as I do (which.. I'll admit.. it ain't pretty.. I've done better for myself in the past.. but spinal cord injuries are a motherf*$% to deal with) .. because we could have had a near paradise.. and I don't think its silly to aim for anything less.. I also think.. that because a lot of people believe so strongly that there is a life better then the one after this one (and.. damn, I hope there is one myself.. I just have a hard time believing it sometimes) we do not work hard enough to make THIS LIFE, as good as it can be.. "Life isn't fair" .. ya but.. it doesn't have to be unfair... and we shouldn't have to live in fear of these monsters that roam our planet.


PS: Sorry for that.. now I just get to reply regularly.. I really should have been here.. but real life called.. again, I appoligise.. and I'm sorry to anyone I missed this post.. I'll get around to you.. I'm sure.. just need to sleep for a couple days now.

PPS: Yeah, btw.. I really gave it to the system today.. HAD TONS of help.. but wow.. really hit them in the pocket book. It was good. I feel good.

posted on Aug, 2 2005 @ 08:49 PM
thanks for the advice, VMX, your right. i should go enjoy my life while i still can. and btw, congrats on winning your trial and stickin it to the system! i'll be seein ya!


posted on Aug, 3 2005 @ 03:13 AM
Like the thread.

I haven't seen anything posted on ATS about the historical precendent of the gaza strip pullout... I mean, Sharon calls this 'an aggressive move due to frozen negotiations'. What does he intend to do? It's provoking both the Palestinians on ultra-right jews to violence in that area. Isn't it an official militarized zone now? That's making me pay closer attention to world events this month.

Also, I found this quote:

Danny, "a former anti-terror marine," wrote: "My brother in law is in the US Army, and was supposed to come home in August and his leave got canceled. I did some checking around, and it seems like a ton of leave got canceled in August for the Army and USMC. Centcom's website tells of a scary drill coming in August. They are running a drill of a 10 kiloton nuclear bomb, being smuggled into Charleston SC. Now while they run drills like this a lot, they always do it at Quantico....and BTW, August 6 and 9 are the anniversaries of Hiroshima and Nagasaki."

Can anyone confirm inordinate numbers of Army or USMC leave being cancelled in August?

I have checked CENTCOM's website at and it shows nothing like this, so the quote may be fake.

[This was a Rense link, so take it or leave it.]

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posted on Aug, 3 2005 @ 08:19 AM
There have been many theories posted here on how, where, and when...and what the predicted 'flash-point' to trigger this inevitable event could be..well, here's my tuppence-worth...

Firstly, the old city of Jerusalem has been at the centre of conflict between Muslim and Jew for over a thousand years..on the current site sits the Dome of The Rock and the Al-Aqsa Mosque, considered in Islamic faith to be the third most holy site after Mecca and Medina..this site also happens to be the site of two previous temples sacred to the Jewish Faith..the first
being the Temple of Solomon, destroyed in 586BC..and the second Temple, destroyed by the Romans in 73BC. And in accordance with Revelation and Jewish prophesy, God will return once the (Third)Temple is rebuilt

The Rock has been under Islamic custodian-ship since the 6-Day war, and have since commenced 're-construction' work to further extend the site of the Al-Aqsa Mosque, and have also continued to build yet another Mosque on the site under the current structures in where is called the 'Stables of Solomon'.This has led to an increasing structural instability of the whole site, with recent reports of bulges appearing in the southern and Western walls, due to the excavation and undermining of this unstable structure, as it happens to sit not on solid bedrock, but on an accumulation of compacted rubble from previous ancient structures and artificial man-made foundations.

As recently as 2004, a small earthquake meauring approx 3.5 on the Richter scale shook the Jordanian fault-line that passes through this whole region, and the city of Jerusalem itself, resulting in a collapse of a section of the Western Wailing wall..easy for anyone to figure that a destabilized ancient building sitting atop a vulnrable fault-line will either be badly damaged or destroyed by even a moderate tremor.

Not 'If', but 'When' this event happens, Muslims around the world will see the destruction of one of their most Holy sites as an act of war against the very heart of their faith...and Jews, the answer from God that now would be a good time to commence the building of the Third Temple..further fanning the flames of conflict.

Added to that, the news of the impending 'discovery' of the Ark of the Covenant, to be announced on the 14th August, which if it happens to be true in anyway, will not only inflame tensions over the current custodianship and 'extension' of Mosque sites on the Rock by moderate Christians and Jews alike..but would result in calls from those more 'hard-line' for the current structure to be demolished to make way for the Third Temple to house the Ark itself.

Needless to say that if this scenario should come about, tensions in the mid-east region will be stretched to breaking point,
having a knock on effect with the price-per-barrel of oil...which most industrialized nations cannot do without..epecially at an inflated cost which would have the the further domino-effect of pushing the price of all basic commodities through the roof (are you aware of just how much oil is used to transport ALL consumer goods to the supermarkets and raw materials to the factories to be made into what we consume?)
The shock-waves of this scenario would be a huge rise in inflation in the global economies of the world, and those people (especially in the west) dependant on cheap and easy credit to maintain our current lifestyle would see a dramatic rise in interest rates for credit/mortgages/etc...once you have economic meltdown on that kind of scale, the only way to kick-start
an economy is a good ol' war...maybe nuclear, maybe conventional..either way, this is inevitable

(ps if you want to read up on the current structural analysis and history of temple mount, give these links a go..)
(historical and religious context of the site)
(geological survey of temple mount and weak foundations)
(current structural problems)
(partial collapse of western wall and imminent collapse of portion of southern wall due to earthquake in feb 2004)

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posted on Aug, 3 2005 @ 10:05 AM

Originally posted by Tinkleflower
*Cough* ahem *Cough* Mr Lazarus

Some of us Brits are still sore about that whole silly tea business.

We're jolly well proud of our tea, we are. So there. Nya nya nya.

(if the world doesn't end this month, can we throw jello at the various prophets who've predicted that it will?)

My humble apologies... too soon on the boston tea thing huh?
ok, perhaps a better method is the dig a hole... and plant them like vegetables... since that is essentially the amount of thought it takes to be a closed minded extremist...
Do i need to comment on a corrupt politician fitting the same profile?
didn't think so...

On a serious note: I am checking into doing a real petition online... should I do it thru ATS, or use a site like "petitionsonline". what do you all think?

I am thinking of how to word it... as a pledge and a petition....
something starting with:

"We, the people of the world, reject extremist ideas (of any religion/philosophy) that propose lack of tolerance and lack of respect for others rights..."
we sign this petition stating that we think the attittude is the enemy...
and those that profess that attitude.
We will turn them in, or rout them out...
We will also hold our politicians accountable if they try to personally profit by supporting decisions of war. We will be a loud voice of contempt towards these unethical representitives...
We will support the independant investigation and prosecution of ANY politician that is reaping in profits from putting others in danger.
We CHALLENGE every other country to do the same, in this grass roots effort to change the world for the better. We will clean our side of the street, Now you clean yours...

We can then send this petition to every state and national politician... and every news outlet... then we hit it world wide... showing the success of a popular following (a statement that almost any can agree with).
I am sure our friends the brits and northern neighbors would join right in.

I think we could really make a statement to the world... that the people of the world think differently than the governments of the world... and that we see a way for peace, outside the pay offs, and corrupt deals...

Please feel free to submit suggestions for inclusion or wording of a petition along these lines... U2u or in thread...
thanks everyone...

and If this doesn't work, then it was really great knowing you all, and at least we tried to do something, when we saw the clear signs of trouble...

I will post the location of the finished petition when It is done, I am eager to see what suggestions you all make...
perhaps I'll start a thread based upon its construction for people to submit ideas.

posted on Aug, 3 2005 @ 10:47 AM
Laz, 2 things...put it in a new thread i think would be best, and yes, put it on petitions online. I'll be looking for it, and i'll post the link to it in several high-traffic online places. *s*

posted on Aug, 3 2005 @ 10:54 AM
Vis...Thank you. I like to try and cut things down to the bare bone. lol I was reading an interview with a Zionist Rabbi in Gaza the other day, and near the end he was saying that Sharon wants and would ultimately benefit from violence and was interesting to read...
I will be watching all of these events too, and look forward to reading the thread.

posted on Aug, 3 2005 @ 10:58 AM
That is what we non Ancient Text believers should be doing.. exactly.

Here is the latest I found this morning people..

A sign of the first temple has been discovered.

This is like a frelling bad movie.

Oh yeah.. there was a travel alert issued this morning for ALL Americans traveling anywhere. Kinda like the one that was issued for Arabs traveling IN London last week?

"If you see an American wearing a big coat and running around.. please shoot him in the head five times."

Could you imagine? This is the general insanity of it all.

Debkas down this morning it seems.. or maybe I'm banned at this point (heh).


.. no wait.. its back up again. Heh.

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posted on Aug, 3 2005 @ 11:23 AM
Just be aware that the vast majority of governments and/or businesses do not consider online petitions to be valid.

Make a paper petition instead; for it to be considered valid, a petition generally needs to have verifiable names, signatures and addresses present, and online those are far too easily faked.

The few online petitions which have actually resulted in action have been about TV shows....

posted on Aug, 3 2005 @ 12:08 PM
I will still do the online version, but will include an appeal for "in person" pollers to volunteer by state. Volunteers will only show up when there is a huge support effort for the message...

Vis: Do you mind if I post the future petition development thread link on your thread? hopefully we will have time to do this before crap starts falling... keep us informed on the "clock"

so I am developing the message first. I shall be starting a "construct a world peace petition" thread soon for others to include points and suggestions. It needs to be a community effort... Mongo need feedback

thank you all in advance for the support of this effort... I give the credit to Vis for inspiring the idea, and constructing the possibility.
soon to update.

posted on Aug, 3 2005 @ 12:13 PM
Look at this ... tell me this ain't another blip ...

Gold just jumped up $4.. almost $5... I can't really "find the link" in this case. Because I'm just watching the financial news. But... something is happening here.

Oil was suppose to drop... gas is going up all over though, and actually, yeah oil by the barrel just jumped up a little bit too.


DAMN! All those Monex commercials WERE RIGHT! I knew I should have listened to them when they said it was the right time to own gold!

posted on Aug, 3 2005 @ 12:30 PM
... there is a difference between... a PREDICTION and a FORECAST.

When the weatherman tells you its going to rain and to bring an umbrella, do you tell him he is a conspiracy theorist?

All I said was "There is something huge going down in the M.E. and I THINK.. it would SEEM TO ME.. that there is a plan in the works.. and BASED ON EVERYTHING ELSE that is going on.. and the SCARRY WAY all parties involved are talking.. and not to mention just the GRAVITY of the situation and the event in general.. that its all about to hit the fan, bring an umbrella."

There is no psychic crap going on here.. no crystal ball, no copper bowl. I am keeping an eye on a VERY precarious situation, and the only 'prediction' is that the M.E. is set to explode shortly after the event...

... wow... your right... thats a real stretch of the imagination.

And I never said "End of the World" I said WW3... big difference...

.. there is NOTHING that SAYS that WW3 has to be fought with nukes.

It probablly WILL BE, but only to a limited degree, or until someone starts to lose really baddly.

Why does it seem like all of these 'exercises' these war games are being set up all at the same time anyways? Its REALLY LIKE, they are getting ready for something.. and everyone feels it apparently too.. because, like I said.. the propaganda is working, and that is all that matters.

AND ON TOP OF THAT... I was really asking a question, in a way. I mean I DO personally feel that we are weeks away... but the question was, do you think I'm wrong... if you think I'm right do you think my timetable is correct?

And its not like I'm the lone voice saying that all this is about to go down either.

BTW! Advice to the youngsters .. if you have never seen a film called "Wag the Dog" .. you must. Go to your local mom and pop video store and grab a copy.. failing that.. download it.. failing that.. well there should be a blockbuster near by... I go slummin' sometimes too.


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