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Please help, i need to know what happened last night... Astral Projection?? Remote Viewing???

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posted on Jul, 29 2005 @ 12:29 PM
this is going to be a VERY WIERD post, but something very hard to explain happened last night, but Ill start with some history about my experiences:

1. I started having sleep paralysis when i was 14 and it scared me to death, i told religious family members about it and they told me it was demons, and to say in the name of Yeshua, i command u to leave, that never did work well.... The paralysis became frequently as once a week, and start to be accompanied by dreams which always scared me where i heard demonic voices, but i started to get used to it, even to the point that i would tell the "demons" to come to my face and fight like a man, and actually attempt to punch the air hoping to hit something
(in my paralysis dream) as i turned 17 and went out on my own it became so frequent that i realized it only happened when im alone or in complete darkness. So i began sleeping only with the TV on where it never occured.

2. 19 years old, my first paralysis which was accompanied by a brief ghost sighting, (a pretty girl:up
and a brief OBE. I was floating thru the apartment, saw a cat at the steps looking up at me (we didnt own a cat) and then floated THROUGH the door to see the same lighting and cars out front as i did when i woke up at that point due to what seems as me getting overly excited at the situation. Now the paralysis/dreams/OBE's became frequent, except my OBE's would only allow me to go as far as slipping out of bed onto the floor in a struggle to wake myself up thinking im fighting demons.
The paralysis got so bad i had sleeping issues and could not turn off lights and go to sleep like normal people, i could only fall asleep at the point where my eyes couldnt stay open anymore, the doctor said the sleep problems occur because i "couldnt turn off my mind to go to sleep" which was the accurate description except i wouldnt tell him the rest so that i wouldnt get sent to the psych ward... So i began taking tylenol PM's to fall asleep, then i need 2 to fall asleep, now i need 2 pills and 2 beers to fall asleep (i know its very unhealthy but when u have a job and school work u need to be awake enuff to perform and cant walk around sleepy all day, u have to take drastic measures) i wouldnt say im an alcoholic now, but i am alcohol dependent now because the pills rarely work on their own... its gotten to the point where i get 2 hours of sleep one night, and stay tired all day looking forward to a good sleep the next night, this way i dont need the alcohol, but now i have one good day and one bad day... back to the point now

3. 24 years old now, the past couple years of college led me to research on my faith and i am no longer religious, i still believe in a higher power yet feel betrayed by the world for lying to me and forcing me to realize we live in a matrix on my own. My paralysis "demons" never showed up again, now paralysis was simple dreams and i began to realize that my mind is simply f*&%$#@ with me and my subconscious is responsible for these dreams, not demons, if u believe there are demons, u will deal with them, if u dont, u wont.. this is my experience

4. Past few months i had 3 unique experiences, the first one was a dream which i posted here:'

the second one was the same conciousness except i was in a device similar to a skyride in a theme park except it was made out of all grey metal and falling sideways as if gravity went left instead of down, and i wasnt on planet earth, it reminded of something out of the movie total recall except it was a dark atmosphere and i was falling sideways in the cart, towards a gigantic structure which seemed to have an indoors where life forms would be inside it... this is the first time i was actually able to go from my "dream" to my sleeping state without opening my eyes, i was scared as i was "falling" even though it was sideways and the fear led me to check that it was indeed a dream so i "woke up" briefly withouth opening my eys actually seeing what i would see if my eyes were open (pillow, my arm, short sleeve white shirt) and fading back into the "dream" feeling safer that i wasnt actually going to die... but when i saw the giant structure i got overly excited at what was happening that i woke up...

now last night was the wierdest, since the last dream i read about RV and AP on this site, so yesterday was one of my tired days where i knew i would get a good sleep at night, so around 1AM (which is good in my case rather than the usual 6AM) i turn off the lights and drift asleep. Ive had normal reoccuring dreams in the past where im driving a car and cannot reach or find the break pedal, so i had this dream again last night except i wasnt on a road, i was in a tunnel, and a small round one, no flat surface, i was driving in a concrete tube, im not clustophobic (sp?) but i started to get afraid of being in this tunnel since it seemed to never end and i had no breaks and the car was acting like u would in a swimming park slide drifting back and forth, there was a car in front of me as well, so i check to make sure its a dream (i have no idea how to explain how i control this, i just do) and without opening my eyes i check to make sure im still in bed, yup, check! so now i feel safer and the tunnel comes to an end, and the wierdest thing was, i was coming out to a conveyer built as luggage does in an airport which was too wierd and i was no longer in a car, i was in a dark house with all the lights shut off as i hop off the belt into the kitchen, im floating now, and i look around, i feel 100% conscious, im am looking around as if i am awake but realizing i am not, im floating now, this is too cool im thinking, my brain is in full working order, and im thinking bout AP n RV i read about on this site, so im about to see what this is all about, i remember thinking how much control i had, and how i could wake up any second, i actually had a brief paralysis moment and was able to shake it off after concentrating on what was happening, next thing u know i look down and im overlooking a city in the day time, i am actually flying high over a city, defenitely not NY which im closest too, it was too nice of a city, had nice parks and greeen grass everywhere, but the wierdest part, is i saw other people flying too, except they were down by the ground and they would appear out of nowhere and disappear in flying formation, there must have been about 10 in my view at a time, thats when i thought, wow this is actually happening, but i had this wierd gravitational pull going on, i dont remember which direction it was in but no matter where i would push myself off of things to boost my floating that i would slowly drift back, and there was a "ceiling" i couldnt go thru, i tried to gain momentum to shoot thru it but i could not go higher than a certain point, thats when i looked down and saw the people flying in the streets, so i immediately gain enuff momentum to go down there except it didnt take long, it felt like i was a giant, not human size, not any size at all, it was like that movie being john malchovich almost, when i get down to the street i see a man that resembled albert einstien with glass walking away from me, i "grab a hold of him" and i see a flash of light grow bigger and bigger and thats when i hear a woosh, like driving on the highway with the windows open, and i felt this crazy tingling all over me and i thought immediately that i must have just connected with somebody else! and although visually the flash went away i was now in a more dreamy state, as if a bubble was around me and now i heard and echo type atmosphere, and immediately felt like i should say something, i said "can u hear me? a couple times, and after the second time i heard a voice! none i ever heard, it said it right back, can u hear me? i said YES!!! now im excited, then he said, "how are you, im a psychologist" and that was it, i couldnt believe what was happening, right there i hear the woosh! and woke up!!! i could barely fall back asleep i was so excited, , i remember thinking how conscious i felt and that this wasnt a dream, i remember thinking how when i wake up i wont believe what just happened , but when i woke up, i knew it all happened, and i wanted to go back, but couldnt, i was too excited.... i jus fell back asleep eventually with no more experience....

im sorry for such a long post, but i need to know if im just crazy, and it was all just a dream, or did something special happen? any replies will be appreciated, im investigating this online as well but i know this site can help with some info, thank u for your time...

posted on Jul, 29 2005 @ 12:44 PM
Lucid dreams are a good starting point for projection. You can go back and forth between...the recognizing of physical sensations of the tingling from SP, was your awareness of the physical body, and the dream imagery, awareness of your dream state. When you got to the point of flying and the wind it sounds like you projected, but the exitement kept you concious of your physical surrounding which can make you hit a ceiling. Sounds like you were in and out a few times and the dream imagery combined with the floating flying and wind and astral world...This is about awareness and the delicate balance of it between wakefulness and sleep--Sounds like you found it.

Funny the same exact thing happened to me last night...I was so exited when I got into the free flying, I lost it a few times and went back into awareness of my dream--lucid dreaming and then blind projection. So a bit of confusion ensues when you recall the experience...

You may have encountered parts of your self or maybe complete other "entities" or a bit of both......Allowing the experience to lead you and maintaining control is a struggle that is won thru experience, and familiarity of the distict sensations of AP.

I beleive projection is a journey within the vast world of ourselves, but use these experiences to make your own decision. I believe there is no danger in exploration. Relaxation and confidence in your own strength will lead you to better greater and longer experiences in this place.

posted on Jul, 29 2005 @ 01:01 PM
thanks for that info Kris, do you think the voice may have been someone elses? it would make sense that he said he was a psychologist... i thought that it may be my subconscious mind creating a voice but the whole psychologist thing came out of nowhere, i cant picture even thinking that subconsciously i would come across a psychologist in a dream, that was the real kicker..

posted on Jul, 29 2005 @ 01:24 PM
It would be most logical. You are questioning the experience, and you come to yourself as a therapist to aid in understanding. I beleive we encounter fragments of ourselves in these experiences. The mind is a vast sea... endless.

As we break our selves down into bits of anger love despair pain nurture hatred curiosity ect, we confront these fragments in the physical manner we know how: visually and sensory. angels=love, demons=pain/hatred or fear. This is what I beleive some projection experience are. I feel these inward projections are like breaking up light thru a prism into a distict pattern of color..I think we all have the distinct patterns of demon, angels, ghost confrontation because that is how we percieve emotion when confronting it in our own minds. This ofcourse is only my opinion..which took 20 years of these experiences to arrive at.

My first experience I thought I was abducted by aliens, I was sskyrocketed by two "people" grabbing me and brigging me to the most profound place. It felt so physical....was it my mind?-now I beleive it may have been.....or, did I arrive in the real place of death rebirth and regeneration--I may have. I say both. I say all of this is encompassed in a real place within our selves. That the world is within us, not us within the world....Just an opinion, slowly generated after countless wonderful, horrible, simple and profound experiences.

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