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Australia Bans Grand Theft Auto (San Andreas)

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posted on Jul, 29 2005 @ 07:01 AM
Acting on concerns raised by several groups Australia has banned the video game Grand Theft Auto ( San Andreas) after hidden sex scenes built within the game were uncovered by a "Hot Coffee" mod created by a Dutch programmer. The game was originally rated MA Mature Adults, ages 15+ but after the sex scenes came to light it has been ordered off the shelves of all Australian resellers.
SYDNEY, Australia - Australian officials effectively banned the computer game "Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas" and ordered it removed from stores Friday because it contains hidden sex scenes that can be viewed with a special Internet download.

The Office of Film and Literature Classification said in a statement it had outlawed sales of the game by stripping it of its official classification after learning of the explicit content.

"Revocation of a classification means the computer game cannot be legally sold, hired, advertised or exhibited in Australia from the date the decision is made," the statement said.

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

The downloadable mod allows viewing of sex scenes and when first made public the games creators denied the scenes had been written into the program.

Previously, when game hero Carl "CJ" Johnson successfully wined and dined one of several girlfriends a certain number of times, she would ask him into her house for "coffee." After entering, the game shows an external shot of the house with muffled sounds of a couple emitting moans in flagrante delicto. PC versions of San Andreas with the "Hot Coffee" mod installed show what goes on inside the house, treating players to a sexually graphic minigame of CJ fornicating with his girlfriend.

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posted on Jul, 29 2005 @ 01:33 PM
Shouldn't this be in BTS? Anyway it's ridiculous - if they didn't make such a fuss about it no one would care. Oh my goodness a sex scene, it's not like you can't turn on your TV and see stuff like that all the time.

These are the same people that blame Marylin Manson and Doom when their kids go on killing sprees. No, that's bad parenting. Next.

posted on Jul, 29 2005 @ 02:35 PM

if they didn't make such a fuss about it no one would care

I'd have to say that australia is right to ban a pornographic video game. It sets a new precedent to have a game like that. There's allways been sexiness in video games, like tomb-raider, but GTA is already an overly violent game, and now with the revelation of secret hidden sex-game-play, of course it should be booted.

posted on Jul, 31 2005 @ 08:23 AM
Well maybe instead of banning it they should just enforce sales of games that are adult rated more strongly.

posted on Jul, 31 2005 @ 10:10 AM
I bet it's not banned in Canberra


posted on Jul, 31 2005 @ 10:31 AM
It's hysterical that your allowed to run around and murder people, sit on a roof and sniper unsuspecting pedestrians, etc in the game. But your not allowed to have a sex scene, it's not as explicit as it could be anyway.

If it was raping then I could understand, but it isn't.. Stupid decision really.

posted on Jul, 31 2005 @ 10:47 AM
This is simply a convenient opportunity for parents to pretend they care what their kids do. It gives them a moment to be outraged and then go back to letting their TV act as babysitter. Showing killngs and murders are fine, but show people having sex and WHOA BOY!

Gamers and perverts built the Internet, and adult video games (with simulated sex) have always been some of the first games written. Yes, they had simulated sex games for the Atari 2600. Hello! We are human beings! Sex interests us.

Any attempt to make violence okay and sex not-okay (as the Global Prude Movement is doing) will always fail. Rockstar Games might be destroyed by lawyers over hot coffee (simulated video sex), but the GTA series is still the greatest participatory video entertainment ever made. Some adults simply cannot tell the difference between fantasy and reality. Fortunately, kids are usually able to do so.

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posted on Jul, 31 2005 @ 11:21 AM
Nygdan you ever played a GTA game before? It's no worse then most AA Action movies that keep getting churned out these days. Infact the violence approaches a comedic element ala Monty Python(Rediculous decapitations causing lots of blood to shower out in a steady stream) It's not like Manhunt(another rockstar game) where the whole point of the game was to kill in as brutal and messy ways as possible. Wasn't even a good game either. What about Sam Fisher doing his silent assasin thing in Splinter Cell or the Hitman series? Most people single out GTA due to the seedy nature of the storyline(it's about living the life of crime, many movies about that no one is really bitching about it)

Oh it's to protect the children
Funny since the median age of a Gamer is now over the age of 20. We want Adult themed games not games meant to appeal to the Mass Market that taste like Vanilla.(Sort of like 90 % of the art out nowadays, started seeping into the Video Game industry, things like this will make the trend even worse IMHO)

They are even talking about going after the Modding community now as if they were some malicous hackers out to corrupt our youngins with lewd sex programs. They're even gonna launch an investigation into the Sims for crying out loud! Not because of hidden content but content that you can download to change the gaming experience. Will companies now think twice before bundling their development tools with their next release? That movement was really starting to pick up steam I would be really pissed if this puts a damper on it.

posted on Aug, 2 2005 @ 02:17 PM
Not people having sex, but badly drawn polygons!

It's absurd. The entire thing blows my mind. The idiocy of the Adults Only being a single year older than Mature, and making, apparently, all the difference. Drugs, mass murder, gang, grand theft auto, abuse, cursing, stripping, prostitution, and the glorification of all of the above is far worse than promoting sex, yet access to sex scenes is far more regulated (18+) than access to any of the above (T.V.) And, not to mention, the damn scene isn't even accessible without a third party addon. It's no different than downloading the sex scene itself. Let the programmers have their fun.

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