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Grays and chemicals: Logic

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posted on Dec, 7 2005 @ 10:18 AM
Sentient beings are often characterized by their ability to modify their environment to their advantage rather than adapting themselves to their environment like most animals and plants do.

This applies to both their external physical environment AND their internal electro-chemical environment.

The current hysterical attitude towards legal vs. illegal substances will have liitle historical impact on this innate behavior of the Human race.

However, that being said, EBE's would probably already genetically engineer their bodies to naturally produce the chemicals they may find advantageous to their society.

(Perhaps using easily controllable stimuli to affect their endocrine system)

posted on Dec, 7 2005 @ 05:14 PM

Originally posted by drakefist
They are excellent problem solvers. They see the required ends to the situation, and nothing in between. But how do they come up with these conclusions so fast? First, you must realize that they have had a very long time to engineer and tone chemicals of all kinds. That includes mind enhancing chemicals, etc. They also have no law against creating it, which would make it far easier to run a facility in space wouldn’t it? The chemicals probably have an effect on their physical appearance maybe because of a faster metabolism. They without a doubt have developed chemicals that have little to zero downside and are purely beneficial to their race, so all gray's bodily systems probably naturally are chemically altered.

To sum up this post: think about how much of a roll chemical in general play in our lives. They probably are used even more in alien society because of the nearly unlimited amount of different resources from other planets as well as ours, plus the time they had to experiment with them.


think about this

would intelligent life be in any way like us?
would they use chemicals?
hell, would they even be upright walking bipeds with arms?

posted on Dec, 7 2005 @ 09:18 PM

Originally posted by MCory1

Also, they do seem to have little regard for at least some of the values we have--they have no problems illegally entering our homes, kidnapping us, and performing tests with various instruments. I doubt that whereever they're from has much in line of scientific ethics, or at least it doesn't apply to whomever is patrolling Earth. There's no telling where even we would be scientifically if we didn't have the ethics requirements that we do.

And they should WHY? They (if they exist), are they, not us. Imagine for just a minute a culture where the gathering of information (exquisite details) is the 'holy grail'. Then the means used to gather that information would be justified by the ends (that information), and considered 'ethical'. Ethics (especially human ethics) is a very slippery slope. We as a race have had VERY UN-ETHICAL moments, and when THEY examine those behaviours from afar, maybe it does appear that this is 'the way' things get done. Our Ethics didn't stop Hiroshima, etc. Much of our technology (real technology) is for what purpose, 'killing our enemies'. Our planes, ships, tanks and weapons don't deliver a 'knock-out gas', they deliver death. How ethical is a race that continues to 'destroy itself'?

The concepts of 'ownership' [our homes], 'privacy' [kidnapping, performing tests], may not exist therefore they don't see any 'ethical' barriers to coming to see us once in a while.

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