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Snap shots,

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posted on Jul, 28 2005 @ 05:21 PM
Well for along time i have had snap shots of events that occur, I have no special tech name for it, but i decided to make note of it,

One event that got me was the London bombings, See the thing is i never get alot of info in my preminitions,just snap shots,

the night before the london bombings i was sitting there with a friend and almost went in to a small daze, or better still almost the feeling of day dreaming,

images came to me that could just be coincidence or really some sort of warning, I still have yet to work it out,

1st i had the image of a pidgion,(Bird) that is everywhere in london,
2nd i seen a very dark grey image, pipes ect, which at the time i thought underground,

thats it! nothing more, only the next day when the tube bombings happen that i felt this was in some way connected,

Now over the past few days i have had more "snap shots"
so im going to note them, I hope that there will be no connection to what im about to write and that im truly wrong

ill note them as i seen the snap shots

1, Big ben (now this just may mean its in london,)

2, 9.10 am / pm not sure but it was a time, i saw a clock,

3. Trains above ground, or more so i would say train lines,

4. Flowers??? no idea why i seen this,

Again thats it, if i get more then i will note them also, But i have had this over the past few days,

again just seeing if there is any connection, also this could just be that im thinking to much so effecting my thoughts,


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