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The Journal Nature focuses on India

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posted on Jul, 28 2005 @ 11:16 AM
In a supplememt to the latest issue of the weekly science journal Nature the focus is on the emerging prospects and challenges in India for high technology and scientific research. The supplment is also freely available on line. It looks at everything from the biotechnology industry and pharmaceutical corporations to ayurvedic alternative medecine.
This August, pilgrims to Krishna's legendary birthplace will pass an imposing three-story structure of sandstone and glass. Inside, at The Centre for Genomic Applications (appropriately shortened to TCGA, the letters of the genetic alphabet), white-coated scientists are devoted to a god of a different kind.[...]
Multinational companies are not the only ones to benefit financially from these studies — India does too. The consultancy firm McKinsey estimates that US and European pharmaceutical companies will spend US$1.5 billion per year on clinical trials in India by 2010.[...]
In November 1987, ethnobotanist Palpu Pushpangadan was trekking through the tropical forests in the southern Indian state of Kerala. Pushpangadan and his colleague were struggling to keep up, but their guides, men from the local Kani tribe, kept popping brownish-black fruit about the size of a cardamom pod into their mouths, and walking briskly ahead. Curious, the scientists ate the fruit and felt a surge of energy.[...]
A staggering 5.1 million people are estimated to be HIV positive in India

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

The above selections are from a number of different articles in the supplement. Often we hear about the emerging super-powers of India and China. This is an excellent oppurtunity to examine multiple facets of this phenomenon in India. This is also topical since the Indian Prime Minister recently met with the US President, and since the Indian military is widely acknowledged as going thru a continuing modernization and upgrading programme. Its also intersting to see the wide range of these scientific enterprises taken in the context of the globalization of the world market and the 'outsourcing' of US service industry jobs into india.

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