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9/11 and Aliens ?

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posted on Jul, 27 2005 @ 10:15 PM
Hello everyone, I've visited this site may times and decided to become a member lately. That's beside the point thought... I was working today and I started to rethink the whole 9/11 thing and as some of you may know that the airplane that hit one of the towers was supposedly not a commercial liner due to it didn't have windows or a known logo on it, so where could have the oringinal plane AND it's passengers have gone, and then I started to think, aliens? could they have possibly taken an enitre plane and its occupants? I mean, it's not like they might not have the capabilities or anything? could the 9/11 attacks be the work of aliens, and not nessicarily terrorists, or even the Untited States on itself, could aliens has done this to observe how the world would react to this disaster?.. feed back please, i want to know what you all think of this little theory?

posted on Jul, 27 2005 @ 10:29 PM
I think if aliens wanted to kill us, we'd be dead.

The circumstantial evidence points pretty solely to key officials rather than anything as unusual as UFOs, etc.

posted on Jul, 30 2005 @ 02:11 PM
So then is Osama and Alien ? After all, there is footage of him declaring war and taking credit for the whole deal. Heck there is even film of hime laughing about it at some Afghan gathering in the middle of the night. Good timing huh ? Then there all of those 3000 dead people who could care less about plot's or capers etc,.

posted on Jul, 30 2005 @ 02:17 PM
my best opinion is that they were govt. planes.

from reviewing the videos it's noticeable there was some additional pieces under the belly of the plane (hinted missile)

in my opinion, the planes were remotely guided to impact the towers. aliens is a pretty far fetched idea, even on a conspiracy board
quite an imaginative mind you have there

posted on Jul, 31 2005 @ 01:37 AM

Originally posted by BLUBBER
So then is Osama and Alien ? After all, there is footage of him declaring war and taking credit for the whole deal. Heck there is even film of hime laughing about it at some Afghan gathering in the middle of the night. Good timing huh ? Then there all of those 3000 dead people who could care less about plot's or capers etc,.

Any proof that those videos were real and not products of the CIA?

Regarding such a tape:

The tape bore a label indicating it was made on November 9. Administration officials wouldn't reveal exactly how or when they got it, except to say it was found in a house in Jalalabad after anti-Taliban forces moved in.

Needless to say it was never aired on al Jazeera.

And where did they allegedly find it? On a shelf in this city, after it was bombed.

As if that isn't odd enough, here's the smoking gun of a fraud:

The photographs do not match. 'A' through 'D' are well-known photos of Bin Laden. Photo 'E' is from the 2001 tape. Also, "Bin Laden" appears to write with his right hand in the video, while the real Osama is left-handed.

On December 27th, a second video came out that MSNBC reported as being made only 10 days after the alleged creation date of the US "find." In the later tape, Osama was again looking his usual self (photo 'C' above). The US's response?

The recording was dismissed by the Bush administration ... as sick propaganda possibly designed to mask the fact the al-Qa'eda leader was already dead. "He could have made the video and then ordered that it be released in the event of his death," said one White House aide.

Hm.. So somebody's making fake videos apparently. The question is, who?

American officials argued that bin Laden's frequent references to US support for Israel were a bogus justification for his terrorism because in the "dinner party" tape of a private conversation there was no mention of the Middle East.

This is also odd because in an interview on September 28, 2001, with leading Pakistani press, Bin Laden denied involvement and placed the blame squarely on either Israel or an elitist faction within the US. Why did they ignore this interview, and why do they continue to ignore it?

He also held a similar political stance in 1998:

"We say to the Americans as people and to American mothers, if they cherish their lives and if they cherish their sons, they must elect an American patriotic government that caters to their interests, not the interests of the Jews."

So someone is making fake videos, and the US is making misleading statements to go along with the tapes they found of Bin Ladens that do not match known photos. I think that would lead any free-thinking individual to the conclusion that the US was and is faking these tapes, and that the real Bin Laden is denying his involvement and blaming either our government or Israel for the 9/11 attacks.

Again, I ask, do you have any proof that these tapes are authentic and not products of the CIA?

[edit on 31-7-2005 by bsbray11]

posted on Jul, 31 2005 @ 03:50 AM
Actually those photgraphs do match if you have the system I've got. Also, why is it that we just can't for once point our finger's at the idiot's who are on FILM SAYING THEY caused 9/11 ? Is this some kind of racial deal in which they ( people from the Middle East ) are unable to wreak havoc because America is kick ass ? Tough. Bottom line is the creeps are the creeps, and if you want to spend the rest of your life pasting arrow's to something blurry on a photograph etc, so be it. Since nobody can blame the real terrorist's, when do you all figure Dick Cheney will attack London or Spain or whoever is next ? I'll be here waiting for the " blurry " pictures with the ever present arrows stuck all over them. Oh, let's not forget the circles next to the arrows. For all I know circles and arrows might be the terrorist's.

posted on Jul, 31 2005 @ 05:29 AM
I suppose if you don't want to know who really did it, you can still pretend propoganda no longer exists and that everyone in your government is honest after all. Hell, you can even be sarcastic to other members on an online forum seeking truth as you do so.

posted on Jul, 31 2005 @ 02:08 PM
I'm not being " sarcastic " whatsoever, I'm just using my brain and I don't stop thinking just because some slow car pulled in front of me. Osama Bin Lauden has declared war on the " Western " portions of the world, and that's that. There are thousand's of photo's of the idiot all over the web, and I suppose if I really wanted too I could come back here with plenty of " fishy " right click's and make up some fictional story about how his beard look's different in every picture. But here is my question : Why is this topic here if some people think he had nothing to do with 9/11 ? And if he did, why do I care about pictures of people who look like him ? If it's not him in those photo's who cares right ? He is still the person that hatched up the idea of attacking America right ? I think it is wrong and almost racist to remove a bad person from the scheme because he or she might not fit that " MOLD " which has been recreated time and time again by Hollywood movies or TV shows. Sorry to bum you fellas out, but there are no Nazis from Germany to go with this caper. Also, it would help if the originator of this topic provided us with that name of the person or persons who took each photograph and so on. Dates, times and names >>>>>>>>> not arrows and circles. Just looking at a picture that everybody on the web has access too is'nt good enough for me.

posted on Jul, 31 2005 @ 02:36 PM
Perhap's we should expect more and quit stopping at certain timelines ? Some people here have a pre-planned starting point's in which the conspiracy takes root. They then mold it to fit a political creation that usually alway's lead's back to America, Bush, Cheney and so on. This is too easy for me, and considering that most people in America own car's that use GAS, this whole oil war stuff is silly. Here is a real caper : PAPER. Everywhere you go there it is. I wonder what portion of the globe is almost dead because of the lack of tree's for all of this " paper " junk ? Take a walk through Wal-Mart and take a gander at all of the paper that is used. From canned good's to you name it. Trees are falling and everybody is moaning about oil.

posted on Jul, 31 2005 @ 04:20 PM

posted on Jul, 31 2005 @ 08:37 PM

Originally posted by BLUBBER

You have to upload an image to the internet before you can post it.

Also, there are no circles or arrows in the pictures I posted. I don't know what that's about either, but just pointing it out since you refenced it twice already and I still have no idea to what you're referring.

All the rest of your posts are just rants man. Everyone here can rant for as long as they wish, because we all have opinions too, but in the end it's just going to be what you can back up. And I really don't see what's racist about believing Osama was not behind the attacks.

Asking for dates and times of when every picture was taken is a little irrelevant. You can do a quick Google image search and find tons of known photos of Bin Laden. The ones from the fake videos should stand out from being unusually blurry and showing Bin Laden with a chubby face. They aren't that hard to spot.

This is too easy for me, and considering that most people in America own car's that use GAS, this whole oil war stuff is silly.

What is gas made of? Petroleum, maybe?

posted on Jul, 31 2005 @ 08:41 PM
1) O

2) S

3) A

4) M

5) A

You see ? There are now 5 letters to go with each of those 5 photos. I did a cool deal in Photoshop of it, but I don't know how to put up pictures here. I even put 911 on his watch. Oh well...

posted on Jul, 31 2005 @ 09:03 PM
Yeah, too bad we get to miss out on your cute picture.
I guess it would finally put all these ideas to rest, too.

You should check out these threads and maybe start introducing more specific/relevant/non-rant posts to the forums:

posted on Jul, 31 2005 @ 09:36 PM
Prove to me that those 5 pictures are not Osama. Go on......PROVE IT. Do you know who took each of thoses blurry pictures of Osama, and if so what are their names ? Why is it we empower everybody ( CIA ) yet then turn around and tell everybody that we know what they are up to behind those thick walls ? What's the point of it all ? I read about how an insider said this or that, but then I think " who is the insider we never get a clear picture of " ? The insider say's fake Osama pictures are being created within the bunkers of level whatever at the CIA. I'm thinking " well where in the hell are the pictures of the insider for crying out loud " ?! Leave all of the link's you want, but you still can't prove those pictures are not of Osama. I will win this debate and I will also get those pictures up as soon as I learn the ropes. Meanwhile, please fill me in when you get around to whomever took those five fake pictures of a fake person in a fake room.

posted on Jul, 31 2005 @ 10:13 PM
Only 'E' is fake. I never said the others were. In fact, I said rather clearly:

'A' through 'D' are well-known photos of Bin Laden. Photo 'E' is from the 2001 tape. Also, "Bin Laden" appears to write with his right hand in the video, while the real Osama is left-handed.

The Fatty Bin Laden in the 2001 video..

· Has a more filled-out face with different features, especially around his nose.
· Has a much larger frame.
· Appears to write with his right hand, while Osama is left-handed.
· Does not face the camera in typical Bin Laden style.
· Does not express views typical of Bin Laden.
· Appears via a much poorer film quality than usual.

Also.. Comparing the Fatty Bin Laden to the real one:

· Osama has a much taller and narrower nose.
· Osama has a less rounded brow ridge.
· Osama is less well nourished.
· Osama has lower and less full cheeks.
· Osama's forehead slopes back more.
· Osama's face is wider at the level of his eyes.

Here's a link to the video itself, in RealMedia format.

So now you can disprove the above. The video is right there. Just click the link above and watch the video, then compare the video to known photographs of OBL. See what you can come up with. If you can't disprove it, then I suppose it must stand, huh?

I will win this debate

Is that what this is about? Inflating your ego?

posted on Jul, 31 2005 @ 11:02 PM
Oh come on ! The Fatty Bin Lauden ? I call it a cheap JVC in troubled times. That dude is Bin Lauden and and those dopes he's sitting with are all ' rounded up ' for the most part ( hey, notice they are all fat camera perhaps ? ). The main character he is yapping too is now 30 pounds lighter and living in very tight quarters in Pakistan. As for Bin Lauden who cares where that dope is, he won't be running anything and he won't be executing woman on soccar fields anymore. We all know he want's everybody in America dead ( what a fella ! ) and that's all that matters. Take my word for it, if those jerk's perk up one more disaster upon America you can place bet's in Vegas that most of Saudi Arabia will be composed of glass, not to mention a few other unsuspecting dopey countries. The world is getting sick of these twerps.

posted on Aug, 1 2005 @ 01:04 AM
One more toss about Bin Lauden, the real conspiracy is jerk's like him never do the driving ( or should I say flying ? ) ........why is that ? There he sit's all fat and full of joke's because he talked a bunch on loner's into doing something he could never get the courage too. You bet he is in hiding, because that's who he is. He is a spoiled rich snot whose family got rich thank's to the construction business that came about thank's to oil and all of the sillyness that came with that. Does your family have 30 kid's ? Bin Lauden's does so what are the odd's that there won't be one loon big or little brother who just can't get the chick's or fit in ? You know how it goes with these guy's, first comes the coffee house political stuff and the next thing you know they are phoning at 3 am from Afghanistan that they need more Western Union cash so they can start an army. The rest is history.....skinny or fat.

posted on Aug, 2 2005 @ 11:32 PM
Ok, it's been a few day's and I have yet to hear of who plotted the fake caper with a fake Bin Lauden so I suspect I have won this toss. No names, no games.

posted on Aug, 3 2005 @ 11:00 AM

Originally posted by BLUBBER
Ok, it's been a few day's and I have yet to hear of who plotted the fake caper with a fake Bin Lauden so I suspect I have won this toss. No names, no games.

All you did was rant. Sorry.

I can do the same thing, see:

Oh come on! You think that pic of Bin Laden fits with the rest? It's so obviously a fake! His face is fatter than other pics, and his whole body is a lot larger than other pics of Bin Laden! Bin Laden is no tub of lard... he's skinny as hell: what do you think they have to eat running around in the mountains over there? That's if he's not actually living it up in some CIA base operating out of the Mid-East. You think the reason he looks fatter in that pic is because of the camera? That'd have to be one funky camera, man, and the rest of the stuff in it sure looks proportionate. We all know that he does NOT want everybody in America dead: he has stated that he is against our government, and its presence in the Mid-East, and not all Americans. He goes by the Quran where it states that you should not kill women or children. In fact, he's said before that he goes out of his way to try to make sure no women or children are hurt during his bombings. But then again, you know, so many bombings are blamed on Bin Laden that it's hard to tell which he did and which he didn't! He certainly never claimed responsibility for 9/11, or 7/7, or even the '93 bombings, so maybe that should tell us something? After all, he never has any trouble admitting to things he does. Oh wait, in an interview on Sept. 28th he stated quite clearly he was not involved and that the US or Israeli governments likely did it to start wars in the Mid-East. Sounds like he hit it dead-on to me! And hey, you know who's a spoiled rich snot? Bush! Oh yeah, that's right. What's his family into again? Oil now? Oh yeah, and Cheney was too. What's interesting is that Bush's grandaddy was Hitler's leading supplier of steel there for a while. Steel or iron one. That's where their wealth comes from. And Bush's first business partner? Osama Bin Laden's brother. Weird, huh? Oh no, they must not have any connections at all, Bush and the Bin Ladens.
And Bin Laden was put into power by the CIA working by proxy to fight the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan? Well, uh.. What can you say! Funny how reality is deceiving like that, especially when you have propoganda in your face from major media 24/7. And then comments like Larry Silverstein saying he gave an order to "pull" Building 7.. why don't we hear about those kinds of things on the news? Is it not as important as someone pulling the plug from a brain-damaged vegetable woman? Nah, I think Larry's comment would have a little more weight, but they ignored it. Why? Maybe cause they propagate propoganda. Yeah.
Ever heard of propoganda? Well, maybe you should look it up. I hear Hitler and his Nazi henchmen even had their own parliament building burned down in 1930's Germany and blamed Communists just to get the people riled up and want war! And Hitler certainly got his war. How's that saying go? History repeats itself? Hell, maybe that's true after all!

... it's not hard to rant, man.

You have yet to refute the information I posted earlier. Also, maybe you can step above the childish concept of winning and losing a "debate," which I don't even believe this discussion is.

posted on Aug, 3 2005 @ 03:19 PM
Gee, that was a nice hop, skip and a jump. I notice you even left the topic and decided to toss in more junk that nobody cares about. You brought up Bush being a rich snot yet left out the part about the BIN LAUDEN family being even RICHER snots and so on. I'm very happy for you that you can make thing's even more complex than they alway's are, but the point of topic I believe is Aliens and Bin Lauden ? That was the topic. Then there was the silly ( typical ) photo album to validate a fresh idea of Bin lauden no longer really being Bin Lauden and so on. Bin lauden chosse to go to Afghanistan to fight against the Russian invaders and you bet, we Americans sure did supply him with RPGS and so on. And guess who finnally tossed up and left Afghanistan ? The Soviets. We did exactly to Russia what Russia did to us during Vietnam. Bin Lauden decided on his own to go over and help out with the war against Russia, the problem is he never left. So suddenly Afgahnistan has a rich snot from Saudi Arabia bossing everybody around like he is some little Hilter, hence the Northern Allience which dispised Osama and his little " gang ". They had no rich family to send them money to play army like Osamas very wealthy family, so Osama eventually takes over Afghanistan. Boy oh boy what a leader ! Next thing you know woman are wearing purple outfit's and being executed on soccar fields during games on Sunday's. Every other person is being shot for whatever whenever by this new Osama leadership stuff. Now all of these year's later people like you are suggesting this is some form of clever CIA caper, yet not ever YOU YOURSELF can validate who or whom took those pictures of Osama! You also cannot name sources and although you pretend to know what's up at the CIA, you can't name when, where or how. So thank's for the big waste of time with the fake rant that alway's heads back to matter how many times you wind it up.

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