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Bombay Bomb Blasts

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posted on Aug, 25 2003 @ 07:23 AM
Approximately twenty minutes ago, two bombs exploded in Bombay, India. One explosive were detonated in a crowded jewlery market, and the other at a popular tourist attraction called the Gateway of India. The blasts killed fourty people and injured one hundred and fifty.

No one has claimed responsibilty yet, though officials think that it could be related to an archeological report released today regarding a religous site claimed by India and Pakistan. It came as a great shock to the populace around the blasts, who were stunned by the horrific carnage caused by this attack. Pakistan has sympathized with the victims and condemned all acts of Terrorism. India and Pakistan both have the nuclear bomb and are hostile towards each other, though these hostilities have waned in recent months.

XAOS =story&u=/ap/20030825/ap_on_re_as/india_bombay_blasts&cid=516&ncid=716

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