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Conspiracies, Prophecies and inevitability.

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posted on Jul, 27 2005 @ 02:47 PM
We look at the world around us and the things that come about and we often look at it as a conspiracy, particularly as some prophocies tell of the future in the way that it is going. Like the 'mark' from Revelations, one world governments, etc.

But a prophecy is only the foretelling of the future, just because what is happening is predicted does not mean that it is necessarily part of some conspiracy, not on a human level at least.

Even though people say they can see what is coming around the corner with our priveliges and rights being stripped away, is it really the sign of a conspiracy or just the inevitable path that civilisation takes due to the events that occur?

It's like chess, it is a random game, yet there are only a finite number of possibilities of what can occur. If you analyse the events around us and step back, there are only certain reasonable paths that can be taken, all of this in a world which is really full of infinite paths leading to an infinite number of events, or to our minds anyway.

It's easy to 'predict' the next move and scream conspiracy, or set-up, but is it really? Or is it just really that obvious?
Are prophecies really that amazing, or is it something that anyone can do with a little thought?

I and other people I know have all 'predicted' future events, we are not in on any conspiracy and we are not in touch with God, not that we know of anyway.

So is the world we heading down the result of some conspiracy or 'plan', or is it just the predictable outcome to a predictable situation?

posted on Jul, 27 2005 @ 05:49 PM
Mr. Smith

You sure do post some thought provoking threads.

Conspiricies, prophecies and inevitability are not mutually exclusive of civilization and it's normal progression. In fact they are an intergral part of civilization. If man didn't plan, scheme and exicute same; he would be like the mutt at my feet or beasts in the field.

It's not to hard to predict how mankind will react. As much as we would like to trumpet our freewill and individuality; man is still a stimulus/response creature as any first year psych. major can tell you ala Pavlov.

Personally predestination or the idea thereof really scares the BeJesus [thats probably a wrong choice of words] out of me.

I pray it's Chaos. WTF am I saying?!

Peace and Love



posted on Aug, 3 2005 @ 07:09 PM
You are in touch with God always, you have always been in touch with him. You are One with him being his Creation. KNOW that what you are is your Mind, it will never be harmed, the tool the body can be broken, but the Mind cannot. It has always been there, before you understood your body your Mind was there and it was perfect. When you take everything away that ever held you back from God what would be left besides your Mind?

If you are Christian are you not taught that the Spirit will leave the body when it is returning back to Heaven in Eternity? Where does it say that this will come by death? The wages of sin are death, the teachings of Jesus show you the ways to overcome death showing it's own futility. Jesus said if a mans arm would stop him from following him that it should be removed, is that not an indication of how little the body is worth?

Just so much as that your words are your only true weapons is that your Mind is the most powerful entity in this world.

Have ye so little faith that you would doubt Oneself, and the Father? The Revelations are there to see, you will know when change is to come by reading them. Do not fear that which can harm the body though, for it is meaningless, it is an illusion of seperation that is meant to fade with time, does not every man die? What YOU are though will remain always, you are your Mind, you are the Spirit, you are love forevermore, if only you would remember.

posted on Aug, 3 2005 @ 09:34 PM

What makes a conspiracy isnt the fact that an event happened. It's that an event happened because powerful people think they know best and they have the money, power and will to carry it out. This is on the global level.

The cops call it a conspiracy when two people decide to commit a crime. It's not prophecy when the cops arrest one of the conspiritors before the crime was commited because one of the conspiritors was an informant.

I would be very, very suprised if there wasn't a global conspiracy knowing what we know about human nature. IMO we humans are still stuck in a tribal paradime. Ever see the bumper sticker? Think globaly, act locally.

We just haven't quite got to the globaly thinking part; except for the global elite, they have.

It's a brave new world. Ever read "Player Piano" by Kurt Vonnegut

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