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NASA's 'Origins' Program and the eventual revelation of ET life?

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posted on Aug, 25 2003 @ 05:50 AM
This was posted originally by OIMD however the thread was hijacked and the result was not pretty. I think its a worthwhile thread so I`ve reposted it.

Hey folks,
I thought about this while replying to another thread...

NASA will soon begin its long-term 'origins' program, which is intended to search for terrestrial, habitable worlds circling other stars. Part of this program will involve launching a series of space telescopes that will be able to, eventually, actually detect whether or not a planet does have life on it.

Now, a major reason why the government has not revealed anything to the public in regards to the ET situation is that, frankly, the public is unprepared for such a revelation... It also wants to exploit exclusive ET technologies, recovered either from spacecraft/probe crashes or 'trades', for as long as possible...

However, during the last few decades, while the government was discrediting UFO sightings, it was also, slowly, making the public accustomed to the idea of ET life. In our world, today, we see George Bush's space budget talking, openly, about the possibility of alien life. As the years go on, and the Origin program falls into place, the public will begin to see the discovery of ET life as a real, near-term, achievable goal.

Now, if the origin missions DO discover a life-bearing, terrestrial world... One of two things will happen, both resulting in public ET acceptance:
1)After showing, conclusively, that aliens exist, the government may then turn around, facing an 'accalmated' public, and begin to reveal information on alien vists to earth..
2)After the 'Eureka' telescopic messages are received, the government may continue to deny that aliens are actively visiting the earth. However, with the existence of ET life, 'out there', proven, the public will cease dismissing UFO and CE3/4 witnesses as nuts or weirdos, UFOlogy will have a resurgence, and public pressure may force the government to reveal 'the ultimate secret'.

So, the point of this all is that, one way or another, disclosure may be comming VERY soon... perhaps in 10-20 years. What do you think?

Here's NASA's Origins page:

PS: Notice how the page says nasa's mission is to 'protect' earth? I'm sure they're speaking about environmental issues, but, still...

posted on Aug, 25 2003 @ 02:29 PM
I think that number 2) with slight modifications is more likely to happen.
I doubt that goverment will ever admit a gigantic lie like alien cover-up.
If NASA discovers an inhabited planet, the acceptance among people will be larger and all those UFO sightings will be taken more seriously. That might actually be a very good situation for goverment, which would concentrate on emphasizing these new informations in an attempt to divert from their cover-ups.


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