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Wolf Pact

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posted on Jul, 27 2005 @ 02:16 PM
Alright here's the deal, I want this to be a good and clean interactive RP based story here on ATS, with well structured and thought out posts.

Please, no one ruin the fun for everyone else, here's the background for it:

The sun rose from the bottom of the sea. The sun rose, and a bright light flashed across the land, every piece of hard metal returned the glare. The sky was filled with light, and the ground was filled with metal. A graveyard for machines, that once were, machines of war that once fought, but now have rusted down to uselessness.

A world of unforgiving sadness, and a passion for mechanized assault. Strives a squad of units, of amazingly spectacular performance, and unparralleled skill in action.

Piloting large Bipedal machins, no head, no arms, just legs and guns.

Giant fortresses that travese the land at almost lightening speeds in swift and hostile movements. They are the Wolves of Talhan.

The year is 3023 A.D. A new form of warfare has taken upon itself to rise beneath the dust and ashes of previous technologies. Unmatched firepower, unmatched combat, men who not only pilot machines, but pilot nations to victory.

Imagine basically MechWarrior’s 3 and 4.

Pilot’s Name:The dude’s name

Mech Design:Machine’s type

Mech Weapons:The weapons on board

Pilot skills:The skills the pilot has, lets try limiting to only, a maximum of 3 feats

Mech Specialty:What can the robot do that is “special”? Lets keep this down to a single specialty, no cheap insane crap.

Mech Performance:Speed, mobility, etc.

Mech Apparel:The colors of the mech? The design on it?

Pilot Apparel:What does the pilot wear?

Mech appearance:What does the Mech look like persay?

Pilot Appearance:What does the Pilot look like?

Ok, I would really like to get alot of people for this one.

Let’s make it, a maximum of 3 people per squad.

As many squads as possible.

3 to start: Raptors, Wolves, and the Tigers.

2 Factions, The Confederacy, and the Republic.

Good luck.

Shattered OUT...

posted on Sep, 10 2005 @ 08:59 PM
What, no takers?

Shattered OUT...

posted on Sep, 10 2005 @ 09:11 PM
Pilot’s Name:John Mckenzie Macham, but everyone calls him Big Mac

Mech Design:Cross breed between a B-2 bomber and the TR-3B

Mech Weapons:Lasers, and bombs

Pilot skills: Ace in the sky, part of the secret NTK (Night Time Killers) special ops organization developed in 3000 A.D. after the massive massacre of the RAF

Mech Specialty: Literally invisible. Rumour has it, this bird can reach speeds up Mach 17

Mech Apparel:Invisible clear color, but usually black.

Pilot Apparel: Unknown

Mech appearance:Unknown. Some sources say it looks like a flying X.

Pilot Appearance:Top secret


posted on Sep, 10 2005 @ 09:29 PM
Pilot’s Name:Reillan

Mech Design:The ‘mech is an advanced Biped with a core and head. The Head acts as the sensor arrays platform and the core holds everything else. Arms come out of it at the right and left side. This is an Anti-’mech unit that basically specializes in taking down any form of heavy armor(I.E. other mechs or heavy assault vehicles).

Mech Weapons: Plasma induced Ion particle beam cannon on the right arm, Left is a large shield generator that creates an almost impenetrable field of energy in front of the ‘mech, but leaves the back of the ‘mech open to attack, on the left shoulder unit, is a weapons supply pack as long as an additional energy pack for the energy weaponry, on the right shoulder unit is a large linear cannon exact capabilities are still unknown at this time to the Republic forces(I know what it can do thought ).

Pilot skills:Reillan himself has the ability to get out of his ‘mech outside battle and sabotage other stationary ‘mechs. The 'mech’s name is Xegal and has a fully functional cloak on board, however the cloak cannot be active while firing of the weapons is occuring, cloak is strictly a defensive “Time to leave the battle” device, not used to take advantage of in offensive battle. Last ability is the most important and most devastating, Xegal uses his Linear Cannon when up against a large force that cannot be overcome by convential means, the full effects of the cannon is still unknown, but it is believed that the linear cannon is capable of total oblideration of anything within a 2 km area except for the point of origin(The cannon that’s doing the shooting).

Mech Specialty:Right Weapon(most used weapon, so it’s not really a special, but it sure as hell is devastating enough to be one)

Mech Performance:
Air Capability-40 percent manueverability in the air at 70 MPH maximum speed(it’s not an aerial mech)
Ground Capability-80 Percent manueverability at a maximum speed of 32 MPH.
Water Capability-10 percent manueverability(’mechs tend to not be operable under water, fortunatly Xegal was actually built for limited underwater extursions) at 17 MPH maximum, boosters do not work underwater, so Xegal must walk through the ocean floor.

Mech Apparel:Xegal is painted Fully black with Grey and white stripes going down the core and back. The legs have Grey stripes as well as do the arms. White jagged stripes cover the head.

Pilot Apparel:Wheres during combat a Black and silver jump suit with dark green paddings.

Mech appearance:The mechanized unit Xegal stands 43 feet tall at his highest point. Weighs in at a light weight of 79 Tonnes fully loaded down with weapons and gear. He wears all his weapons like a good little ‘mech where they should be.

Pilot Appearance:Jet black hair and brown eyes. Looks like he’s in his early 30’s. Stands 6’ 1” and has a decent build(He’s not totally ripped out of belief, what you would find on most regular pilots).

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