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The 2008 ball starts to roll

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posted on Jul, 27 2005 @ 12:20 PM

Gov. George E. Pataki (R-NY) Just announced that he is not seeking a 4th term as NY State's Governor.

Add that to the fact that he has recently travelled to certain "primary" important states and it's pretty clear where he's headed.

Looks like we have a soon to be confirmed Republican candidate for 2008.


posted on Jul, 27 2005 @ 12:25 PM
I met him and shook his hand once at a Republican party held for him, it would be cool if he became president, but I doubt he'd have any chance. If a relatively liberal Republican such as him could win the primary, then Rudy Giulliani would be it, not him.

posted on Jul, 27 2005 @ 12:34 PM
Here's another name you'll probly see thrown into the ring:

Rick Santorum

and one more..

Former Oklahoma congressman J.C. Watts.

posted on Jul, 27 2005 @ 01:17 PM
It looks like 10 (10%) of U.S. Senators (both GOP & Dems combined) are at least thought to be looking into 2008 runs...should be interesting.

posted on Jul, 27 2005 @ 01:41 PM
I havn't heard any talk of J.C. Watts throwing his hat in the ring, it's just a gut feeling. He's all over the talk circuit defending BushCo, even though he's "out of government."

It just occurred to me one day.. What a coup to slap down a Hillary run.... The GOP runs the nation's first black presidential nominee - Watts would be perfect for them. He may not be a war heeero, but he was a football star - which is the next best thing for red staters.

posted on Jul, 28 2005 @ 02:17 AM

Please no please no please no please no! This can't be starting already! Bush just got re-elected not even a year ago, the "Bush cheated" stuff that was 100% bound to come around is over, and we've all finally been able to take a breath. I wasn't expecting this to start up until at least 2007!

posted on Jul, 28 2005 @ 08:02 AM
Herman, it never ends. Look at Hillary.. she's already campaigning. And she ain't gonna win! (Sorry Dems) She's just too unpopular with at least half of the electorate.

Here's an article on Pataki I ran across this a.m.

Pataki Tells Backers He Won't Run in 2006
By Marc Humbert
The Associated Press

Wednesday 27 July 2005

Albany, NY - Republican Gov. George Pataki said Wednesday he will not seek a fourth term next year. "It's the right thing to do," he told The Associated Press during an interview in his state Capitol office. He formally announced his intentions later at a news conference.

posted on Jul, 28 2005 @ 06:28 PM

Originally posted by djohnsto77
It looks like 10 (10%) of U.S. Senators (both GOP & Dems combined) are at least thought to be looking into 2008 runs...should be interesting.

That's amusing, especially given the poor track record for Senators running for the Presidency.

Hillary won't win. I used to like her a little bit, but in the past year or two she's gotten real sour on me. Pataki really won't be doing it, though I don't think I'd like Guiliani any better.

I still say Obama is the man for the job.

posted on Jul, 28 2005 @ 10:15 PM

Originally posted by Amorymeltzer
I still say Obama is the man for the job.

I have a friend who swears he is the second coming. It's too early for himl, though.

posted on Jul, 31 2005 @ 12:14 AM
Of course, like many wrestling fans, I'd love to see the dem's go with Hillary, only to watch the Republicans counter with . . . . Condoleeza Rice!!!

THAT would make for must-see TV!

Frist cannot get the Republicans, especially after the filibuster "drive by."

I saw John Edwards trying to look presidential. Please, will some Dem go whisper in his ear and tell him how much he physically resembles Dan Quayle?

posted on Jul, 31 2005 @ 12:29 AM
Man, the last thing America needs is a celebrity deathmatch between Condi and Hillary!

Not one of those you mentioned will be president.

posted on Aug, 8 2005 @ 07:39 PM
did you see Biden on the Daily Show? He came right out and said that he'd like to have McCain for a running mate!

that boggles the mind but, I LOVE it!

Biden-McCain on the Democratic ticket for 2008!

Maybe, McCain-Biden could be the Republican ticket?!

posted on Aug, 8 2005 @ 10:16 PM
Yeah, I saw that. I don't take that lightly, to be honest. They had to have discussed it for Biden to just come and say what he said. That would definitely be an interesting ticket. Or more than that, a very interesting run for president. I'd love to see it.

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