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British Arrest Failed Bombings Suspects

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posted on Jul, 27 2005 @ 11:47 AM
Sometime early today, the police across the United Kingdom (Birmingham and London) raided several homes in connection with the July the 21st attempted terrorists attacks - which luckily killed nobody. During these raids, it has been announced - by the media, they have captured several people in connection with the attacks including the Somali born man who they think might have been one of the suicide bombers.

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Police pursuing suspects in the failed July 21 terror bombings in London raided four homes across Britain on Wednesday and detained four people, including one subdued with a stun gun. Media reports said he was a Somali sought as one of the fugitive bombers.

The man was arrested when officers stormed a home in Birmingham before dawn. Members of the bomb squad, some dressed in armored suits, were seen entering the home after police evacuated 100 nearby residences in a quiet, ethnically mixed neighborhood of Britain's second-largest city.

Three more men were arrested in a pre-dawn raid at another home about two miles away in this city 120 miles northwest of London. The raids were carried out by 50 officers from London's Metropolitan Police Anti-Terrorist Branch and West Midlands Police. No shots were fired.

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

I think this shows great work by the British Police Force. Only 6days after the attacks, they have found several houses that had explosives in them and have hopefully now captured one of the men - if not more of them - which were behind the attacks on the 21st.

Hopefully, now we'll know if it was a small - independent cell, or several larger cells all strung together and lead to hopefully more prosecutions of guilty people.

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