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Greta vs Dead People

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posted on Jul, 27 2005 @ 12:24 AM
What kind of creepish nutty life must Greta Van Whatever live ? They ought to call it Fox Blues with that freakshow she's got goin. You ever watch these CSI goof show's with these people ? We can't find Osama but by gum we'll drain every single pond in Aruba if that's what it takes to get Natalee back to America ! I care, but these show's are crazy, you know ? What the hell am I doing eating a bag of Dorito's watching Greta walk through a crime scene night after miserable night ?! And now there is the new Nancy Grace ( ticked off all the time ) show ! It's the " Camel Cigarette " non filtered version of Greta's nutty show. This stuff is junk and how many more times are you gonna watch it ? I've bought 3 harmonicas and am considering some candles if this stuff keep's up. What are you gonna get to go with you TV show kit ?

[edit caps and title - nygdan]

[edit on 27-7-2005 by Nygdan]

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