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Women, here it is: What's Wrong With Men

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posted on Oct, 2 2005 @ 01:01 AM
I am busting out laughing at my computer desk. Your post is pretty much right on the X ring at 100 yards. Well done Denial ..well done.
I understand about your getting along easily with men and hence the question I posed as I have known women with the same problem. This and other indicators have clued me in to the concept that women are far more territorial than men. On a different wavelength but none the less territorial. Along with this many are primordal in this too..not civilized at all. Right out of the primordal ooze. to speak.
Most men can be deep creatures about many things. I am just appalled at how easily they get sidetracked by the swimsuit edition and other such categories. By the way..I dont really care for humor on the toilet or bodily function level..its just me...thats the way I am. I appreciate humor..though usually I am pretty straight up..just not toilet humor per se. I get my fill of that at work.
I have no problems with women being femminine. I like a woman who is not afraid to get dirty or break a nail. I also appreciate women who can handle thier own problems. Problem solve so to speak..not play the helpless "victim". Rescue me..please. Ive done enough of that in my early years to have it come up as a red flag Warning!!!!! However I also consider this Rescue Me phenomonon necessary for a mans continued education in the realiltys of the world. Rescuing women from their problems as a career opportunity in a multitasking world is like going backwards. Its a losing concept.
One of my worst nightmares is to be stuck on a deserted Island with four hundred surviving women all readers of Cosmopolitan, religiously addicted to the quizzes and all needing rescuing.
Knowing how to work with pneumatic tools..good grief..most women wouldnt have a clue what that is. Its great that you know this area of endevour. I work in a shipyard as an outside machinist building Aircraft Carriers and Submarines. Pnuematic tools ..also some new hydraulic powered tools are equipment we use daily. Great time and labor savors if used properly and respectfully.
While we are at it ..what did you do for the Army? I was in the Airforce for 4 years and then two years after that I was in the Army National guard on towed artillery. It was a experience.
Also understand about your parents wanting to turn you into a girl. It was the same with my younger sister. She understands now days though she prefers to keep it simple. She can dress to kill but prefers her jeans for just hanging around and getting work done. She can do many of the things you describe also.
As to Chivalry ..I have no problems with chivalry. I think it needs to make a comeback. The high speed fast food lane is attempting to kill off Chivalry for expedience. A poor substitute. Some simple basic civility would also be nice.
I live here in the South near the Chesapeake Bay in Virginia. There is a basic civility here in the south born of the olde days of Chivalry. People here more than our bretheren up north .especially in the larger citys seem to have lost much of this basic civility. I pray that we dont lose it here to the fast food lane type lifestyle. I prefer the slower pace of life here ..obviously.
As to women being Green Berets or the Citadel..I have no problems with this either if they can meet the requirements. Not some politically skewed requirements. I am also aware that the number of men who drop out of this type of course is very high...over 80 percent drop out. The requirements are very high.
On this same line of thinking..women have been some of the best shooters in this world ..for some they seem to have a inherently stable hand for shooting. As I recall a woman at one time held the 1000 yard record in High power rifle shooting. I know lots of women who like to shoot. Especially clays. I have taught my woman to shoot ..she is a apartment manager and carrys concealed. She doesnt like getting gunpowder on her expensive fingernail jobs so I buy those surgical gloves for when we shoot. Doesnt matter to me as long as she shoots and keeps her skills up. Now if I can just get her to do the reloading while Im on the computer. She needs a concealed permit more than me as there is sometimes some real wildlife in the apartment buisness.
By the woman doesnt have any use for those "victim rescue me " cosmo girl types either. They show up at her workplace looking for jobs and she spots them quickly. They try to set up fiefdoms for themselves and get away with as little work as they can. The job is there to support them not the other way around. They tend to just make more work for others and she weeds them out quickly. I am proud of her for catching on to this type. She hates the "Victim/drama" mentality worse than me.
As to the concept of Peace. I find it more valuable than most of the thinking passing itself off as excellence now days. The problem is finding a woman who is integrated into the concept instead of trying to get me switched over to the settings on her's and the childrens dial. When they do this I know the Peace will go out the window quickly. I know so many men who have this problem but dont fully understand it outside of their womans and kids settings. These women are just not much intrested in anything outside theirs and their kids settings. The men find themselves disposable and dont understand the concept. How can they possibly handle it if they dont even know it exists or can even define it. I am just not intrested in that kind of male disposability. To many men do this to themselves. They dont think it through ..they just do sports conditioning to see the play through.
I think you used the term emasculated..I use the expression Male Disposability.
Thanks for a great post Denial. I have to get back to work..trying to put this dashboard instrument cluster back in my Honda.


posted on Oct, 2 2005 @ 02:12 AM
My advice to other men - never listen to women who try to analyze men in a negative light. They want the intellectual leg up, and they're mad that they can't have it. ;-) I'm not going to sit here and try to say that men are smarter than women, or women are smarter than men, but I can definitely tell you that women are not smarter. Yeah, for about 6 years between age 12 to age 18 women might be a little more mature, but after that it's pretty much equal. The whole "Men are inferior" thing was pretty big in the 90s, but luckily it's died out a little. Just take a look at any sitcom made in the 90s... It's always the woman having the heads up.

Just let them think they're superior. That's how we've always done it, and it's worked out well so far

posted on Oct, 2 2005 @ 02:43 AM
I dont necessarily think that women are more mature than men. Not by a longshot. Many give the appearance of being mature but it is not necessarily so. It is just that many men have not broken out of the ignorance of not being able to look past the surface.

You dont have to be mature if your technique for living is to have someone else get you over lifes hurdles when life itself becomes difficult. Someone else "rescue " you . You can take on the appearence of maturity just as many women take on the appearence of commitment so that they never really have to be committed. This is not maturity is consumption rates.
This phenomonon has alot to do with social expectations and belief systems.
Im going to let you in on a little secret...about good can get away with psuedo maturity when life is good and resources are readily available to support or hide immaturity passing itself off as maturity.
At $3.50 to $4.50 per gallon ..we are going to find out quickly who is and is not mature. Male and Female......simple economics will make this clear very quickly.
It is just not socially popular to post this kind of view.

Thanks ,

posted on Oct, 2 2005 @ 03:16 AM
To answer a few questions, I was a 68G, an aircraft structural engineer for 4 years. I held the equivalent of an Airframe and powerplants license, or A&P in the army, my school was the longest besides intel- it was 26 weeks long.. I loved it AND hated it at the same time, it was boring for me, I wanted action, not to be holed up in some hangar for the rest of my military career. I consider Girl power, me holding a big pneumatic riveter and being able to stay level on the ground, those things have some kick

I had to work on damaged UH-1, Blackhawk COBRA and Chinook helicopters. I repaired damaged tail and rotor blades, as well as structural integrity, basically, I fixed the bullet holes in the side of them. I also had to build J-stringers and bulkheads, which are the internal skeleton, if made in small scale, make wonderful ashtrays. I have the ability of telling you what temperature Alclad skins are poured at, and exactly what the corrosion resistance is for them, but as exciting as metalurgy sounds, I won't bore you...

When that tour was over, I changed my MOS, and went where the action was, I became a 95 B, MP. Not only did I get to use my brains but I got to drive really cool toys, like deuce and a halfs, cut-v's and hummers-my equivalent of a life sized barbie vette. I had to qualify with a 9mm pistol, SAW, machine gun, and the likes. I also had friends that were WO's(Warrent Officers,) who flew My partner in crime and I, in their Blackhawk, to a lot of the specialty details we had. Not bad for a Specialist
I made it to E-5 when all was said and done, and I never lost my rank.(cool thing about being an MP is, you OUTRANK all

I got to do alot of PR, I got to escort the Golden Knights everywhere they went I was trained in POW detainment, as well as EPW detainment. My unit is actually in the prison right now.(AbuGhraib)53 and a wake up boys! One received the purple heart, and other than that, everyone is alive and well.

My ex was VERY threatened by me, and TBH most of the guys I have dated have all been threatened. . I play pool, (actually Aug 27th, I came home.My team of 8 went to Vegas to compete in the APA National Championships,which is the superbowl of pool, and we came in 33rd out of about 850 other teams from all over the country. ) and once I started beating him, he'd throw tantrums because he was getting beat by a girl. He'd gloat like a fiend if he whooped my rear, but god forbid I should win.

I also had an extremely jealous boyfriend that told me I was nothing until I met him, and when I left him, I would be nothing, well lets see, I am in a great relationship, have a wonderful child, own my own company, and have an honorable discharge, hmmm... lets see here. Boy I'm really doing bad
Needless to say, I left him about a month after that and I met my guy.
(He actually threatened to shoot me in the foot once, because I was called to duty Sept,11th and we were getting deployed, and I refused to quit- I was a hard core soldier-now I'm a hardcore Mommy!)

For kicks, I decided to teach myself HTML, and learned it in about 6 hours. The next night I decided to learn the entire Macromedia suite, and I did. I gave myself a 2 year college education, in about a week. I now launched my own company, Triple Threat Graphics. Try as I might, the A&P field just was not for me..

The woman in me still dictates my fashion sense, when it comes to actually getting dressed up for the 4 times a year that I do it, mostly funerals, weddings, christmas and thanksgiving. Most times, people don't recognize me, the phrase most commonly heard is "Wow, Don't YOU clean up nice!" I also have a thing for shoes and silver jewlery, hate bling, I'll lose it anyways, and I can tell the difference btween a knockoff prada and the real thing.

I feel very lucky to have guy friends, I enjoy their company immensely, and will quickly dismiss any guy I am dating if he's threatened that I have male friends-they were there first, I will only date men who are secure enough to know, that if I am going home with them, than that's all that matters, and I don't cheat, I'm a serial monogamist Sometimes I think their threatened by the fact that I am almost a spy, and theyre worried that I'll catch on to their tricks. The alphabet is a wonderful one BTW.

I also don't get jealous, why should I waste my time wrapped up in worrying and trying to prevent, what's going to happen regardless of what you do. Another thing wrong with both sides, Women are more apt to do this though.

One of my biggest pet peeves are these people who freak out calling every 20 seconds wanting to know who your with, where youre going, what your doing, and then wonder why everything happened the way it did.

The philosophy is, they should feel great knowing that others still find them attractive... Those are also the types of guys I steer clear of anyways, they don't like my type, simply because my iq is a lot higher than my bra size.

posted on Oct, 2 2005 @ 03:32 AM
Originally posted by orangetom1999
I dont necessarily think that women are more mature than men. Many give the appearance of being mature but it is not necessarily so.

Very true..
My sister is a BIG offender when it comes to this, she is ALWAYS lecturing me on the fact that I need to find myself-Shes 4 years younger than me, shes a pretensive snob. I need not one souls existance to make mine meaningful. I may not have 4 pairs of manolo blahniks, and partake in yoga because its the "trendy thing to do at the time" Examples of her kind, are nothing more than a parasitic relationship, with their host..

posted on Oct, 2 2005 @ 10:20 AM

Originally posted by they see ALL
i am a male...

for me, this is true with my girl friend...

i fear breaking up with her...

and all my negative actions are because of this???

if i was afraid of breaking up with her, then why would i do negative actions in the first place???

How else could one face thier fears, if they have not been manifested into reality?

posted on Oct, 2 2005 @ 11:19 AM

Originally posted by ZeddicusZulZorander

Originally posted by orangetom1999
Talk about complicated...I find Esoteric Teachers postings over complicated ..almost femminine to the point of meaninglessness. From time to time there is a point somewhere in there..but most of it is overcomplicated and I have posted so.
Good catch on your part Zed.

Almost feminine.

Men will have friends for YEARS. Why? We get together, have a beer and have conversations about general stuff.

Women get together and discuss all of their feelings and emotion for hours on end. After a few months, there is no mystery. They burn each other out and then don't get along. Women generally don't have friends for years and years like guys.

Having spent nearly 8 years as a military firefighter, and 2 years and 10 months in war zones living close quarter with all men, perhaps my feminine views are unwarranted. As a well versed hederosexual, perhaps there is someone with a more masculine point of view to help contribute to my life experiences beyond the input gathered by the men I've served with in war?

It has been my personal observations of men in the most austere of environments that have led me to my conclusions. If my views sound feminine. perhaps one day the word "feminine" won't hold such negative conotations when I learn to be more masculine.

posted on Oct, 2 2005 @ 03:54 PM
Esoteric teacher, if I may.
I spent 8 years of my life serving in the military, unfortunately, given the fact that most men see you as a threat(alot still hold the feeling that the military should have never let women in- my basic training instructors were some of these), because you are treading on their territory, challenging their manhood, so to speak.

The natural thing is for men to be the protector, for the testerone charged male, its the ingrained teachings their fathers have passed on to them, in father- son talks.

(just as we women have been ingrained to believe we should find someone who can take care of us for the rest of our lives, it is ingrained in them that they do everything they can to take care of their women-women and children first, so to speak)

Their natural responses are how we have the ability to keep on being a species, simple as that.

It is also hard to realize, that under the camo, you are still a female, being in a combat situation, they are more apt to look at you as a fellow soldier, and not a woman- thats what happens, its an initiation right.
For example, you are surrounded by soldiers.

Based on personal experience, when you are in a combat ready unit, the chances of you finding responses on a more personal basis, simply will not happen. You are around men, who are fathers, husbands, brothers and uncles, they are away from their families, and all they worry about is making it home, alive and in one piece. Their sense of security is a bullet away from being lost.

All too often you'll hear a fellow soldier tell you he shipped out right before his baby was born, we as women can't share this feeling, simply for the fact that we get 18 months leave. We get nine during the pregnancy, and another 9 after.

Alot of civilian men are threatened by the fact that you have been in combat. From the title of this post, and your following posts, I would make the assumption, that you are one to constantly try to outdo the males you are around. Its ok, I do this alot as well, but there is a tactfulness that you need to adhere to. When you challenge a male, his first instinct is to engage you and protect his pride, You need to realize not to pick a battle that you aren't prepared to win.

In your first post, you have simply stated exactly what human instincts are, not just our male counterparts.

1) I am self before I serve
I know my first instinct is one of self preservation, and I'm sure if you were faced with an enemy that held you at gunpoint, your first instinct would be to shoot as well. This goes well into the business world as well, HUMAN nature is one based on self preservation, not just men. It is the tactics we use to fulfill this, that are the differences in the sexes,

men take matters into their hands, and most times you'll hear us telling the person "you haven't met my boyfriend or hubby yet."

2) I am/I exist
All babes make the first wail, when they have exited their mother's womb, that is the first announcement that they exist. Check statistics, but I'm sure it isn't just our male couterparts that do this either. Look up APGAR test averages. I'm sure you'll see the balance drawn equally.The depth to which this is interpreted can be many things, both sides spend their lives finding purpose and meaning in this. The way males do this is by procreation, which in turn is their shot at immortality, ours is giving birth.

3) I am afraid/Fear
Want to talk about fear, how many mothers are overbrooding, worrying that you'll break a limb, or any other example of that? I am a brave soul, and things still scare me, it is the way we cope with it that differentiates.

Therefor fear may very well be the opposite of Love, since hate is the response to fear.
Ever see a catfight amongst women? Usually it is a woman who FEARS her man is going to be taken away, by another woman. If a woman is the prettiest in the room, more often than not, there will be a group of women sitting in the corner bashing this woman, for no logical reason, other than she poses a threat. Men don't do this unless there is burden of proof, that this person has actually slept or made advancements on his mate.

How many men you see sitting in the corner picking on another male, for no other reason, other than he's better looking than them? Unless they are completely insecure. Ie homophobia

4) I am not alone
EVERY baby takes comfort in their mothers smell and touch, it comes from instinct number one.(Self Preservation). Mothers are their food source, they provide the ability for survival, and EVERY human feels hunger.

We as humans are a social mammal, our lives revolve around our status in our pack. As women, we spend our time consoling one another, seeking out our sisters, that share the same empathetic views as us. Men share with their brothers, the basic drive to figure out how they can be immortalized -basically a primordial inventing the wheel sort of thing

and yes women rule, but so do men

posted on Oct, 2 2005 @ 05:16 PM
You dont walk around with a unloaded gun thats for sure.!!! I'm busting out laughing again.

In the X- ring again. No doubt.

Must be something wrong with me ..I am not inherantly the jealous terrotirial type. I like calling my woman but dont do so constantly. Particularly since I know she works in a office with very high traffic and I mean high volumes..Langley AFB , Fort Eustis, Fort Monroe and the Norfolk Navy base and civilian traffic too. Not much slack time for her on the job. I respect this in her though I know it causes alot of stress. When I can I take her to lunch to help relieve her of some of this stress.
Great on your army career also about the different metallurgy. I have the same thing in my line of work especially the submarine technology. Lots of different metals to keep in mind.
Yeah .I like to shoot ..reload too. I am trying to teach myself bench rest shooting and reloading for accuracy but time is at a premium and it takes alot of time at the range and the reloading bench.
Understand about liking to be where the action is.
I like to work with my hands though lately I am called to be the supervisor when our regular needs some time off. Never was much at shining a seat with my backside but I reckon it goes with the territory.

I dont have any problem about being beaten by a woman ..never did. My sister and I both took Judo lessons at the same time..there were times when she cleaned my clock. We both have alot of air time. I have no problem with this. Lol lol ..she has also cleaned the clocks of a few men who wanted to get to famaliar with her against her will and over her objections. They never messed with her after that. She knows how to choke, arm lock and throw. She also has a Masters Degree. No one much messes with her although I would like to see her learn to shoot and get her carry permit. Getting to be alot of wildlife about this town.
Oh and another sister is pretty self sufficient too and doesnt like wimpy whiney victimization women or men .
A man who is confident in himself..sure..not insecure..this is what a woman like you will honor in a man and go along way for him. By your posts of this I am certain.

Also great about you being a Mom...I think that is great. Congratulations. This is now the important part of your calling as a human being on this earth. Protect and defend them. Your Army career and experience was great same with your civilian experience but here a mother is where you will really put this experience to fruitition. Teach your children what you know..teach them to know the difference and to be self sufficient as you related to me. To be able to see and know of that which is seen and unseen and how to handle and not handle thus. This type of thinking is one of the greatest gifts with which you can bless your offspring. The ability and knowlege to "stand" when you are no longer able to stand for or with them. This truely is love ...beyond any words ....any ego...any other...expressions one can imagine. It is love that goes way beyond the mere frailty of our flesh. It will serve your children well when you are returned to the dust. On this your father would be very proud.
I learned look beyond my foolishness of ego, though some of it is still have, and realized that my father was very hard on me because he wanted me to be able to "stand" in the day when he would no longer be able to stand with me. This love!!!!
One more thing Denial...your self sufficiency and ability to take care of yourself and your child makes you able to come to a man for love only. A rare blessing among most women. Most are not integrated into the skills and understanding you possess. Bravo!! The right type of will do him proud.
If I might make bold with my words..and you have a good man..please let him read this posting.

Well done on your post to Esoteric Teacher.
gotta go..still odds and ends to take care of around here before work tomorrow.
Thanks for a great post..keep it in the X- Ring.

posted on Oct, 2 2005 @ 07:02 PM

Originally posted by denial28
Esoteric teacher, if I may.
I spent 8 years of my life serving in the military, unfortunately, given the fact that most men see you as a threat(alot still hold the feeling that the military should have never let women in- my basic training instructors were some of these), because you are treading on their territory, challenging their manhood, so to speak.

I am a 210 lb, 5 '10" hederosexual who has both a penis and testicles, and who has not had any urge, ever, to put my penis in any hole that belongs to any man. Having said that, I appreciate the insights of those who "Read" me as feminine. Their obvious intuitiveness is astonishing.

I hope I make this point very clear:
I am a man.

Let us pose a question and see who thinks what of how the process works.

Do male fetuses exchange estrogen with thier mother hosts?

If not, then maybe their is a cellular differentiation with how both female and male fetuses adapt and react to their environments leading up to birth.

It seems apparent that female fetuses share readily with their host, while male fetuses cells make a physical attempt to repulse the estrogen coming in through the umbilical cord.

So, accepting this knowledge may shed some light on the fact that their are non-inharent differences in cellular activity that have behavioral implications on men, which stem not from merely genetics, but also how their brains begin to hardwire their personality and self starting at an age before they can speak.

Remember I was talking about the "Law of Association".

Law of Association.

If your senses witness something they can not attach to anything known, then consciously, it is not witnessed. Why? Because there is simply nothing that you can currently associate that experience with. If a new experience can not attach to something known, then it can not be known.

And, if we are missing what is really taking place, and what is really going on, then it must be the mechanism of the observer itself. Men or Women. I just happen to be a man, so I thought I'd utillize that insight and observations I've made of the most menly of men to just summerize that peoples thinking are not neccesarily the only neuro-net they have to subscribe to.

posted on Oct, 2 2005 @ 09:01 PM
Having spent nearly 8 years as a military firefighter, and 2 years and 10 months in war zones living close quarter with all men, perhaps my feminine views are unwarranted
The posts you make are very misleading in your declaration of being a man.
Its almost like there are 2 people using your name. I do apologize.

]Do male fetuses exchange estrogen with thier mother hosts?
answer. Yes, this is why hermaphrodites exist.

male and female infants are not born as similar basic templates. One gender usually has a penis and the other gender does not.

The penis is actually an enlarged female clitoris. So on a very basic concept, we both have penises.
Discovery had a very fascinating show on this titled "XY factor, the battle of the sexes?" Upon month 5 the dictating hormone present, if testosterone, the area starts to enlarge, if estrogen, then it starts to shrink and become female. Basically during the first 5 months we are all women.

So in theory, maybe you should rename the title to this thread to whats wrong with Women?
We're blamed for everything else anyways...

It is the environment of the womb that dictates what sex we become. Male chromosomes are less resistant, the birth defect rates are very high, and if there is a stressful situation at the time of horomonal releases, estrogen starts to dominate. Male birth rates are relatively low, provided the fetus makes it past 3 months of viability.

If you study a human anatomy book, closely, you'll see both genitalia are very similar, the ovaries, are shaped just like testes, there is foreskins on both parts, as a matter of fact, the g spot is actually the female equivalent of a prostate.. You worked in nursing, you should know this stuff...

Females with high testosterone levels are generally smaller breasted, and have facial hair, while men who have higher estrogen levels, are more likely to develop breasts, and their voices do not deepen quite as much as other males. Men who are slender, actually have high amounts of estrogen, causing them to be lean, and this is why alot of men have problems gaining bulk, its because of the estrogen levels. IE why synthetic testosterone increases muscle mass.

Men and women have the same number of chromosomes, and yes it is the teachings of all that we have learned through the years that shapes the popular acceptance as to what dictates male and female It starts with the baby being wrapped in either a blue or pink blanket, the fact that a father would die if his baby boy wa dressed from head to toe in pink, speaks volumes.

posted on Oct, 3 2005 @ 12:24 AM
Please disregard my multiple personality disorder.

At any rate I still subscribe that the initial first experiences are interpritted differently by the genders due to the cellular differences in response to pre-birth environments and the initial accepted truths of the individuals. I also subscribe to the belief that it is these raw first truths that dictate the development of a certain neuro-net which adheres to the "Law of Association", which in effect confines both experienced stimulis and learning to a specific standard within all, which is not necessarily producing an end product of a mind that is permitting itself to reach its full potential.

I do not subscribe to the belief that the behavioral differences in both men and women are the direct result of their society, and instilled within them during any stage of their life, just reinforced.

If behavioral problems of one gender offend the other gender, the source of those problems lie within their beliefs offered to them by a neuro-net that operates soley under the direction of "The Law of Association". Therefore, the behavioral objectives and intentions of any individual have their root source in what truths they consciously accepted as true. It may very well be these initial accepted truths that began our brain cells creating both long term and short term relationships which has led an entire race to a point where 7,000 years of not knowing 7 consecutive days without war/killing makes perfect sense.

With reference to the entirety of man: Does our history make perfectly logical sense to you, or is it apparent that some deep rooted sestemic problem with our hardwiring may be causing people to their actions and behaviors?

[edit on 3-10-2005 by Esoteric Teacher]

posted on Oct, 3 2005 @ 01:10 AM
I believe men are built for hunting and , gathering, the average male traits are broad shoulders, deep chest, powerful legs and strong hands. These are all traits passed from 1000's of years of evolution. Back in the day, you had to run after your dinner, jump on its back,kill it then drag it home. This is kind of very sexy grrr.... Ok I'll calm down sorry all
See even I find that attractive.. And I'm with a musician.

Look at the physiological differences between women and men. Unless you are a modified woman, we are not as strong as men, physically. There are exceptions to every rule, but naturally, our muscle to fat ratio, is a lot less. If we still lived in the days where we still had to hunt our dinner, you'd see the big difference this makes. I would have to say the years of evolution have made us what we are, that it is the cellular dna we are comprised of, that gives us these differences. It is thousands of years of evolution at its finest.

During ovulation, we want the beefcake type, and other times, we want the sensitive male. The Journal for Amer. Psychology did a study to prove this. It is ingrained in our dna

Evolution is paramount in this. The reason we have a higher fat content, is because men find curves alot more desirable, than hard muscle,( unless of course you have a certain fetish, but thats none of my business.) . We are also the childbearers, the extra fat stores ensured that while we were nursing our children, we had sufficient fat stores for our body to produce milk. Which if you look at breast physiology, you'll see this proven true(unless of course, theyre store bought.

Some food for thought guys, the eye candy is nice, but reproduction problems are really frequent in the north american female stick insect, you find gracing the covers of maxim, and gq.

posted on Oct, 3 2005 @ 11:01 AM
The term femminine is used by me..I will not speak for others. refer to your thinking process. The values reflected by your obvious patterns of digesting information and then using them in your posting technique. I can assure you ..most men are way to dumb to pick up on it to this conclusion without being told. Women will pick up on it very quickly.
Femminine..does not in the manner used by me refer to your sex. Femmine..effeminite does not necessarily mean sex or sexual orientation.
It refers to values ..expressed from ones very soul.
It is to this facet to which I refer..and once again.. women will pick up on this much faster than do men because of their natural sensitivity in this arena.
I detect this in you because I am aware of esoteric occult teachings going back to the Ancients.


posted on Oct, 3 2005 @ 11:08 AM
Eye Candy...!!!!! Yup..I must agree..also with the reproductive problems.


posted on Oct, 3 2005 @ 11:17 AM
In the last refueling I worked on ..during slack time I picked up a copy of Maxim one of the other guys brough in.
As I remember the issue it had some guy on the cover named Iggy Pop.
What a waste this magazine was. Having read many issues of Cosmo, and even taken the quizzes, I quickly deduced it was the male cosmo for glandular unthinking males who need to get on the treadmill and stay on it. Same thing with GQ.
Intresting that you would post thusly. I was astonished to learn that the magazine standard for men has sunk to the same levels as much of the magazine levels for women. The only approach missing is "How to trim pounds off that mahogany cabinet in 2 days without really trying".
I dont read Hugh Hefner or Bob Guccione either. Defnintely not Larry Flint. These are of the same genre.


posted on Oct, 3 2005 @ 12:27 PM

Originally posted by orangetom1999
In the last refueling I worked on ..during slack time I picked up a copy of Maxim one of the other guys brough in.
As I remember the issue it had some guy on the cover named Iggy Pop.
What a waste this magazine was. Having read many issues of Cosmo, and even taken the quizzes, I quickly deduced it was the male cosmo for glandular unthinking males who need to get on the treadmill and stay on it. Same thing with GQ.

So Maxim and GQ are bad? Puh-lease!

Women get Cosmo and about a hundred other publications (conservative estimate). They have Oprah and few clone shows. In fact most tv is designed to target women. The last 30 years in the US has seen a huge rise in divorce which adds up to many men being raised totally by women. Think about that...

Now there is this huge trend in society to change men into more sensative, caring souls who will watch Brigett Jones and have a good cry.

Guess what? Women complain about what is wrong with men, but who scores with women on a consistant basis? The bad boy. The one that doesn't return the phone calls. The one that doesn't clean and watches too much football or reads Maxim.

Look at divorce. In the USA it's about 50% and generally every woman says, I married that jerk. Yeah...that jerk that had you all hot and bothered. The nice caring guy is on the "friend" list and you know what THAT means. Yes, she will call you and complain about "what's wrong with men" and why won't that "jerk" call her back and then she is buying lingerie and dressing like a schoolgirl for that "jerk."

Every damn guy reading this has been there on the friend list. (Yes you!) How about you wake up and stop being THAT guy? THAT is what is wrong with men. Personally, I would rather be the school teacher.

Instead of pointing fingers and trying to change men into women, because there is just something "wrong" with about just practice acceptance? Accept that they ARE men and not women. We're very simple and I have outlined man's four basic needs in posts before.

Having read many issues of Cosmo, and even taken the quizzes, I quickly deduced it was the male cosmo for glandular unthinking males who need to get on the treadmill and stay on it.

Now, you've read Cosmo AND taken the quizzes and then you bash a men's magazine?
You seem to be comparing Maxim to Cosmo so could I say "Cosmo is for air-head unthinking women who want try and figure out how to keep a man, when they could just put the bag of cookies down."

Sure, there is Maxim but there is also Fotune, Forbes, Business Week and a host of other magazines that women don't touch. Can you guess why that is?

All in all, want to have a hot girlfriend or score on a regular basis? Go for the hot chicks because in reality, they are the most insecure. Don't waste time with the "you wish you could get me" 250 pounders (remember your internet demographics boys.) Then when you find one...treat her like crap. Don't call her regularly and you will get more tail than you can imagine.

posted on Oct, 3 2005 @ 02:19 PM
I'm going to have alot of fun with you too.

I agree with your point about women having these magazine selections to choose from to support thier defaults. These magazines are also garbage to me.

Women dont want a sensitive man per se..they want a man sensitive to them. A huge difference. Dont ever buy into that sensitive man rubbish is exactly that ..rubbish. It is as dumb as that olde moniker that goes ..things between men and women should be 50/ rubbish. It should be 100/100 percent. I can gaurantee any woman who reads Cosmo and takes the quizzes can figure out what you are doing with the 50 percent you are not giving her and get control of it too..not you her uncomimitted 50 the point. Only a man stuck with his brain capacity in his glands can miss this point because the women are smarter than this. Only a man can inherantly be this stupid.
My point about most of these magazines and programming on television is that it is of the caliber in the lowest common denominator category. Male and Female.
I dont watch sports..not intrested in conditioning to perform more than I am already performing. No thanks. I actually tried to sit down and watch this program called. Sex and the City. About ten minutes of this drivel was all I could stand. Talk about lowest common denominator. I hesitate seriously to subject myself to Despirate Housewives. I dont watch the Sopranos either. One session of Deadwood was enough. I am watching this program on HBO called "Rome" for the historical context. The producers seem to be pretty close to what little I know about the Roman history of this period ..including what they wont show you in National Geographic. Especially intresting to me is the temples and the Pagan worship ceremonies. The language is pretty bad. Not as bad as Deadwood. I can get piles of bad language at work on the clock.
My point is that both sexes are stuck on this treadmill without thinking about the real nature of it. I myself dont care for it and will express so. If it offends ...well you'll get over it Zed.
Within both sexes there exists a very heavy layer of artificially induced garbage attempting to pass itself off as excellence. I am very proud of the people who come into these rooms and post in a manner which shows clearly that they are aware of this phenomonon. It is such a pleasure and so refreshing to see someone who can think outside the blocks that attempt to pass for excellence or high ground today.
One more thing $3.00 to 4.50 per gallon and perhapsed up to $6.50 or $7.00 we will discern quickly who is more mature ..or the better sex. Economics will weed out the weak very quickly . Good time only allows many to decieve themselves as to the true nature of things. And by this I mean male or female. Both!!!
Ignorance is not bliss..neither is sexism of any kind.


posted on Oct, 3 2005 @ 02:55 PM

Originally posted by orangetom1999
One more thing $3.00 to 4.50 per gallon and perhapsed up to $6.50 or $7.00 we will discern quickly who is more mature ..or the better sex. Economics will weed out the weak very quickly . Good time only allows many to decieve themselves as to the true nature of things. And by this I mean male or female. Both!!!
Ignorance is not bliss..neither is sexism of any kind.


More men read the investing publications than women. That is a statistical fact. There are more men CEOs, more men owning businesses (hence the tax breaks for women owners), and more men investing in the stock market.

Women tend to spend money (and go into debt) on clothes, shoes and trying to attract a man so that one day he will then take care of them.

Women want to change men (why is that?) AND they want equal rights (never had a women open a door for me or lift a heavy box for ME at work.) Women get upset when you don't open a door and such, which even by wanting that treatment, by definition is special treatment not equality.

Of course by pointing this out...I am sexist.
If a woman would say the same about a man, then there is something wrong with him and he must change.

I've said it before. What's wrong with men is women.

posted on Oct, 3 2005 @ 03:59 PM

I would be hard pressed to debate the point with you about more men reading those magazines verses the girl stuff/religion magazines offering increased consumption rates.

As I reacall years ago there was a magazine for women in the buisness/professional arena titled.." Savvy" It didnt do well at all. I dont even know if it is still in publicaton. Women prefered to buy Cosmo, Elle.. ,Redbook, House beautiful, Southern living etc etc etc. Always the implication is that it is implicit in these magazines who will pay for this is never explicit. Options are what these magazines are about. The one common denominator of most of them is the philosophy " you deserve it the others dont "

Most women ..even those who make plenty of moneys are not looking for a career in supporting men or marrying down the economic ladder just is not socially acceptable among most women. The are still looking to marry up the economic ladder..not down.

Nevertheless it is up to a man to wise up to this philosophy ..not the women. Only a man can be this inherantly ignorant ..the women are not.
Very very few women will take the time to educate a man as to the true nature of this religion ...they dont want the competition. This means that women are far more competitive than are men..on every field of endevour. Those who cannot compete like a man will get a man to do it for them. Pretty smart dont you think??? Like I said ..only a man can get this dumb to work for someone elses "equality" and then have it turned on them and sit there in mute silence. Talk about a dumb bunch of men.
Take a look around you at the men you know..who do this as a career for different women and pay for it in many ways too.
Zed..its about ignorance..not equality. Equality is a placebo. Women are by and large not that intrested in equality..Why should they be when they can have "Options" instead. Once again ..only men can be this dumb so as not to get it. Do you think that any intuitive woman is going to hold up a placard and announce this to men.
How many women do you know who are intrested in bringing options to men as a career and out of their career earnings???? See what I mean..only men can be this dumb. How many women do you know who buy boats , motorcycles,cars, homes, vacations for men from their career earnings??? Married or not??? How about women who insure themselves so that the men and kids will have a good security blanket if they die first???? Want some more equality???
This comes from a very different view of social beliefs and expectations. A concept not spoken about when people preach "Equality".
Walk into any store..department stores especially. Look at the merchandize. You will find on the average about 7 times more floorspace dedicated to women and womens goods than men. This clearly indicates that women are not a "victimized " group of people in this country of America. Most women in this "victimizing " country have the "option" of two incomes from which to draw...theirs and their mans if both work or theirs if they dont have a man. You do not find this the opposite way around. Women are not looking for a career in supporting a man while he "explores" his "options." Merchandizers know this social phenomonon and have postitioned themselves to take full advantage of this by putting both sexes on the string while they pluck the fruit on which they have preconditioned them to bite. Look at the magzines at the check out stands in the department store or drug store...look at the audience to whom they are merchandized. Men ....not hardly. What does this tell you about your importance in this social structure Zed???? Only a man can be this dumb because his thinking apparatus is blocked by sports/cheerleaders/maxim/GQ ad nauseum. I can gaurantee you most women arent this stupid!!
Got the point yet..Zed.
Think about the nature..the true nature of the social apparatus at work...beyond the flesh. This is where more men and women get taken on these artificial settings only to show up as divorce statistics later. The difference in value systems real or artificial is a huge gulf. No wonder.!!
The ability of a sports/cheerleader type male to defend a mans position is almost non existant today. He can even be correct in his concerns but will default to a womans clues and cues if not her emotionalism. Talk about a stupid bunch of men. I can understand why many women do not respect men as a whole. They are convenient for many women but they wont respect them. When you lose a womans respect beyond a certain point as a man ..she is finished with you. Remember that Zed!!
If she is artificial ..and has artificial values what does this do to the bar you are expected to jump to and reach?? And if you dont reach it or balk..what does this do to the respect quotient you will recieve. Do you think the average male is even quick enough to ask if the bar is worth jumping to?????
Its about ignorance Zed...male and female..


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