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Hitler's Shadow and the Coming Storm

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posted on Jul, 26 2005 @ 08:20 PM
Heres a great article I found comparing Bush to Hitler. It makes some good points.

Despite many differences, there are striking parallels between Bush's invasion of Iraq and Hitler's invasion of Russia, and understanding these parallels serves to warn of the coming storm Bush is calling down upon all of us.

Hitler's decision to invade Russia was a horrific turning point in history, certainly the most consequential decision of the twentieth century and likely the most destructive in all of history. We still live with some of its terrible results.

America's invasion was of a country with one-twelfth its population and, of more importance from a military point of view, with roughly one-twelfth its per capita income. America's tiny victim was sick, too, with water systems, electricity, and other vital infrastructure demolished by the first Gulf War, ten years of sporadic bombing by US planes supposedly enforcing a no-fly zone, and a cruel embargo which took countless lives

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