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7/7 Bombings, Whats going on

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posted on Sep, 11 2005 @ 07:05 AM

Originally posted by jimstradamus
In one photo the whole inside of the bus was shown and it was empty except for the Bomber.How could this be?

You do find empty buses in the UK. Possibly the image was taken not far from were the bus started or just before it finished, some buses are empty at these points.

It’s not uncommon.

posted on Sep, 25 2005 @ 11:22 PM
327. London bombing (7/12/05)

I think it was the work of D.O.J.

In my case, for many times Feds had tried to carry out terror attacks to control the situation. The evident ones since last year:

#1. In April plot of 2004, on 4/21(?) Robert Mueller announced that Hongkong was the target of Al Qaida. See "223. FBI director said HongKong will be attacked (4/24/04)"

#2. In June plot of 2004, on 5/26 Ashcroft and Mueller announced US would be attacked by Al Qaida this summer. See "232. Terror attack and distraction (6/4/04)".

#3. In July plot of 2004, on 7/8 Tom Ridge said there would be a large scale of Al Qaida attack before November election. See "240. Cover up (7/14)"

#4. On 8/1/04, to intimidate financial group about raising interest rate, Tom Ridge raised alarm code in certain financial area to orange color. Said Al Qaida target this area. See "251. Mortgage rate and September plot (8/29)"

#5. In October plot of 2004, on 9/17 FBI issued an "Anti-Terror 'October Plan'". See "257. Beware of another terror attack (9/29)" and "258. Another attempt to frame a case (10/4)"

#6. In January plot of 2005, FBI said on 1/20 that there was a "Boston dirty bomb" case. See "284. Aggressive FBI (1/24/05)".

One thing interesting was how my revelation changed the warning method of D.O.J. Have you noticed that in #1. and #2. the terror alert was issued by FBI and D.O.J.? Then in #3. and #4. Tom Ridge replaced the role of FBI. Why? If you noticed in #2, I wrote,(quote from 232) "Under the Homeland Security Act of 2002, only the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) can publicly issue such threat warnings. What made D.O.J. neglect DHS? "

It was a swift response from Feds. They cover up their flaw by letting Tom Ridge to do the work for them. Ridge was only a puppet in these cases. But Feds felt uncomfortable to let "outsider"(Tom Ridge) to involve in their criminal case. So there after there was no terror alarm anymore. #5 and #6 were only plan and case of FBI.

All the above six "terror attack" cases related to the framed cases applied on me in timing. The plotter is no other but Feds - D.O.J. and FBI. The framed case soured under my revelation. None of the above "terror attacks" was proved true.

Out of these six "terrorist cases", you can see five were accused of "Al Qaida", only #6 was accused of "Iraqi and Chinese". How convenient it is to attribute everything to "Al Qaida". That is why we can never find Bin Laden or Al Zarqawi. They are so important chips in "Extortion war on people" for Bush and inside group.

In recent months, framed case came one after another, the latest one ended on 7/1. What would be the next? I wondered.

In July 6th, London won the host of 2012 Olympic Games. The Olympic Game is a profitable business. It will benefit the economy of hosting country. I had experience that it was used as a chip in secret deal. (China was rewarded 2008 Olympic as a payment in secret deal with FBI and DEA in 2001. See "77. The payment of deal (July 2002)" ) So when I heard this news, I wondered if it was another secret deal? It was.

Next day, London bombing solved my puzzle. London suffered a terror attack(in the name of Al Qaida) but got a compensation in economy.

It also solved my puzzle that a terror attack will be used to distract in next framed case. London bombing will justify the next "terror attack" in US. Pre-psychological propaganda is an important tactic Feds used in their plot. So they always issued an alert to a plot to en-believe the public that it was real from enemy. But the previous "case" were all soured which brought them embarrassment. Such like that their "most wanted" was proved to be in jail already. Or the case was a "hoax". Or the plot was from their own informant. This time they bought a big one: "London bombing". With which, feds quietly got what they want: an "orange" code in home security without public notice.

posted on Sep, 30 2005 @ 09:19 AM
If Jean Charles de Menezes was being watched by police from the moment he left his flat, why wasn't he stopped the minute he stepped outside the door? Why wait until he stepped on the train? This doesn't add up.

In the episode of Spooks last night, a terrorist suspect was shown leaving his flat and he was immediately surrounded by the secret police and brought to the ground.

If that's the way they usually treat terrorist suspects, why was de Menezes allowed to get as far as he did?

posted on Oct, 3 2005 @ 03:47 PM
330. London bombing is a justification for coming US attack (7/27/05)

In "extortion war on people", inside group activated several bombing attacks disguised as "terror attack" to blackmail people for extra power.

1. Feds was behind Oklahoma bombing. D.O.J. tried to seek the power which was similar to "Patriot Act" had given but failed.

2. D.O.J. successfully got the "Patriot Act" in 911 attack. Which also justified the later Mid-east war.

3. A DC sniper shooting spree pushed the US House passed the bill to authorize the Iraq war power to President Bush in early October, 2002. Iraq war was inevitable.

4. That was why about same time in October, 2002, a French oil tanker was attacked and there was a Bali bombing which killed nearly 200 Australians. An effort to push France and Australia to join the Iraq war. It failed on France but succeeded on Australia.

5. Madrid bombing in March 2004 was obvious at the purpose to help Bush's ally - Aznar - in election. Though it failed.

All these bombings came with a strong motive - to provoke the public feeling so inside group could get what they want: a war, an election or a power.

London bombing lacks of an obvious motive. But it coincides perfectly with the development of persecution D.O.J. applies on me. I immediately knew what it was when I heard the news of London bombing. (see # 327)

It was not a coincidence that State Secretary Rice visited China next day (7/8). The plot from the beginning was planned as a drug case framed with the help of Chinese secret police. (Former FBI director Louis Freeh and DEA head Marshall lost their jobs in first secret deal with China in 2001.) Rice's visit signifies a new plot. (see "249. Secret deal and July plot (8/24/04)")

The second London bombing was a soured attempt of this plot. They still let it go but reduce the level to a light one. The following events all connect to the case, took place on 7/21/2005. Notice some of them caught big topics but the practical result were little.

1. The second London bombing on 7/21. All were similar to the first bombing. Only this time, no bomb was exploded. Nobody died, include "suicide bomber".

2. Since 7/11, San Jose had experienced a weather hotter then usual, about 5 to 10 degrees above normal. That heat wave caused a dozen of unusual deaths in Los Angles and Arizona. On the very day of 7/21, the temperature dropped below normal and there was a rain. News said, "Yeesh. Four days ago, the South Bay was baking in 90-degree heat. On Thursday, it was cool, cloudy and raining. In July.What gives?.... San Jose reached only 77 degrees. Thursday - normal for the date is 84. And the rain was scant: .01 inches."

I used to trim trees on Thursdays. (Friday is garbage collect day) I collected yard trash on week-end that week, several days before Thursday. They knew I would have yard trash on street on 7/21 the Thursday. So there was a "very unusual" rain(TV broadcaster said). Only at last it turned out to be a small one: 0.01 inches. (I'll explain later why rain has connection to the plot.)

3. On 7/21, China raised the value of its currency by 2% which some economists say is undervalued by 40 percent. The echo is loud only the step is small. ( I will explain later how the currency rate is part of deal.)

4. Patriot Act extended on that night. "Within hours of a a second attack on the London transit system, lawmakers in the House and Senate pushed ahead Thursday with starkly different bills to extend the USA Patriot Act anti-terrorism law." (Mercury News, 7/22/05)
( I will explain it later some of version related to my case.)

The main drama, an attack in US, doesn't act yet. It will be a big one. It probably will take place in several places such like New York, Boston.... especially in California. Beware of a large terror attack, from our own government.

posted on Oct, 7 2005 @ 11:40 PM
What is scope of public interest in the UK at this time regarding the bombings and the subway shooting (I know everyone is interested, but I mean in the range of theories and/or acceptance of the "facts")? Is there a "movement" of sorts against the governmentaly accepted "facts" as there is around 9/11 in the States?

I'm wondering if the sense is that the events are more inclined to be accepted "as is" by people who otherwise think that the US government is capable or responsible for 9/11 in a conspiratorial sense?

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posted on Oct, 11 2005 @ 02:22 PM
Explanation to (2) of "330. London bombing is a justification for coming US attack". The unusual rain was used to urge the sprouting of marihuana in a framed case. Be noticed that I talked about the rain six weeks before second London bombing.

316. Set up a "marijuana" case (6/2/05)

In early May, a news in mainstream media caught my eye.

Re: "Feds sound new warning about marijuana use
5/3/2005, 4:06 p.m. ET By PAULINE JELINEK The Associated Press WASHINGTON (AP) -

Government officials say recent research makes a stronger case that smoking marijuana is itself a causal agent in psychiatric symptoms, particularly schizophrenia."

"Marijuana Becomes Focus of Drug War
Less Emphasis on Heroin and Cocaine
By Dan EggenWashington Post Staff Writer
Wednesday, May 4, 2005; Page A01

The focus of the drug war in the United States has shifted significantly over the past decade from hard drugs to marijuana, which now accounts for nearly half of all drug arrests nationwide, according to an analysis of federal crime statistics released yesterday."

Pre-psychological propaganda preparation is a must in Feds' framed case. I thought this propaganda would set another case on me. Since I started this thread to reveal crime Feds committed, I suffered personal attack: malicious ridicules, intimidation; scorn; smear...... Recently I was repeatedly labeled "schizophrenic" in some web sites which coincides with the "marijuana" report. I think they came from same source. Link it with another notice from Homeowners' Association, (see "312. Things sensitive") I thought there is a new frame case set up right after the April plot going soured.

The Homeowner's Association required me to trim overgrown trees before 5/19. I think Feds planned to find some "trace of marijuana" in yard trash and with it as justification, having a search. It is easy to plant marijuana in my backyard. There are indications that Feds set up such a case. I'll talk about it next time.

318. Rain, Homeowners' Association and marijuana (6/7/05)

On 3/15, Homeowners' Association (H.A.) gave me a notice, instructed me to fix garage door before 4/17 or face a fine. I thought that's the plot of Feds. They intended to guise as garage door contractor to have an unreasonable search and arrest. I fixed the garage door by myself. Then on 4/19, another notice from H.A. required me to trim the tree. They set the final day on 5/19. So I knew there would be another case framed around that date. But what kind of case would they frame this time?

I noticed there was an unusual wet days in this period. On 4/27, Mercury News reported: "April showers, thunder, hail in forecast". "This year's rainy season just won't let up. While the classic ending comes mid-April. .... San Jose hasn't seen a season this wet since 1997-98."

On 5/10, it said, "Unusual storm sets a record for May 9 rainfall.". "Is it supposed to rain in May? San Jose usually sees some rain in May, though rarely very much." It posted two pictures to illustrate how the thunderstorm and hailstones formed. And a chart of May rainfall in 55 years. It only made the thing extraordinary unusual. It followed the way of cover up Feds always used. In meningitis case and San Jose Mayor Gonzalez's stroke case, the news report came with chart of brain to illustrate how disease happened. In the cases plotted by Feds they used to post extra picture to persuade people that all were taken place naturally. That's part of psychological influence.

Because Feds used rainy days to control frame case, (I allege they plant drugs in umbrella shipment which is a merchandise my brother in law running) so I set an eye on it if something unusual happened. Though news said that classical rainy season ended in mid-April, I recorded an unusual wet month after that. Between 4/19 to 5/19, the one month time H.A.requested me to trim the tree, there were 14 days fore-casted rainy day. The last day forecasted rainy was 5/19, coincided with H.A.'s final day. Since then there was no more rain. Is that wonderful? I can only say, Feds planned their project too perfect.

One thing puzzled me was that why they dragged the rain days that long. In early May the news on marijuana solved my problem.(see #316) With other indications, I realized Feds might have planted marijuana in my yard. With continued rain, they wish the marijuana seeds would sprout and grow up. They force me to trim tree by H.A. to prove I did the yard work. And they might claim they found trace of marijuana in yard trash (leaves and branches) to start a search and arrest.

Than why the case soured? I guess there were too many weeds in the yard that marijuana couldn't compete with them. Or the soil was too barren for it. Only weeds survived in poor soil.

Four days ago on 6/3 H.A. gave me another letter. They still used "overgrown tree" need trim as justification even I had trimmed the tree already. The final date set at 7/1. Feds apparently is under pressure and has to repeat trick again and again. They didn't have any inspection for more than two years. And suddenly waked up to send me three notices within 4 months.

posted on Oct, 20 2005 @ 05:17 PM
319. Sobbing dog (6/12/05)

A decade ago, I was charged by a dog several times. The dog rushed to me, looked like intending to bite my hand. I had to raise the hand high to avoid to be bit.

Later I thought the dog did not intend to attack. It was a dog trained to sniff the hand to see if it contaminated with drug. The dog looked ugly: crazy, thin, dirty, most of hair were off with pink skin exposed in the air. I was angry. Those agents abused the dog, harassed innocent people, carrying out such operation as their job. That dog obviously was heavy addicted, wouldn't live long.

In April and May this year, there were many rainy days. In mid-night, I often heard a dog whimpering. Until in early May when I have read the news of Marijuana (see #316), I then knew Feds framed the case a marijuana one. It solved my puzzle of unusual wet days and the sobbing dog. I think it was another dog trained to sniff the sprouting marijuana. The whimper of the dog reminded me of that heavy addicted dog Feds sent on me ten years ago.

320. Create a schizophrenia case (6/12/05)

I have a thread "How Feds murder people" in a web site Totse. I used to post follow up every ten days. In 5/5, I posted the follow up, saw the thread was lifted to the top of list, which meant new message was posted, I then left. On 5/16, when I came back, I didn't find the message I had posted last time.( As you see, they came with a serial number.) I thought I might have missed it last time, so I re-posted the missing message again. This time I noticed that though the thread was lifted to the top, there was no show of new posted message. I didn't know what happened and had to start a new thread "Strange thing".

On 6/5, I found the old thread was on top of the list. I clicked on it and found the latest messages I posted which once I couldn't see now were in display. Which put me in a very reluctant situation. Same messages repeatedly posted. There was also my complaint of "no show".

I have talked about that my computer was controlled by another server of Feds. I think they intercept the information of Internet and sent me the old image. Other people can see the whole one while I could only see the part of it. Other people would think I was insane when I made double post and complained of "no show" while they could see it. This is how Feds created a "schizophrenia" case.

Next time, when Feds show you marijuana (or drugs) found in the yard, it may be truth. Only the marijuana (or drugs) was planted by themselves. If they show you the fact that someone complained of "no show:" while you could see it, they might show you the true phenomenon. Only that fact was created by a technique trick.

Recently some of my serial thread in other web sites missed part of messages. Obviously at the purpose to create more "double post", or "illusive complaint". So much for the credit of FBI and DEA.

Now you will understand why on 5/3, news said, "Government officials say recent research makes a stronger case that smoking marijuana is itself a causal agent in psychiatric symptoms, particularly schizophrenia.". All this took place in the month (4/19 to 5/19) requested by letter of Homeowners' Association.

See that "schizophrenia post" at: "How Feds murder people" and "Strange thing"

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posted on Oct, 25 2005 @ 03:42 PM
7 July bomber 'filmed last year'

London bomber Mohammed Sidique Khan featured in a surveillance operation by intelligence services last year, a BBC investigation suggests.

Khan was secretly filmed and recorded speaking to a UK-based terror suspect, according to a well-placed source.

Remember he also made the "confession" movie.

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