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China and their power!

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posted on Jul, 26 2005 @ 04:10 PM
Am hoping this is in the right thread.

Was speaking to a colleague at work recently, and got into the subject of china, and basically how to deal with them. He spoke quite intensely about the passion for trying to make China a democracy.

To democratise china will increase the threat posed.
By giving the people more power and freedom, of their own destiny, thus creating a more stable and balanced country.
Democratising china will increase the countries wealth, and that of the individual. again, making a more stable and balanced country.
China would therefore be more efficient/productivity would increase several times over. As China is on the rise and cannot be stopped that easily, therefore to try and bring about a more democratic China, would pose a bigger and more significant threat than what is posed today1

The answer may lie in the continued suppression of the said country.
Totalitarinism and communist dictatorship is the perfect tool for this requirement.

Maybe an orchestrated attack/conspiracy, in relation to china, N.korea, Japan, Taiwan, etc, is required/or likely to happen, or currently happening.

With the possibility of China being deemed a "superpower" within, lets say, "10 years", there is an urgent need to curb China's regional, and global aspirations. The threat they pose is on all fronts, economically, militarily, strategically, the pursuit of energy, etc!

The country of Russia is also a significant and important player/ally of China. The only way the west/usa could be matched, would be to have Russia team up with china, and possibly India also, to achieve, Global Domination.

History teaches us that at sometime, eventually, China will clash/have to face the US, vice versa.
But this will only occur if either coutry feels threatened enough/essential strategic position confronted in any way.

It makes sense to note that China and US both need each other equally- trade being the main reason.

As of now China is, essentially paying for the US deficit.
China is unlikelt want to alter this status quo, good for business, tade, money, etc. China exporting so much, due to a huge population, and low wages. It bacically is the NO.1 producer of goods in the world.

What's other people's view of China, and the answer's to questions about curbing their power/influence?

posted on Jul, 26 2005 @ 04:40 PM
Interesting thought, I feel that China unpegging their dollar to ours is going to cause some interesting economic shifts in the world. It will definitely hurt China to have to play in a free market since the U.S. is the major importer of their products. I have a theory on this matter and I was wondering also what everyone thinks.

- We are calling out China to unpeg their dollar against the U.S. China doesn't want to and are sllllloooooowwwwwlllyyy making changes.
- U.S. will get mad with China stalling and force strict tariffs on imports from China of course hurting China’s economy.
- China will be pissed and go threaten Taiwan again and the U.S will put an armada out to see again to back up Taiwan.
- This time China doesn’t move to see what kind of influence they have on the reigning world power.
- The U.S is faced with one hell of a decision…to back down because they can not exactly attack because of all the American business that is in China. Or maybe boycott or some other way to harm them without sending in the troops. Or we fight. I can guarantee that no matter which out come we would chose that new alliances will be forming up very quickly if this happens.

I think it is going to be a very interesting next 10-20years because there will be a struggle to see who is the top superpower.

posted on Jul, 26 2005 @ 05:24 PM
All what is becoming clear to the people that are educating themselves on the net, was already clear to most intelligence agencies over the world.
The US strategy to stop China becoming too powerful has being going atleast a decade, and with the neocons behind the wheel has begun a underground campaign to stop china one way or another. All what has happened while bush came in office is related with this campaign.All steps taken so far have been battles for this certain campaign.

Every intelligence agency in the world knows what chessgame is being played, the public is totally unaware of these things.
Its a one big chess game, you have to know the game and have a good knowledge of geopolitics and history and above all a keen mind to see the things unfolding.
And even then you only to see a glimps of what is really going on.


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