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Prosecution of the police officers!!!!!!!

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posted on Jul, 26 2005 @ 01:20 PM
Dear Friends,

I am a member of a non-goverment organisation acting in United Kingdom (London).

We are acting independently from the family of the man who was shot dead on the tube last Thursday and our solicitors will soon take legal action against the police officers who shot the innocent man, and of course against the officers in charge of the operation.

We have found that their actions violated the constitution of Britain, were unlawfull and a major threat to the public safety and order.

Our solicitors recognised that the officers had intention to kill, therefore and with no doubt this is MURDER.

We will press for the strongest penalties against the police and Sir Ian Brair, the head of the force.

We claim life sentence for the officers and those in charge of the operation, the resignation of Sir Ian Blair, and £100,000,000 in compensation for the family of the victim.

So far we have received 4,560 support lettes and signatures that demand the above action to be taken immediately. We hope that by the end of the next month the supporters will rise to one million from all over the country therefore we can start prosecution procedures.

The prosecution will also demand the resignation of the officers in charge of the whole operation and the public apology of Mr Tony Blair and Sir Ian Blair to the Goverment and people of Brazil and to the rest of the world.

I personally don't beleive in a life sentence since the officers were ordered to shoot, but i do beleive that a sentence 10-15 years is JUSTICE.

Please sign here, or reject our claim.


posted on Jul, 26 2005 @ 01:40 PM
I reject your claim.
The man came out of a building under surveillance. He did not head warning to stop, and he jumped the ticket takers and ran into the tube. What are the police supposed to think? None of that warranted death, and it seems a bit suspicious that he was shot on the ground after he had tripped. However, the man's actions were not consistent with an innocent man; I think that the actions of the police can be forgiven in the light of that and out of the interest for public safety.
Some punishment is in order; however this is a tense situation.

posted on Jul, 26 2005 @ 01:44 PM
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