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Roboraptor! Is this the must have toy for 2005 Christmas Season?

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posted on Jul, 25 2005 @ 03:14 PM
Like the cabbage Patch Doll was the must have at Christmas Season in the 80s:

With its toothy grin, blue reptilian eyes, and bright black, white, and gray body more than two feet long, the Roboraptor is a surprisingly lifelike robot, with just enough autonomy to make it truly interesting for both kids and adults. No there will be no dino droppings as in Jurassic Park.

Why couldn't this be a software created toy where a CT Scan could view interworkings? Simulated noises as well as displaying the various ancient creatures in their environment wouldn't be a bad thing either.

Imagine an ancient crock swimming in his enviroment eating smaller creatures. Who needs the Discovery channel when you have good graphics and good software simulation on your game PC?

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