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Renowned Cancer Expert Sir Richard Doll dies age 92.

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posted on Jul, 24 2005 @ 04:48 PM
Sir Richard Doll the Oxford University Epidemiology professor who first confirmed the link in 1950 between smocking and Lung Cancer, has died after a short illness wile being treated at John Rudcliffe Hospital, Oxford. As a world leader in his field Doll caused controversy in 1973 when aged 60 came out and said that all those 65 and over should spend a few months accepting there death, and that they should not expect the NHS to expend resources on finding ways to make them live longer and that it was there "social responsibility to live dangerously" Sir Richard received his knighthood in 1972 and leaves behind a wife and two children.
in August 2000, he was able to present a study showing the success of his message about the risk of cigarettes.

The number of lung cancer sufferers in Britain has fallen, and the huge carnage wreaked by smoking has been massively reduced.

Fifty years from the date of his first breakthrough study of tobacco, Sir Richard was able to enjoy the fruits of a lifetime of groundbreaking work.

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

And as another great mind of a Generation passes away, and this post gets no replies, let us reflect on the work of a dedicated medical researcher and the effects of the his work making peoples lives better or at least producing the research to try and show people how their health could be improved.

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