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Alien Autopsy

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posted on Jul, 25 2005 @ 06:06 PM
did you guys ever see that russian autopsy film? from "operation sverdosk midget"? from the "russian KGB ufo files"? *note spelling* + Complete with a video of alleged UFO saucer crash recovery by the KGB also which is extremely hard to debunk and it seems possibly legit

its no where as good, but its the only other halfway authentic autopsy ive ever seen...ive got the DVD too i watch it anytime i get really bored lol

about the "AA" video that has been so very enigmatic to us; its by far the best video ive ever seen of "alleged alien" ; and not to mention that; if its a hoax; its NEVER been reproduced; even closely

just the pure fact this stuff hasnt been duplicated after 8 or so years of it being out in the open; causes me to become a "little" suspicious
btw...i saw the video when it aired the first time *very long time ago*

Now; heres the most startling point id like to make

I have ALWAYS considered this a hoax; just based on "the experts testimony"
But...theres a critical twist

If you have ever spent a long time researching things about UFOlogy
you have definatly read
Stanton Friedmans' TopSecret/Majic by now
IF u havent read it yet; Go get it from your local library Now!!!
its a Staple of UFOlogy, and without it your missing quite a bit

this is very seriously researched, and theres a huge paper trail in the govt documents *even the ones they will let researchers see*
of course we dont get to see any smoking guns; but we can find "cooberating evidence" to support side issues

ok with this said; there is another book
The Day After Roswell; by Lt Col Phil Corso *who did have high positions in whitehouse /pentagon * his places of duty in govt can be researched and verified

this book is literally earth shattering; and it is hard for even the most seasoned researcher to take it for what it is
but the pure research alone; supports Corso's story at EVERY turn of the way
*of course it Could be fake ... BUT*
the pure fact he was a high ranking official ; with inside access ; we are talking about a man who saw Truman face to face daily
thats more credibility than any other person in UFOlogy ive ever seen
*not to mention various researchers like stanton friedman unknowingly set a research base to confirm this guys testimony*

Now; there is a startling revelation within the pages of this book
chapter 3 i think *maybe chapter 4*

he talks about how the military performed an autopsy on the aliens
and how they
he said it was like "an Eye Cover" but it WAS NOT part of their biological eye / from what i can make of the explanation

this particluar piece of "EYE COVER" , according to Corso; when you held it up to your eye in a dark room; everything would become visable
----he then says this technology was indiscriminantly dropped off at a technology company; for R&D into useful applications
It was so secret; the company working on it; didnt even know if was alien
they had no clue; to them it was just another piece of material to study
and reproduce

allegedly; this "EYE COVER" was used to create our modern "night vision goggles"

now; i know it sounds utterly crazy; but this guy has so much evidence backing him up its amazing
no "hard evidence" but plenty of "soft evidence"
all the minor details have been connected and verified
*example "guy was at place X on date Y"
simple things like this have been cooberated sufficiently to warrent our attention as skeptical yet open minded researchers

who knows if any of it is real? no one lol
but i believe Corso died just 1 week before he was to Testify before a Court that his book was 100% Truth *Died Mysteriously*
----someone correct me if im wrong on the wierd death

but think about that
this guy; described the alien autopsy in striking detail
yes; the video was released before his book was; so it could be fake; BUT , lol, we should seriously take a closer look

remember i ALWAYS thought it was a hoax; until i read Corsos book
Now im "on the fence" about it
and as another good researcher said to me
"my gut instinct tells me its legit"

so does mine; Just read it and make your own decisions
but please give it a chance; it describes so many facets of UFOlogy in such utter detail and not to mention he doesnt make any " exceptionally wild" claims
his claims are based on physical reality and physical objects
*and other researchers work will help put the pieces togeather perfectly*

if corso is legit? the alien autopsy is legit too; based on simple deductive logic
if corso is not legit? the AA could very well be a hoax

this is using seemingly unrelated UFO-type-expositions to back each other up
in the world of serious research; many different people who never met each other find the same evidence of the same things *in all fields of science* and this certainly applies to UFOs and Aliens
Truth supports Truth supports Truth etc
Lies always contradict each other *espiecally when from independant researchers*

im certainly not saying its true
but what I am saying is this

The AA , and Corsos account are extremely interesting; warrent deep research; are worth our time; and certainly worth reading a handful of books

No one said AA was real or not *in this research*
heck no one even mentioned the Video "AA"

it was a logical deduction *or was it induction*
based on separate sources with the same facts

ive got a video of lt col Corso
let me go get it
just a simple interview; but worth the 5minutes it takes to watch it tho definatly

if u dont know who Corso is; heres your first sample of the guy
a good guy but is his story true? u decide

ok now; ive supplied several forms of research for those interested

2 good books ; and a interview
with the books you will be able to piece this thing togeather fairly easily

Stanton Friedman "TopSecret/Majic" *and maybe even "Crash at Corona"

and Lt Col. Corso "The Day After Roswell"

keep in mind; mr Friedman doesnt exactly buy into Corso's accounts; but dont forget; Friedmans research totally backs these accounts up

there you have it; ive laid a paper trail out for you
ive made it simple

with these sources; new light is being shed on this murky AA video
and the "new light" is actually pointing towards it being possibly real and true *the AA*

just look into it; you WONT be disappointed;
and if you wanna try and debunk this stuff
because this stuff is by far the hardest stuff to debunk in UFOlogy
its up there with the big dogs

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posted on Jul, 25 2005 @ 08:42 PM
Debunking holds no water full stop !!!!!!. How can a EFX expert make jugdements on something from another planet ?. How can you debunk the footage when no one has a real alien to say " Nah see if should have...'' So what are we making comparaison to ? So in that reguards trying to debunk this footage is just a waste of time.

posted on Jul, 25 2005 @ 09:03 PM
Personaly respect your paragraphs. Still after a;; it all remains the same.

No one has come forward who may have been part of the making of the Alien or other details. Who can prove a fake.


posted on Jul, 25 2005 @ 09:58 PM
>These motions suggest a familiarity with the procedures, I'm rather
>certain that if they were actors there would have been moments of
>hesitation during the film.

I'm inclined to disagree. An actor would know exactly what he was doing, wouldn't have any reason to be afraid, and would fall into doing what he does best: act.

A doctor would potentially be dealing with a great deal of shock, and would be doing something he was un-familiar with: dissecting a creature he had probably never even seen the outside of, let alone the insides.

Plus, probably have a whole lot of "if you tell anyone about this you will dissappear" sort of non-disclosure agreements on his mind.

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posted on Jul, 26 2005 @ 12:23 AM
You just touched upon something I always find strange about Debunking attempts on things like this. So many points are based on things not being the way they 'normally' are done with no thought whatsoever about the feelings of the people involved. Especially for highly trained people like Doctors who are used to being in control, knowing what to do, the impact of a dead Alien would be massive.

At the time we knew so much less about the Universe than we do now, and as a consequence fewer people accepted even the basic notion of Life Elsewhere. Imagine a proud Doctor, skilled, trained, experienced. Face to Face with a being that crashes headlong into Common Sense.

That should account for some things that are odd or not quite standard practice. I see that in the very way the AA was filmed, this was not just some medical investigation into how a human died it is something fantastic.

Now on the other hand, if for example the Phone/Cord had been proven to not have existed in 1947 then I would have to say 'fake', but that is not the case here.

Although I have to admit when it comes to things like this, people can look at all the details they wish and draw whatever conclusions they wish. What matters to me comes down to: Was this shot in 1947?

If it was, then it is real. I certainly appreciate all the effort people have put into investigating this film but none of it will matter if the film is ever properly dated.


posted on Jul, 26 2005 @ 02:46 AM
I saw the DVD of the show that aired on FOX, it has Stan Winston looking at the footage and said that their was no way that anyone from his studio could have made that Alien and he was very impressed. They also say that the film could have been used in 1947 and 1967 based off of a marker system that Kodak uses that is on the film. I think it was a triangle and a circle.

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