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Post 9/11 Geographic Relations Cda-USA-Mexico

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posted on Jul, 23 2005 @ 01:12 PM
Several times I had mentioned and several times read views regarding possible future fallout of Dirty Bombs, Nuclear Clouds and Biological Weapons on adjoining Countries to a Target Country.

Its unfortunate that any country be sprayed with WMD but it's also time perhap's ATS members to a good look at this post and give your thoughts on this area.

I for one have a family as most of us do, and I for one don't want a neigboring government creating or fueling a disturbance with any Country or nut-ball terrorist that can, has and will do things that cannot be totally negated.

Here we have three Countries, Mexico, Canada and the United States and one of them has drawn a line in the terrorist dust without perhaps thinking of the effect the nasty result might be on its neighbors. WMD knows no fences between Borders.



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