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The Chocolate Shop Chap (Short Story or Poem?)

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posted on Jul, 23 2005 @ 12:54 PM
This is something i wrote a few months ago. i'm not exactly sure if this would be considered a poem or a short story. i wrote it intending it to be a short story but it is pretty short and somewhat like a poem... i'm not a poet, i think it's kind of like a poem.

i haven't really ever shown anyone what i write, besides my girlfriend so i'm curious to see what people say. Let me know what you think.

The Chocolate Chop Chap

Walking through isles of chocolate and sugar candies can get you hungry. Searching through the enormous store one day down the street the Billy Belly Boy barren with blubber blew his blither blather over my way," Come with me to the candy shop store and we'll have a good time i say!"

"That we must do if we are to have ourselves a day. We shall eat some candy and chocolate today." i shoved through the air with my throat on over his way. We walked side by side to the chocolate shop to find what we would on that certain day. We did not know what our mouths would find on this glorious day.

The shop door opened with a frivelous sound, the bells jingled and the speakers from above played the severed sivle savel and that isn't a song. He went his way and i went mine to find what we'd find, whatever our mouths did long. While wondering the isles with fwong and sig dwong i could not believe what my eyes came upon. There was dancing and cheering that went on within as i stared at what i felt i did win. It was baby beaf bater and wiz cries with brim. Not ever seeing or knowing this sort of thing could touch your lips i took the box and shook it for my mind then did wonder what was in this box with such a drawing shine.

Walking to the front i did not take my time, i walked fast because then it wasn't running... at least in my mind. For there were signs in this chocolate shop store that said "no running no shouting i do not have the time" and i did not want to break them, the rules on the sign. When i got to the counter and paid for mine i whispered quite loudly, remember the sign,"Hey blithering buddy i had just seen the time, i fear i am late and must flap and flim flime. i bid thee adieu good luck i hope you find what is right for you." and i went on my way.

For quite some time i had not seen the boy who'd led me to find the baby beaf bater. He had disapeared the tv once said, i just had figured he'd probably be dead. Upon hearing this news i thought it would be nice if i went on in to the chocolate shop for twice. It was what he'd want me to do, the little blither blathering blubber boy that led me to my baby beaf bater. Walking through the isles i could not find what i'd longed for, for quite some time. Instead when i looked where it was, what i wanted to find, there was another shining box. Upon it's smooth blumby bum exerior read the words "Blither Blather Blubber Boy Bater Better Bet Big Buck IT'S GOOD!"

And it was... good that is.

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