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Religion of Peace in Britain? No!

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posted on Jul, 23 2005 @ 10:35 AM
Headline: 1 in 4 muslims in Britain sympathize with the terrorist bombers

We keep hearing how islam is the "religion of peace", and that it's only a tiny minority of muslims that agree with the terrorists. It should be obvious to all now that 25% is not a tiny minority and that the above argument is nothing more than disinformation purposefully put out by the muslims and their western appeasers in the media and on boards such as ATS.


Now, how many muslims are there in Britain - over 2 million? The article says 6% of muslims fully supports the bombers. That means that Britain has over 120,000 people that fully support what the terrorists are doing - 120,000. Quite a pool of would-be bombers to draw from, wouldn't you say.

Now Britons must face a hard choice: protect your freedoms or protect your people. With that many terrorists living among you, it will be just about impossible to have it both ways.

America needs to pay very close attention to what happens in Britain, because this same question is likely headed our way.

Let's hope both countries have the will to do what's necessary.

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