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I Apologize

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posted on Aug, 23 2003 @ 02:56 AM
I apologize,

I apologize to every member who thinks that I have been on the war path lately. I know, that as a member who is obsessed with quality, that it is wrong for me to launch into personal wars.

The only reason I launched into the war in question was because I was defending several members whom, I believe, had been attacked by a third party for no reason. I was also tired of the system, which I perceived, that allowed some members to badger other, junior, less well-known members.

Many of you will not know what I am talking about... Hopefully, bringing this up will be the first step to eliminating the conflict, though...

As always, I will try to post interesting, researched, and non-factional threads/stories. I hope you will forgive my momentary anger/honor war.

I also hope that ATS can move beyond factions and clans. I believe that we are held back by those things, as they, in the end, limit true, cutting-edge, discussion. None of us should try to develop a cadre of loyalist who will, always, side with us. Such entities only serve to limit thought here.

Anyways, to all admins, please disregard my complaints about Valhall's latest actions. I am willing to drop that all if she is also willing to move on. Hopefully, when I wake up in the morning, this situation will be over and we can all go back to blaming the government for things...


posted on Aug, 23 2003 @ 05:24 AM
You shouldn't apologize you were right and I 100% agree with you. There's alot of idiots and bullys on this board lately, it's like being back in school, and Valhall is the Nelson (from Simpsons) of the board.

posted on Aug, 23 2003 @ 05:32 AM
[Not directed at onlyinmydreams]

>>it's like being back in school..

What's with all the spam on the forum today? I guess there's some annoyed kiddie loose on the forum, because adults don't behave like this.

Loada of u2u spam too. Grrr.

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