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The Black Knight

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posted on Jul, 22 2005 @ 06:53 PM
This is my first submission to this forum but hopefully it isn't my last. I wrote this about a year or two ago so it may seem a little childish, but I want to post it to help me get the ball rolling on writing again. If it's not in the right spot please move it. Thanks. I'll appreciate any feedback you would like to give.

“Owww, you aren’t supposed to really hit me!” cried Sir William Alden of Wales. Sir William is known all over the world as the Black Knight he destroys villages and sells the land to Kings and Barons. Some say he is wealthier than the wealthiest of Kings and as evil as Satan, himself; but isn’t at all evil. He is a very humorous and nice guy but he’s got to get money somehow.

“Sorry but you didn’t tell me the rules,” said Sir Ulrich the Gray. Sir Ulrich is also known all over the world. He is the one that keeps the peace with the Black Knight and keeps him from being ruthless to the villagers whose homelands he destroyed. Sir Ulrich and Sir William are like brothers. Both of their fathers were great knights in the times of evil. Sir William only respects him and the King of Wales. Sir Ulrich also tries to make alliances and deals with other kingdoms. He is the one that finds the good mercenary jobs for them.

As William and Ulrich continued arguing, a stout man wearing a gold and green tunic with a double-edged sword in its hilt on his hip, rode up on a white horse with gray spots.

“My lords, Sir Ulrich and Sir William, you are wanted by King Roderick of the kingdom of Wales.”

“When does he want us?” Sir William asked, “and why?”

“He wants you right away,” the man said, “He didn’t tell me why, I only know that he needs you immediately.”

“Okay we will be over there as soon as we can,” Sir Ulrich said.

The man bowed to the two knights than rode off and Sir Ulrich and Sir William picked up their stuff and packed it into the pouches on the saddles of their horses. Sir William changed into a blue and gold tunic and Sir Ulrich changed into a green and black tunic.

“It’s a whole day’s ride from here to there,” Sir William said, “We don’t stop until we get there; that should be around dawn.”

Off they rode on their black horses into the horizon. They rode all night to Wales and by morning they were there. They rode to the stables and put their horses away and walked to the castle. As they walked through the castle people were staring at the Black Knight. Sir William loved this attention, so he kept smiling and walking to the King’s Chambers. When they arrived, they were stopped by two guards.

“What is your business here?” the biggest guard asked.

“Roderick wanted to see us,” Sir William said.

“You will refer to him as King, Black Knight.” the smaller guard said irritated. The big doors opened and a herald ushered them to the King.

“Hello, Roderick.” Sir William said.

“Hello. William, Ulrich.”

“Did you want to see us, milord.” Sir Ulrich said.

“Yes, there is a rebelling village called Tekandoah.” the King said.

“Let me guess,” Sir William said, “You want us to dispose of this village?”

“Actually I just wanted you to kill their leader, Perrin.”

“Kill a peasant?” asked Sir William, “That should be easy.”

“Don’t let your arrogance take control, William,” King Roderick said, “This guy is a giant.”

“He was a knight in the Court of Germany until he was caught kissing the Emperor’s wife.” King Roderick explained.

“Okay,” Sir William said, “I’ll do it, which way is this village?”

“About a days ride North,” King Roderick said, “It is the first village you will pass. If you leave now you can probably get there by nightfall. That’s when I want you to go kill him.”

“Can do, Roderick,” Sir William said, “What will I get in return?”

“Gold, my friend,” King Roderick said, “Gold and Land.”

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