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Judgement day..

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posted on Jul, 22 2005 @ 01:58 PM
In an effort to get some actual laid back serious discussion started on BTS, heres my rambling.. feel free to ramble off topic as much as you want in this thread.. but try to keep it within the broad subject ;p

Anyhow, heres me rambling.. proceed ;p

Are you ready for the day judgement comes for you?

For a brief second right before you pass, your entire life will flash before your eyes as if time itself stops to accompany this playback. It's really amazing.

I was in a serious car accident in 2000 and my life has been changed since... My front tire exploded while I was going 80mph on the freeway, the rim dug into the ground and threw my car into the oncoming traffic within a matter of seconds. There was nothing I could do except pray.

At that very moment, with my car speeding 80mph, sparks flying from my wheel hub, and me reaching in a desperate attempt to buckle my seatbelt, and my car 3 feet from smashing into the front of a semi-truck

I still get nervous seeing these on the road ;p

Time stopped.

I sat there in horror, staring at the grill of a semi trailer, as my life flashed before my eyes. What seemed like an hour, I acknowledged my dark secrets, my relationships, my parenthood, my childhood and my infancy. All my accomplishments, goals, hopes, and dreams flashed before my eyes. It were as if 2 different stories were being played out before me. My life, and my future.

Every emotion known to man hits you at that very second. Your love, your hopes, your anger, your hardships, your sadness, your happyness.. everything. Boom!

In what was literally 1 second, my entire mind exploded with everything it could at once. Memories, dreams, emotions and time perception.

I believe at that time, I fainted, and saw the "tunnel with the light", and was faced with an internal decision. Do I accept it, or do I fight it.

I chose to fight. At that very moment, the moment I chose, I screamed, I cried and I begged for forgiveness. The light disappeared and I woke up just in time to complete the last 3 feet of a (combined) 140mph collision. Boom! Darkness.

I woke up 5 months later. I was supposed to have died. My survival rate was a 17% when I entered the emergency room. But I faught!

I woke up with several (still) broken bones. And enough rods, pins going through my neck, plates and screws to plate a Chevy pickup

.. and a really huge medical bill

Anyhow, heres what I'm getting at..

I believe every human goes through a similiar experience before death. Regardless of incident. I believe your perception of time literally changes the second your brain lets loose the explosions of emotions and memory. Sensory overload I guess. I had all of 5 seconds between the time my tire popped and I was 3 feet infront of a semitruck. But in those 5 seconds SO MUCH happened.

Are you ready for your personal judgement? Will you fight, or accept?

I can tell you that I've changed my way of life so much, that if it were to happen this very day, I'd accept it. I will know that I'm leaving this world the happiest I've ever been, and leaving the ones I love behind with a good image. Even if I didnt achieve all my life's goals.

I've gone from worrying about the world and how I was going to tackle it; to worrying about my family's happiness, my friends' friendships, and my life's "good times". And dealing with the worry's if they ever come.

Stop worrying about the wars. Stop worrying about your future.. as grim as it may look, you're life only matters here at home.. sitting there reading this on the internet.

Look inside, is your life complete? If not, what can you do to change it

Sometimes it takes the mistakes of one man to change the lives of humankind.

Maybe this is the difference between Heaven and Hell? I think I was spared the Hellish experience of regreting my entire life.

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posted on Mar, 31 2013 @ 01:31 PM
Final channelings: Let’s Talk about Judgment!

3D Judgment

Judgment means to form an opinion of something. From a 3D perspective this would mean forming a positive or negative opinion by placing a positive or negative value on it. Every day of our lives we are forming opinions of people, things, and events in the world around us, so in essence we are judging. No big deal, right? Well, not exactly. If we want to move into multidimensionality, we must allow for a higher interpretation of the word judgment. In other words, we must form our opinion based not only on the physical 3D perspective of a thing or situation but also from the higher dimensional or Soul perspective. As we will see, judging multi-dimensionally involves using not only the powers of 3D judgment, but also the power of higher dimensional judgment as well. Let’s take a look at multidimensional judgment.

Multidimensional Judgment

From the higher perspective judgment means to form an opinion based on the spiritual value of a certain person, thing, or situation. This means determining the value from the perspective of how it can promote spiritual growth, which is why we came to earth in the first place.

Let’s take a car accident for instance. Most people would judge a car accident as a negative experience, but from a higher perspective we would judge it as both. In other words, we would see that in the short term it would be an inconvenience and painful, yet in the long term it would be considered of great value because it gave the incarnated soul an opportunity to learn the lesson for which the car accident manifested.

Why does judgment have such a bad reputation?

As I understand it, judgment has garnered a bad reputation for two reasons. The first is: we fail to take the issue, person, or thing to the higher perspective to determine the value from a spiritual or soul level. That is why judgment has gotten such a bad wrap as has the word manipulation, which means to move something.

Remember that everything and everyone has a light and a dark side, a positive and negative. If we only focus on the negative or dark side not seeing that the dark side or negative side is our teacher, we miss the purpose of that person or thing in our lives. When this happens we are not only forming a negative opinion of that person or thing, we are also blaming and condemning because we see ourselves as victims, forgetting that we are the creator gods and goddesses of our personal realities.

The second reason is that we sometimes use it as a separator. There are times when we use the power of judgment to separate ourselves from the people and things we fear. In this case judgment creates and fosters a better than/lesser than mentality. It is what we have been taught to do to keep someone or something from harming us. It is also a way to us to avoid feeling something “objectionable” about ourselves.

Let’s look at another example. My parents used to tell me that marijuana was bad, in fact, very bad. They did this because they felt that smoking it would cause me to eventually begin using harder drugs. Yet, there is a value in marijuana, just like everything else. Yes, I could go on to harder drugs if I was using it to medicate emotional pain that my inner child felt unsafe feeling. But on the other hand, I could also use it to expand my consciousness and achieve greater insights and connection to beings in the higher realms.

So we see that judging this plant as strictly negative eliminated the opportunity to take advantage of its positive qualities. This is exactly what happens to us when we don't look for the value in everything that is a part of our existence. This is the essence of soul growth, the secret to clearing emotional blocks, to self-love and ascension.

My parents were not consciously trying to harm me by training me to judge marijuana negatively, in fact, they believed that they were doing what any loving parent would do to try and protect their child from the harsher realities of life. My parents, like the majority of us, were and still are to some degree part of the earth systems.

Do we have the right to judge?

We do have the right to judge, to form our own opinions, but as we do, we must take responsibility for the outcome of those judgments. But our government and religions tell us not to judge. They say that only God has the right to judge. Why do you think that is? I believe it is so that we wouldn’t think for ourselves and form our own opinions. By not judging we give up our power to form our own opinions and therefore we must accept the opinions of those in positions of authority, i.e., the government, schools and religions of our world.

And what about the shame and guilt heaped upon us when we are caught judging? How many times have you been condemned for judging something or someone?


posted on Mar, 31 2013 @ 01:32 PM
If we continue to believe what we have been taught, we will find ourselves rendered powerless, imprisoned by our guilt and shame.

Yes, from a higher perspective that is the very lesson behind the current position held on judging by our government and religious systems. They play a dark role for us by telling us we do not have the right to judge and keep us from doing so through the use of guilt and shame. And, of course, we will buy into this drama until we learn to use the power of judging in a balanced way, the higher dimensional way. So we see there is a value in our current situation after all. We have to learn what kind of governmental and religious systems we don't want, before we can know what kind of systems we do want and how to create them. Now let’s move on.

What is the difference between discernment and judging?

Webster’s dictionary defines discernment as judging with insight. Insight means to view the interior of anything; clear understanding. We could say that the difference between judging and discernment is that discernment entails one additional step—that of using insight.

Is there a multidimensional form of insight?

The multidimensional definition of insight is a clear understanding of the higher dimensional perspective of the thing or person or event in question. This understanding comes from intuition and intuition is the knowledge gained from the soul, by asking the soul.

Therefore we could also say that multidimensional judgment means using the power of multidimensional insight to form an opinion. Discernment then becomes the act of using both of these powers to form a perception of a person, thing or event.

In closing let’s not be too quick to condemn ourselves, or others, for judging. Instead, let’s learn to apply the multidimensional versions of judging and insight (the act of multidimensional discernment) to the process of establishing our opinions. When we do, we will be able to glean the gold from every situation, person and thing. And the gold are the spiritual lessons that we came to this earth to learn.


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