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Hotel Joke

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posted on Jul, 22 2005 @ 06:15 AM
A man and his wife went into a hotel, slept the night and went to pay for their stay.

Receptionist: "£300 please"
The man: "£300??!! I only slept for one night!"
Receptionist: "Yes but we have a luxurious olympic size swimming pool"
The man: "But I didn't use it"
Receptionist: "Well, it was here and you could of"
Man: "£300 is too much"
Rec: "We have the best show dancers from all round the world that you could of seen"
Man: "But I didn't"
Rec: "Well, they were here and you could of"

After a few minutes the man decides to pay but only puts £100 on the desk.

Rec: "This is only £100, we charged you £300"
Man: "Well I charged you £200 for sleeping with my wife"
Rec: "But I didn't"
Man: "Well she was here and you could of"


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