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Orrin Hatch Blasts Chuck Schumer's 'Dumbass Questions'

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posted on Jul, 26 2005 @ 01:55 PM
True, we're calling Schumer to task for something he did 2+ years ago. I know that's a long time in political memory, but we're seeing the exact same thing happen today. If you ignore history, it is bound to repeat its self. We...Well, at least I am bringing this to light because people need to know what happened last time. There's a trend here, but only the people who follow politics long term know about it, because the media, which is supposed to do exactly that, doesn't. It's up to regular Joes like Ed and I to keep these events fresh in people's minds so they can try to prevent the exact same thing from happening. This is good news for both of us, because Roberts was confirmed last time. What Schumer tried to do failed, yet the whole DNC is trying the exact same thing again. You have an opportunity to try to stop your party from making the same mistake 46 times, while I have the opportunity to help people see what your party stands for. We both win by this coming to light.

As to how you personally insulted me, I'll stick to this thread. You claim I don't think for myself and explained my stance for me:

you, and the rest of the sheep, are screaming for Shumer's head based on questions he hasn't asked yet?

You explained that if I don't agree with you, I'm blind, as is any source with political beliefs similar to my own.:

Are you that blind to understand that y'all are trying to work the referrees of public opinion be fore the flag is even thrown!?!?!

You can't be serious about putting the NYT down to that Newsmax level

You dismissed several points I made by saying I don't make sense, and I must have been in a hurry to have made such stupid remarks:

I didn't follow the retort too closely, as you were likely speeding to get to work, class or at work, and it's a little tough to see where you were going with it.

And again you explained to me that the only reason I believe what I believe is because someone told me to believe that:

you like the sage leader(sheppard) tellign you who is good!

So you make the call. I limited my quotes to this thread in particular, but it really looks like you're having to resort to insults across the board instead of discussing the issues. You make a point, but seem to think it's too weak, so you follow it with slamming the person argueing against you.

One simple question for you and all the readers. When two people are debating, and one of them stops talking about the issue, or intermingles the issue with insults, who won the debate?

posted on Jul, 26 2005 @ 02:08 PM
Ok, so 2 years ago this happened, and just now the republicans are picking up on it? Damn, I guess the caves they live in don't get good reception. Just so you know, Bush finally won an election, and we are in a war for oil while the country that attacked us, Saudi Arabia, laughs as they make out with Bush.

Did you know 2 years ago the GOP said anyone who didn't believe what Amnisty(sp?) Int said was evil and a traitor? And what do they say now? Anyone who believes Am Int is evil and a traitor. What changed the tune? Am Int kept telling the truth, and republicans hate the truth.

I swear, republicans, first you attack a president who got a bj while all past republican presidents are evil. Lets see....

Lincoln decided the constitution didn't apply to people when they voiced their opinion against him.

One caused the Great Depression, which ended when a democrat became president 4 terms in a row.

Next evil one would be Nixon, Watergate anyone????

Then Reagan, his economics killed the country. Millions unemployed, millions of jobs shipped over seas, billions of dollars spent in other nations instead of here.

Next is Bush Sr. "No New Taxes!" Raises them, and kills economy even more. Thankfully a dem won and we had the greatest economy EVER, and the largest surplus EVER!!!!!

Now Bush Jr, where to begin....
Steals 00 election through his brother and cousin
Tells the FBI to shut up about OBL, then cuts MILLIONS from the FBI Anti-Terror budget, then 9/11 comes along and he blames the FBI...
Invades Afganistan to get OBL....... Where is he now? "I don't care about OBL, I really don't think about it anymore."
Invades Iraq with information HE KNOWS TO BE LIES
Lets Saudi Arabia go......
Kills economy, worse since Great Depression
More jobs lost, more sent over seas
Passes the Patriot Act, taking away everyones rights

And what have dems done? Gotten a BJ!!! And yet we are the moraless evil tyrants......

posted on Jul, 26 2005 @ 02:56 PM

Originally posted by junglejakeOne simple question for you and all the readers. When two people are debating, and one of them stops talking about the issue, or intermingles the issue with insults, who won the debate?

Simple answer: I did.

Eloquently wrapped illogic is still illogic - you and Ed are no coalmine canaries & this is no issue, other than a completly fabricated one.
that's the only trend to be highlighted here, since it's the only one that exist: GOP talking points are deciminated to partisan sites & the foot soildier take today's approved opinion, adopt them as their own, and suffer them upon us.

I'll repeat:

1. Orrin Hatch, having already displaced his credability, makes statements to deflect Shumer's question in the court of public opinion ( the redmeat styly of ascribing "dumbass" strikes the right cord with his intended audience)

2. Shumer asked these question that hatch commented on 2.5 years ago.

3. Shumer, or anyone else on the Judiciary Comittee, has not yet asked Question #1

4. Slamming this or any one of the Judiciary Committe members before they ask Question #1 is a bold faced attempt at cowering the tenor & depth of probe on a nominee who has done the revolving door circuit between private & federal, and is a member of the Right Wing Federalist Society. Newsmax and its self elected pundits have been called on it.

Where exactly are you finding the invisible legs to your argument?

Personal insults = none, You'll know when I insult you, even if it is a day later on the commute home!

Look, broad brushing and saying "beliefs" are your words - this topic is what I'm responding to, and as per the above - folks arguing it as valid shouldn't be taken seriously & will be called sheep by me and most rational people because your continued endorsement of a lost point signals nothing but that.

This is WAAAY off:

You dismissed several points I made by saying I don't make sense, and I must have been in a hurry to have made such stupid remarks:

Go back & re-read what I mentioned - it reads clunky & I wasn't sure where you were going with it, asking for you to clarify. I do the same - I'm working while posting, prone to distraction & grammer/spelling errors ( since I cant's type A'shiiit! )
No calling you OR your remarks stupid.

Again, go to the bolded section above and show me something that trumps the points in regards to Shumer. Mapping the whole of the DNC into the argument is a moving target - I don't know what the DNC is doing. I'm, for yet the upteenth time, am not a Democrat - I'm an anti-Republican. Look back to my "they're both corrupt" thread, for historical clarification!

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