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How about an embarrasing father

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posted on Jul, 21 2005 @ 10:20 PM
I come from China ,I see you said how did your father always embarasse you. eh we met the same problem. It looks as if all the father in the world are the same.

I could tell you a doohickey to solve this problem. We Chinese believe in a sentence from great thinker Confucius, that is “ obey is filial ”. Although this sentence only comprises 3 words both in Chinese and English, but you could taste something from it if you think it earnestly.

I know you have the free and independent nature ,but father is your father , they would die before you do . Sometimes they could even use curse and call your names to get your attention because you are not the toddler they loved most ,you become an independent one ,and fly up to the sky , there is a lost sentiment in their heart .
Don't be repentent for your father after he dies, if you understand the old Chinese saying , you'll be not or less regretful.

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